mutation science genome dna libraries bryophytes algae protein localization using gfp biotechnology remote sensing analysis transcriptome aizoaceae cryopreservation genetically modified gmo phytogeography structural annotation genomics adventitious shoot plant tissue culture tissue engineering triploid plants triploidy synthetic seed lac z reporter gene somaclonal variation somaclone blue white screening insertional inactivation in vitro germplasm conservation mitosis drug discovery steps trembl swissprot genbank ddbj embl databases haploid androgenesis library lambda dna vaccines cell immobilization plant nano microbial biosynthesis nanoparticles chaperons protein folding cytogenetic map kimuras theory molecular clock bioinformatics wheat genome project rice genome project human genome project sequence submission tools dna extraction dnaisolation dna shot gun sequencing genome sequencing evidences for evolution gleichenia osmunda ginkgo agathis gnetum podocarpus taxus bonsai cancer linked genes linkage genome organization organellar genome types of rna structure of rna site specific recombination dna renaturation kinetics c value paradox repetitive dna cot curve pollengrains microspores pollen plant fibres plant anatomy scope fungal parasites fungi beta pleated alpha helix protein structure ribozymes abzymes coenzymes cofactors phenolics terpenoids alkaloids types of lipids lipids col plasmid r plasmid f plasmid plasmid bacterial morphology plant pathogens mycofungicides spirichaetes rickettsia vbnc myxobacteria mycoplasma nanobes archaebacteria gram negative gram positive flagella bacteria ultra structure intrinsic pathway extrinsic pathway caspases apoptosis plasmodesmata anchoring junction occluding junction cell junctions pteris pteridophyte marsilea selaginella inbreeding depression heterosis backcross breeding modern breeding methods male sterility incompatibility cones coniferales meiosis fasta blast composting methods composting budding grafting layering cutting cyanide resistant pathway screening lunularia reboulia porella pogonatum diatoms dinoflagellates algal bloom cyathodium bryophyte culture in vitro cultivation in vitro conservation mosses ecological significance symbiotic association atp synthase structure atp synthase complex atp synthase atp physical mapping restriction map est sts types of proteomics protein profiling proteomics rdlp snp aflp rapd molecular markers biological markers markers gish fish positional cloning tetracycline system chromosome jumoing chromosome walking economic importance of algae algal uses types of mutation evolution topoisomerases dna supercoiling i motif triplex dna quadruplex dna molecular structure of dna bt cotton golden rice flavr savr tomato gene gun method ti plasmid agrobacterium transgenic approaches psilotum detail life cycle of psilotum psilotum types of seeds seed parts seed structure seed types of electrophoresis pulse field electrophoresis sds page electrophoresis agarose gel electrophoresis bioindicators environmental monitoring la nina el nino green house effect global warming secondary metabolites tissue culture hairy root culture cellulase production cellulase protein microarray protein sequencing membrane potential plasmodesmata in detail plant physiology plant breeding
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