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Gcc vs scc


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Gcc vs scc

  1. 1. GCC SCC Contains standard terms and conditions which are generally applicable for all contracts irrespective of the nature of work, supplier type and other factors Relates to the specific contract. It includes terms and conditions which are applicable for that particular contract only and will vary for each contract depending upon the nature of work, supplier type and other factors It would not be advisable to change or adjust GCC as these terms and conditions might have a long term legal implication and therefore need to be veted by the legal team Although it is important to get the SCC veted by legal also but since it is generally specific to one contract and more of tactical (operational) nature, it's implications may not be as deep as the GCC It is more of strategic in nature it is like if you want to change the look of your home for a particular event or function, you generally do not tamper with the foundation of the building but may change the interior decoration for different events
  2. 2. • Special conditions of contract (SCC) shall be read in conjunction with the general conditions of contract (GCC) also referred to as General Terms and conditions of works contract, Schedule of Quantities, Specifications of work, drawings and any other document forming part of this contract wherever the context so requires
  3. 3. • Where any portion of GCC is contradicting any provisions of the SCC, then unless a different intention appears, the provision(s) of the SCC of contract will override the provision(s) of GCC
  4. 4. • GENERAL CONDITIONS · General Conditions are an inherent part of the the Contract for Construction. · With the agreement govern the entire contract. · Contain contractual principles applicable to most projects with supplements for a particular project. · Contains broad aspects relating to the roles, rights and duties and responsibilities of the parties to the contract for construction. · Contains the Constants · Relatively static · Format forms the basis for modification.
  5. 5. • SPECIAL CONDITIONS · Extends anything not included or modified in the Supplementary Conditions, thus are an inherent part of the Contract for Construction · Extend the Conditions for a specific region, or project, or owner/organization. · Is likely a standard document issued by the owner (usually a public agency) to be attached to the general and supplementary conditions. · Are new items, and do not follow the format of General Conditions.