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Building an Agency - Introduction and Capabilites - BIC Class Project

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As a student in CCNY's BIC Account Management track, I had the opportunity to invent an agency from the ground up. Applying class learnings in agency organization, structure, finance and more, groups were tasked with building agencies and bringing them to life in a final capabilities presentation.

Inspired by a sticker of a black park bench on the stall of a bar bathroom, "The Bench" came to life. Our group, consisting of three diverse individuals, agreed on an agency that represented "the people" - the consumer; an agency focused on the community and diversity. What better symbol for community than a park bench?

The final presentation walks the audience through what could be a real agency introduction; capabilities, agency process, organizational structure, and pricing overview. We also cover strategies around marketing The Bench, New Business, client revenue goals, and employee relations and internal growth.

Semester: Spring 2014

Logo designed by Maxime Menant - presentation created by me, Alex Suazo.

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Building an Agency - Introduction and Capabilites - BIC Class Project

  1. 1. THE BENCH INTRODUCTION & CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW Prepared by Alex Suazo – Maxime Menant – Carol Burns CCNY Branding & Integrated Communications Internal Management Class Project – Final Presentation Professor Kate Rothen
  2. 2. Who We Are The Bench is a new kind of agency. One that stands for the people and culture you’re marketing to. We are the peoples advocate. A social non-traditional integrated marketing agency that bonds brands with the right local communities and cultures. Come take a seat with us. 3
  3. 3. Why We Get It We are no longer living in the old-world of “business to consumer”. Lines have blurred and your “consumers” need more from you. They want you to understand them and their cultures. They aren’t robots that just eat, sleep, and buy your products. We are all humans with emotions. We’re living in the new-world of HUMAN TO HUMAN. 4
  4. 4. The Facts The Bench is an independent agency of 50 employees – or, as we like to our team – benchers. We work together, on the same bench, to ensure your brand experience comes to life. We are anchored in NYC with satellite offices in the most culturally diverse cities in the US and Europe. 5 Harlem - NYC South Beach, Miami Canal St. Martin, Paris Oakland, California Shoreditch, London Chicago, Illinois
  5. 5. Areas of Expertise SOCIAL & CONTENT MARKETING NON-TRADITIONAL GUERILLA MARKETING • Local Activation MARKET RESEARCH & ANALYTICS • Primary/Secondary, Consumer Behavior, Segmentation, Positioning, Brand name testing, Web Analytics IMMERSIVE WORKSHOPS, “Benchshops” • The Bench provides immersive workshops for clients with smaller budgets or executive teams looking for in-house education/development on multi-cultural or LGBT market research. 6
  6. 6. Clients 7
  8. 8. We Know Our Strengths & Weaknesses 9 STRENGTHS • Small, independent agency – no holding company to report to. • Have smart people that specialize in social media, earned media, etc. • Large research department to keep up with trends/issues in the landscape • Home away from home agency so clients and talent feel comfortable working with us • Solid vision of who we are and what we have to offer • International agency • Training programs/courses to keep employees up to date with the industry WEAKNESSES • Small, independent agency – reliant on retainer clients or large scope projects • Procurement of new clientele • Lack of steady funding OPPORTUNITIES • Ability to easily target LGBT and multicultural organizations/supporters of these organizations • Recruit diverse talent with expertise in these fields • Take on partners and form joint ventures • Expansion into new markets • Utilize the digital market • Use of research to segment LGBT and multicultural audiences/consumers to further assist with clients needs THREATS • Other competitors that specialize in “multicultural marketing” and specific cultures. Agencies include: Globalhue, Alma DDB, LatinWorks, The Karpel Group, Target 10, etc. • Agencies are increasingly integrating what used to often be separate services, such as digital and shopper marketing, and now perhaps Hispanic, African American.
