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  1. KingAI
  2. Artificial Intelligence is taking technology to the next level. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision. What is the purpose of Artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Most AI examples that you hear about today from chess playing computers to self-driving cars rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing.
  3. At The King’s Life our vision is to connect AI to our Lifestyle $KING Token where AI Bot developed on the basis of Artificial Intelligence will provide daily CRYPTO TRADING SIGNALS. Following such signals, one can generate tremendous profit in crypto trading. It doesn’t require expertise in trading. Beginners can also earn by just copying the signals. AI BOT GENERATED CRYPTO TRADING SIGNALS are 95-99% accurate. KingAI
  4. Louis Casper Dünweber is a visionary CEO of The King’s Life. He is an experienced trader for many years and an enthusiastic leader who is always working towards new innovations. After observing a super fast acceptance and success of Artificial Intelligence in the global market, Louis decided to innovate something unique and useful for the community. Where community members of The King’s Life can generate lifetime smart income. So his tech team started developing AI Trading Bot, which can generate smart trading signals.
  5. BEST COMPENSATION SYSTEM World's FIRST AI Driven Auto Crypto Trading Profit System With Upto 80% Affiliate Commissions. 80% Of Every $$$ Coming in Will be Paid Out To our Global Affiliates. 20% Will Buy Back And Burn The $KING Tokens On Every DIP Therefore Creating Ever Increasing Liquidity, Price Stability And Supply Reducing, Making $KING A Deflationary Token.
  6. PRODUCT PACKS AI Trade Signals $47/Month $297 Year Subscription $997 Lifetime Subscription (48 % Discount)
  7. Our given signal hit the target We gave signal for btc target price: $23200. According to chart we hit the given target
  8. REFERRAL BONUS 10 Level Referral Bonus Paid Out Instantly At Point Of Sale For All 3 Packs In $KING Tokens At Current Market Price. Level-1 35% Level-3 8% Level-5 3% Level-7 1% Level-9 1% Level-2 15% Level-4 3% Level-6 2% Level-8 1% Level-10 1% 70% In First 10 Levels
  9. Level -1 is open by default Level-3 2 Direct Level-5 4 Direct Level-7 6 Direct Level-9 8 Direct Level-2 1 Direct Level-4 3 Direct Level-6 5 Direct Level-8 7 Direct Level-10 9 Direct Every Frontline - Opens One Level, So To Get Paid From Level 2 - Need 1 Direct - Level 3 - 2 Directs And So On…. Level 10 - 9 Directs
  10. INFINITY TURNOVER BONUS 10% infinity Turnover Bonus - Minimum 3 Legs Turnover Counted - Max Volume Per Leg Which Can Be Counted Is 33% All Rank Rewards Calculated In $$ And Paid In $KING Tokens. As Per The Current Value Of $KING Tokens. Note: Every Recurring Subscription Is Counted As A Fresh Turnover Both For Referral bonus As Well As Rank Rewards- So Build Team Once And Get Paid Every Month Based on Recurring Subscriptions In Your Team.
  11. Free Account Can Also Earn Commissions From Level 1 By Default. However To Withdraw, One Package Must Be Active. Minimum Withdrawal - $10
  12. 1) 20% Will Buy Back And Burn The $KING Tokens On Every DIP Therefore Creating Ever Increasing Liquidity, Price Stability And Supply Reducing, Making $KINGAI Deflationary Token SOME KEY FEATURES 2) Highest Paying Comp Plan In Crypto Affiliate Industry - 80% Payouts 3) 70% In First 10 Levels 4) 10% Infinity Turnover Bonus
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