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CBN Short Presentation

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CBN Short Presentation

  1. 1. Company LOGO CBN Class C Hardware Supply Program Lowering the Cost of Business
  2. 2. Agenda 1. CBN – Company Development 2. Value Engineering 3. CMI On-Line System – Complete Visibility
  3. 3. Agenda 1. CBN – Company Development
  4. 4. CBN – Circle Bolt & Nut Established 1979 - Providing 34 Years of Supply Solutions National Presence - 7 Full Service Branches Strong Financial Status - Part of Private Equity Group Experienced Personnel - Atlanta & Jackson Team has an Average 25 Years of Experience
  5. 5. Corporate Office Branch Locations Asian Office FULL SERVICE BRANCH LOCATIONS Our Asian Office Provides: • On-Site Manufacturer Evaluation • Product Quality Review • Coordination of Shipments
  6. 6. ISO Registered
  7. 7. The CBN Difference Who is CBN? We are not …. Advantage Custom Supplier of Class C Hardware & Innovative Value Added Services Catalog House of General Industrial Parts Best Equipped to Support Industrial Production with Local Mechanical Engineering & VMI Support
  8. 8. Agenda 1. CBN – Company Development 2. Value Engineering
  9. 9. Value Added Process Sample Development Item / Component Implemented Fit / Form / Function Engineering Coordination Domestic / Offshore Consideration Development Cycle
  10. 10. Agenda 1. CBN – Company Development 2. Value Engineering 3. CMI On-Line System – Complete Visibility
  11. 11. CMI On-Line Supply Management System TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT
  12. 12. Technology Driven MRO Management • PIN, bar-coded card, magnetic stripe card, proximity card, or employee ID cards. • Standard Vending and Locker Vending for Oversized Components • Lockers can be utilized as a tool crib when you need to track and report on tools. • Items dispensed from a vending supply locker system are tracked in the same manner as the standard supplies and equipment, using the same credentials and restrictions. Imagine Complete, Autopilot Inventory Control without Theft, Waste, Loss, and Chaos
  13. 13. How it Can be Achieved Drive Cost Savings Implement CMI On-Line System (Tighter Inventory Management) Technical Support Custom Assembly & Packaging Manage MRO Supplies through Vending Encourage A Global Supply Partnership
  14. 14. Company LOGO Thank You for Considering our Unique Supply Capabilities Lowering the Cost of Business