  9. 9. Overcoming Weaknesses 10 Small, independent agency Attend all industry events, conferences, etc. to find grow awareness in the industry; expand digital presence; never skip the opportunity for an informational/intro meeting. Reliant on retainer clients or large scope projects – procurement of new clientele challenge Create infographics & powerful case studies to attract new clients; take on pro bono project with clients who let us be "over creative" with their brands. Lack of steady funding Potentially increase cost of sessions and respectfully increase the number of training sessions/seminars; find new ways for income; consider pitching holding company in the future. WEAKNESS HOW TO OVERCOME
  10. 10. Overcoming Threats 11 Other competitors that specialize in “multicultural marketing” and specific cultures Focus on recruiting top-tier talent with expertise in multicultural, or LGBT marketing. Agencies are increasingly integrating what used to often be separate services. Offer services separately as well as integrated to give clients the option for either or. Agencies that have been around for years, or that have become renowned for small wins, already in the market. Continue to expand portfolio and learn from industry mistakes to compete with agency leaders. Take risks moderately. THREATS HOW TO OVERCOME
  11. 11. OUR PEOPLE & KEY ROLES 12
  12. 12. The Founding Benchers There is always an extra seat, for talented people, on 13 ALEX SUAZO Co-Founder Chief Digital Officer Chief Happiness Officer MAXIME MENANT Co-Founder Chief of Unconventional Strategy CAROL BURNS Co-Founder Head of Market Research
  13. 13. Agency Structure 14 Chief Digital Officer Digital/Social Director Digital Strategist Social Media Manager Digital Coordinator Chief Unconventional Strategy Creative Director Creative Project Manager Graphic Designer Creative Producer Production Assistant Director, Media Strategy Media Planner Media Coordinator Chief Market Research Market Research Director Research Planner Research Coordinator Research Analyst Chief Administration Officer Account Management Director Client Lead Client Manager Client Coordinator HR Director HR Manager
  14. 14. Other Key Benchers: Creative Director The Bench is looking for a talented Creative Director to come take a seat with us. The Creative Director reports to the Chief of Unconventional Strategy and interacts with teams cross-agency by managing, motivating and nurturing creative concepts. We want someone who is a creative jackalope, has a true interest and passion in the Arts and diversity, and that also enjoys the occasional bottomless Sunday brunch (seriously!). WHAT YOU WILL DO ON THE BENCH • Participate in new business development, including overseeing presentation development, and attending client pitches when necessary. • Work with the “Discovery” team to develop smart and engaging creative strategies that respect the clients’ brand and values. Also work with client managers through the life of client work to ensure consistency in design and production. • Like a maestro, conduct the creative team throughout the design process, encouraging them to bring their best to their work. • Manage the agency creative calendar as to ensure there is no overlap in client needs and creative availability, as well as respective budget(s). • Support bench partners in the adaptation and activation of campaigns. • Assist in developing materials for Benchshops and BenchU trainings. • Lead recruitment of new creative talents and interns to join The Bench when needed. WHAT IT TAKES TO SIT ON THE BENCH • Master degree of fine arts or related field; please attach, or include link to, robust portfolio of your best work. • 6-8 years of experience in a similar position within the agency world. • Deep understanding and interest of what diversity means. • You should be able to write like Hemingway or paint like Picasso. • Knowledge of a second language is preferred as well as a general dislike of dry-cleaned suits. Love a busy Hawaiian shirt? Great! 15
  15. 15. Other Key Benchers: Client Manager A Client Manager at The Bench is one of the most important roles in the organization. He/she is the glue that holds our client relationships together. The Client Manager reports to the respective account director, and manages the relationship between the agency and the client. WHAT YOU WILL DO ON THE BENCH: • Manage client expectations including budget, timeline, concerns/issues etc. • Manage the agency process from scope of work through post-launch analytics for client projects. • Provide strategic direction and insights after carefully reviewing, researching and analyzing client’s needs and objectives • Communicate to all stakeholders at each step of any project - work closely with creative, digital, and production teams ensuring smooth and timely production. • Travel to client facilities or industry conferences as needed. • Utilize market research data and field experience to influence business practices • Host Benchshop seminars and/or BenchU sessions sharing your expertise and best practices. • While client work is priority, building new relationships and potentially new client(s) is also great. Ask us about our New Client Referral Bonus. WHAT IT TAKES TO SIT ON THE BENCH: • A passion for people and diversity. • An organized and thorough individual who is personable and has great communication and presentation skills, verbal and written. • Must be decisive and excited to work with a team as well as constantly pushing the best work out of the agency for the client. • 2-3 years of experience managing and leading multi-faceted projects from beginning to end; budget management preferred, traditional “agency” experience not a requirement. • Comfortable in a fast-paced, startup environment where wearing several different hats is normal and encouraged. • BA in Marking Communications or related field. 16
