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Small Business Holiday Planning Guide

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The holidays present small business owners with a great opportunity to increase their sales. That being said, it can't happen without proper planning. This infographic from small business loan provider Balboa Capital is designed to help business owners can get ready for the busy holiday season. The infographic features a helpful holiday checklist and marketing tips for small business owners. Also included are holiday shopping trends, data, and predictions for the final months of the year.

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Small Business Holiday Planning Guide

  1. 1. PREPARE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS FOR THE HOLIDAYS Expected Retail Sales from 11/26/15 through 12/25/15 $630 Billion $802 Average Amount that Shoppers Spent on Holiday Gifts and Decor in 2014 'TIS THE SEASON FOR SHOPPING $102 Billion Total Online and e-Commerce Sales During the 2014 Holidays 87 Million Number of Shoppers on Black Friday in 2014 $51 Billion Black Friday Weekend Sales in 2014 Of Shoppers Will Buy Items For Themselves During the Holidays 3.7%Estimated Increase in 2015 Holiday Sales 50% 6Number of Consecutive Years that Annual Consumer Spending has Improved Holiday Shoppers Are Gearing Up To Spend Big In 2015 MAKE YOUR LIST, CHECK IT TWICE Helpful Holiday Tips for Small Business Owners Offer Promotions and Incentives Stock Up on Inventory Get Your Website Holiday Ready Hire Part-Time Employees Offer Free or Discounted Shipping Extend Business Hours Add Festive Decor to Your Business Small Business Holiday Checklist SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING IDEAS More Ways to Engage Your Customers and Drive Holiday Sales Run a Social Media Contest Promote Holiday Sales Online Send Holiday- Themed Emails Host a Holiday Kick-Off Event Offer a Free Gift With Purchase HOLIDAY SHOPPING HABITS ARE CHANGING What You Need to Know About Today's Holiday Shoppers 50% Of Americans Begin Holiday Shopping in November 38% Of Shoppers Look for Retailers that Offer Free Shipping 1 in 3 Shoppers Look for "Doorbuster" Sales 1 in 5 Millenials (18-29 Year Olds) Shop on Black Friday 18% Of Shoppers Will Open a Store Credit Card to Receive a Discount 65% Of Shoppers Look for Coupons on Mobile Devices Sources: National Retail Federation, U.S. Commerce Department, RetailNext, eMarketer, Bronto Software e-Commerce Survey This infographic was produced by Balboa Capital, a leading direct lender that provides small business loans, equipment financing, equipment vendor financing, commercial financing, and franchise financing. Visit www.balboacapital.com today