  16. 16. Other Key Benchers: Digital Strategist Don’t apply for this job if you think that hashtagging everything you say makes you “digitally savvy” and/or a “strategist”. The Bench is looking for a strategist that has been around since the start of “brands on social media”; someone that understands the essence and translation of a brand on an “online” or digital platform (website, social network, mobile app). Understanding this essence is what keeps our digital strategists grounded but also creative and hungry for something new and exciting. Our digital strategists report to our Chief Digital Officer and work very closely cross-agency on client work. WHAT YOU WILL DO ON THE BENCH: • Define and execute innovative and highly effective digital marketing strategies for our clients. • Audit client digital footprint and recommend better practices per platform for create a more uniform voice/strategy. • Utilize digital/behavioral research data and field experience to influence digital practices. • Provide ongoing strategic counsel in an effort to help meet business and client goals. • Host Benchshop seminars and/or BenchU sessions sharing your expertise and best practices. • While client work is priority, building new relationships and potentially new client(s) is also great. Ask us about our New Client Referral Bonus. WHAT IT TAKES TO SIT ON THE BENCH: • An itch for sharing things with people; i.e. you probably have a blog you post on at least 1-2/week and/or you share more “life” than selfies on Instagram. • A self-starter that’s called upon by their friends for “social media” advice on projects, branding, and “online” stuff that they know you know too well. • Must be decisive and tenacious about great ideas; too often clients might be scared of a strategy that might disrupt their landscape – if you think it will work, and can prove it, we want you • 2-3 years of experience managing and leading a brand voice across digital ecosystems. • Familiarity with all the major online platforms – deep expertise (launched many campaigns) in 1-2 platforms preferred; i.e. Youtube or Pinterest. • Comfortable with reporting tools and building executive reports post-campaigns to • An organized and thorough individual who is personable and has great communication and presentation skills, verbal and written. • Comfortable in a fast-paced, startup environment where wearing several different hats is normal and encouraged. • BA in Marking Communications, Digital Marketing, or related field. 17
  17. 17. THE BENCH PROCESS 18
  18. 18. Our Process 19 SCOPE WORK DISCOVERY INTERNAL PREP DESIGN & PRODUCE POST LAUNCH ANALYSIS INTERNAL POST MORTEMtwo weeks four weeks 1-2 weeks 4 – 18 weeks two weeks one week
  19. 19. 20 SCOPE WORK DISCOVERY INTERNAL PREP DESIGN & PRODUCE POST LAUNCH ANALYSIS INTERNAL POST MORTEM Scoping the work is the very first step in our process. We want to ensure that the request by the client is clear and that we establish their current need(s) and expected deliverables. What is the problem we’re trying to solve? How does the client think they can solve it, if at all? What is the proposed budget or NTE number? DELIVERABLE • Clear and concise SOW approved by client.
  20. 20. 21 SCOPE WORK DISCOVERY INTERNAL PREP DESIGN & PRODUCE POST LAUNCH ANALYSIS INTERNAL POST MORTEM The “Discovery” step is where we start to get our hands dirty. We take research and strategy very seriously. For 30 days we drill down on the client and their needs based on the project that’s been scoped. This discovery process includes: • Client Benchshop • Company history and stakeholder assessment • Competitive analysis • Brand analysis • Customer and market research DELIVERABLE From this research process, The Bench will construct a discovery brief containing final 360-degree strategy for the suggested audience. The document is considered the official pitch and outlines a dedicated client team, proposed budget and timeline, and defines “success” via more clearly defined deliverables.
  21. 21. 22 SCOPE WORK DISCOVERY INTERNAL PREP DESIGN & PRODUCE POST LAUNCH ANALYSIS INTERNAL POST MORTEM This internal prep is the official project kick-off. The assigned client manager works cross-agency with the benchers assigned to the client to create a detailed project plan with specific dates for deliverables and responsible parties for those deliverables; internal or external (client). The client manager also starts gathering/pricing resources needed for the next phase including any production needs. Administrative tasks occur as well, including accounts payable responsibilities like adding the client as a vendor, and creating and approving a PO for billing and invoicing. DELIVERABLE • Detailed internal project plan for client team. • Final creative brief, media plan, tech spec if applicable. • High-level project timeline and project development overview for client presented at kick-off meeting.
  22. 22. 23 SCOPE WORK DISCOVERY INTERNAL PREP DESIGN & PRODUCE POST LAUNCH ANALYSIS INTERNAL POST MORTEM The design and production phase is when The Bench actually does the work. The timeframe will vary dependent on the scope of the project and work. The timeline outlined in the prior phase will guide the cadence of this phase. The client manager will communicate daily with the client lead, as well as a scheduled weekly update call for the larger team to keep all parties up-to- date with status, any obstacles, etc. DELIVERABLE Executed project as defined in the final strategy brief .
  23. 23. 24 SCOPE WORK DISCOVERY INTERNAL PREP DESIGN & PRODUCE POST LAUNCH ANALYSIS INTERNAL POST MORTEM The post- launch analysis is where our research and analytics benchers get to work. Dependent on the project, we measure the necessary KPI’s (impressions, sign-ups, views) and ensure that we’ve succeeded based on our previously outlined definition of success. The research team may also choose to survey consumer post-launch to gauge their perspective about the brand and whether it’s changed if at all, and how. DELIVERABLE Post-launch analytics and consumer feedback collection brief prepared to present to client at Post-Launch meeting. This meeting will set the cadence for future work therefore.
  24. 24. 25 SCOPE WORK DISCOVERY INTERNAL PREP DESIGN & PRODUCE ANALYSIS POST LAUNCH INTERNAL POST MORTEM The last step in our process is the post mortem internal wrap-up. In this stage, the client manager, in tandem with a coordinator or intern, gathers the most powerful KPI’s from the campaign, along with great imagery of the creative/execution. These assets are uploaded to our intranet where they can be easily accessed for agency promotion, award submissions, and future reference. The case study is also uploaded to our website/blog with permission from the client. The client lead at The Bench will also touch base with the client. If the client wasn’t looking for an AOR, it is important to nurture the relationship in hopes of future work and/or potentially choosing The Bench as AOR in the future. The Bench is not shy about creating and celebrating great work. A post-launch celebration for the client team, and the client, is also part of this phase. Cheers!
  26. 26. It’s All About The Bench It is important that The Bench be the focal point and consistent branding and marketing around the agency. We will ensure that there is a mega-Bench inside each office and/or on the street in- front of the building, which everyone has access to: – All employees take employee ID pictures on bench – All new clients take pictures on bench – Allow pedestrians to take pictures and create a flipbook to show diversity of NYC 27
  28. 28. 29 LEADERSHIP • Position The Bench and senior staff as award-winning industry thought leaders via PR, industry events. • Showcase The Bench’s corporate social responsibility actions and efforts; volunteering within our local communities; pro-bono work; The Bench Initiative (re-building broken down parks and adding a mega-bench). • Participation and sponsorship of industry conferences such as Social Media Week, Conference Board, etc. ACCESS • Develop and grow prospective client opportunities through targeted event opportunities; SXSW, Ad Week, Creative Week, Internet Week, AMA Non Profit Marketing Conference, The North East LGBT Conference. • Host networking/panel events at The Bench offices • Bench Brainstorms on Google Hangout: livestream bi-monthly brainstorms to show the world the smart creative minds at The Bench. • College Tours/Recruitment: Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Kentucky, Texas at Austin, Miami Ad School, NYC, University of California. SOCIAL MEDIA/EMAIL MARKETING • Build website to showcase work, talent, offices, client testimonials, awards, and history; SEO. • Maintain active social media channels including: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. • Increase engagement on social via marketing materials such as white papers and infographics. • Paid social posts on major announcements such as a new office, client, white paper, CSR report, etc. • “On the Bench” newsletter – once a week, or twice a month, including goings-on at The Bench, what we’re thinking is cool in the industry etc. PR & AWARDS • Press Releases related to client wins and work, research/analytics on the multi-cultural marketing industry etc. • Editorials in industry publications • Entering campaigns and the agency into award shows gives potential prospects a better view on the caliber of our work. As well as reaffirm our own successes. • Potential award shows include: GLAAD Awards, Cannes Lions, Small Agency Awards, Mosaic Awards (AAF), Advertising Age Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards
  29. 29. Non-Traditional Marketing 30
  30. 30. Harlem Proud 31 • WHO: The Bench in collaboration with renowned photographer JR. • WHAT: A partnership series similar to HONY, photograph Harlemites sitting on or near a mega-Bench installed within their community to showcase the cultural wealth. The photographs will then be blown-up and hung around Harlem strategically. • WHERE: Kicking off in Harlem, The Bench and JR would work together on this project across all the major communities surrounding The Bench offices around the world. • WHY: JR and The Bench share the same mission: celebrating the beauty and power in diversity. • WHAT THE BENCH GETS IN RETURN: Massive traditional and social media exposure via JR’s follower base (Instagram alone - 388K followers), and JR’s best friends which include Pharell Williams, Spike Lee, etc.
  31. 31. Harlem Proud JR in collaboration with The Bench Agency 32
  32. 32. Marketing KPI’s • Site traffic (page views) and SEO – organic search • Sales revenue (reaching yearly client revenue goals) • Social Media reach following, impressions, and organic reach across channels • Assessing whether New Biz leads are pro or re-active • Email marketing subscriptions • Awards nominated for and awards won • Industry media impressions • Social Media impressions based on non-traditional approaches 33
  34. 34. New Business Objectives • Increase visibility of The Bench both within industry and to potential clients • Increase new business growth across areas of expertise • Boost internal communication regarding agency language and assets for new business pitches/presentations 35
  35. 35. What We Need to Get it Done • Capabilities Deck (done!) • Individual Practice Area Capabilities • Case Studies • Industry Experience Across The Agency • Training • CRM Database 36
  36. 36. How We’ll Get it Done • Prospecting – Research companies/industries in our sweet spot and work with practice leaders on outreach • Search Consultancies • Get on the RFP lists • Qualifying/Fielding Calls • New business qualifying process for all to adhere to – Provide detailed instructions for fielding a new business call with important questions to ask and details to obtain 37
  37. 37. Sweet Spot Clients • Clients that know that to truly reach their audiences they need to get away from traditional strategies. • Clients that are active in the local communities within their major markets. • Clients that have a separate team or person and budget that focuses on multi-cultural marketing. 38
  38. 38. Client Revenue Goals - first year Based on total revenue of $5M 39 3 Anchor Accounts Above $750K ea. 45% of revenue or >$2.25M 3 Anchor Accounts Above $300K ea. 25% of revenue or >$1.25M 4 Anchor Accounts Above $375K ea. 30% of revenue or >$1.5M
  40. 40. Internal Growth Goals Our internal growth goals can only be reached by keeping a well-oiled and tight machine. We want to maintain, nurture, and grow a happy, smart, and appreciated work force that are loyal and trust The Bench, their leaders, and colleagues. Remember: we are the peoples advocate. That advocacy must start from inside The Bench. 41
  41. 41. We Care About Our Benchers 42
  42. 42. Internal Growth Tactics • Monthly agency-wide conference calls led by the head of each practice area. • Weekly internal newsletter run by junior staff – it should not have a “top down” feel but should be reviewed by a senior member. Should also include insight or “a note” from a senior bencher. • Emails sent out to alert the agency of new hires, promotions, new clients (and who pitched/will work on the business). • An intranet of resources and archived information; old pitches, staff directory, HR forms, “team day” idea submissions, profiles of all employees from c-suite executives to entry-level coordinators. • Recognize employees with internal awards like “Client Manager of the Month”, “Intern of the Summer”, “Miss Congeniality”, etc. • Allow for training and career growth via BenchU, tuition reimbursement, sponsor Benchers to attend and travel conferences, etc. • “Bench Day”: Every other Friday bring in a caterer, a DJ, speakers from other companies, benchers can showcase talents and teach other benchers. • Bench Volunteers: four set volunteer days per year for all employees. • Employee/Employer Reviews every 90 days to allow for managers to review teams and visa versa, give feedback, and assist in implementing strategies to be more efficient and effective. 43
  43. 43. BenchU Bench University is an internship and training program where educational and development training is provided to current and future benchers. Benchers learn from The Bench’s finest, industry insiders and tools, clients, research companies and more. Lunch at The Bench workshops and trainings include: – Presentation Skills – Account Planning or Management Crash Course – Understanding Consumers – Brand Leadership – Research: Utilizing Twitter & Mobile – Digital Solutions 44
  45. 45. Standard Bill Rates 46 BENCHER SALARY HOURLY EQUIVALENT OPERATIONS (~135% of Salary) HOURLY RATE CUS $200,000 $96 $130 $226 CDO $200,000 $96 $130 $226 CMR $200,000 $96 $130 $226 Creative Director $150,000 $72 $97 $169 Client Lead, Director $100,000 $48 $65 $113 Director, Media Strategy $100,000 $48 $65 $113 Director, Digital $100,000 $48 $65 $113 Market Research Director $100,000 $48 $65 $113 Digital Strategist $75,000 $36 $49 $85 Creative Producer $75,000 $36 $49 $85 Media Planner $75,000 $36 $49 $85 Research Analyst $80,000 $38 $52 $90 Research Planner $75,000 $36 $49 $85 Graphic Designer $70,000 $34 $45 $79 Creative Project Manager $70,000 $34 $45 $79 Client Manager $65,000 $31 $42 $73 Social Media Manager $65,000 $31 $42 $73 Production Assistant $50,000 $24 $32 $56 Digital Coordinator $45,000 $22 $29 $51 Media Coordinator $45,000 $22 $29 $51 Research Coordinator $45,000 $22 $29 $51 Client Coordinator $45,000 $22 $29 $51 Project Intern $40,000 $19 $26 $45
  46. 46. Sample Project An integrated marketing campaign with project-based client Max Brenner. Objective: launch a new restaurant on Miami’s Lincoln Road strip. Project Cost includes: • 1 month discovery • 5 months for execution • 1 month post-launch • Does not include OOP costs Cost: $403,477 47
  47. 47. Sample Project Bencher Allocation 48 DISCOVERY EXECUTION/LAUNCH POST-LAUNCH • CUS • CDO • CMR • Client Lead, Director • Client Manager • Market Research Director • Research Analyst • Research Planner • Digital Strategist • Creative Director • CUS • CDO • CMR • Creative Director • Client Lead, Director • Client Manager • Director, Media Strategy • Director, Digital • Market Research Director • Digital Strategist • Creative Producer • Media Planner • Graphic Designer • Creative Project Manager • Social Media Manager • Production Assistant • Digital Coordinator • Media Coordinator • Client Coordinator • Project Intern • Client Lead, Director • Client Manager • Social Media Manager • Media Coordinator • Research Coordinator • Client Coordinator
  48. 48. Discovery …as its own service At The Bench, we take research and strategy seriously. Our discovery process is so rigorous and vital to your brand and business that we offer it as its own service at a flat rate of $30,000. Our top benchers, including the heads of digital, market research, brand strategy, and creative, work together for 30 days to drill down to the strategy that will bring the most memorable and 360-degree experience for the community or customer group you’re looking to target. 49 PHASE OF PROJECT BENCHER SALARY HOURLY EQUIVALENT OPERATIONS (~135% of Salary) HOURLY RATE HRS/ MONTH TOTAL MONTHLY FEE CUS $200,000 $96 $130 $226 8 $1,808 CDO $200,000 $96 $130 $226 8 $1,808 CMR $200,000 $96 $130 $226 8 $1,808 Client Lead, Director $100,000 $48 $65 $113 20 $2,260 Client Manager $65,000 $31 $42 $73 60 $4,406 Market Research Director $100,000 $48 $65 $113 20 $2,260 Research Analyst $80,000 $38 $52 $90 25 $2,260 Research Planner $75,000 $36 $49 $85 24 $2,034 Digital Strategist $75,000 $36 $49 $85 25 $2,118 Creative Director $150,000 $72 $97 $169 25 $4,237 Total Fees $24,997 Bench Profit (20%) $4,999 Flat Cost $29,996 30-DAY DISCOVERY
  49. 49. Immersive Benchshops The Bench provides immersive one or two-day educational and development workshops for clients and individuals with small budgets, or executive teams looking for on-location training, on multi-cultural or LGBT market research, social and content marketing, and more. Whiteboard and brainstorm sessions, accompanied by breakfast and lunch, are a great way to bring a team together to develop skills that will ultimately improve your marketing strategy and business. • One Day Benchshop - $300 pp • Two Day Benchshop - $700 pp • Executive Benchshop On-Location: pricing contingent on needs and size of group. 50
  50. 50. THANK YOU. 51