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Electric car

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Complex solution for electric vehicle

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Electric car

  1. 1. Complex solution for electric vehicle AS & PP Ltd.
  2. 2. Project brief Product •Power and supportive induction motors with combined windings with output power from one to hundreds kW provides increased torque and less power consumption. Advantages •Possibility of implementation of lower power motors Current stage •Project of motor upgrading during their repairing is started. •Winding construction principle is patented. Winding schemes are at patenting now. Team •Team consists of high-class specialists in project related branches. instead of high power motors by increasing the starting and minimal torques. (4 kW instead 5 kW, 22 kW instead 30 kW, etc.) •Motor operates with more efficiency at any loads. •Dmitry Duyunow. Project leader. Author of dozens of •Energy consumption decreased by 15-30% in Contacts according to operation mode. Innovation content •New winding schemes. •Motors upgrade during their repairing. •Redesign of magnetic core. realized patents in energy efficiency. • • • • • • AS & PP Ltd. Moscow, Zelenograd. Dmitry Duyunow, project leader. dyunovda@rambler.ru +7 915 322 74 32 www.as-pp.ru
  3. 3. Project characteristics • • Analysis of common induction motors shows that magnetic field allocation is not optimal.: Magnetic field of common winding Magnetic field of combined winding Computer modelling and experiments allows to determine ways to improve motor characteristics. • Project perspectives Designing of new motor magnetic core. • • • Common motor Combined windings Perspective motor To design new motor we need software, computing server and equipment (1 000 000 $).
  4. 4. Induction motors with combined windings for electric vehicle • • • • • • Combined windings provides high torque, efficiency, power density, low cost and rejection of expensive materials. The principles of winding schemes designing are patented in Russian Federation. Most part of the designs now in the stage of patent pending. We planning to obtain from 50 to 100 patents. We have an Russian Federation patent for electric vehicle with induction motor with combined windings. Technology tested 18 years on thousands of motors common industrial execution with different powers, rotating speeds and supply frequency. Effectiveness of technology is guaranteed by testing protocols of Russian and European labs of manufacturing enterprises and science institutes. Drives with combined windings more than 2 years successfully passes pilot operation as part of different electric vehicles.
  5. 5. Battery locomotive for coal mines “Era” НПП «Энергия» г. Донецк Украина • Our motor outclassed all competitive solutions of leading developers. Video from tests: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyBaINulyT0
  6. 6. Drive for trolleybus • Trolleybus with drive with combined windings successfully passing running tests in Ukraine, Kiev on «Киевпастранс». (Kiev passenger transport depot.) After test passing will be decided on it’s mass application.
  7. 7. Electric car Таврия-электро, Russia, Gubkin • Car runs more than 20 000 km. the specific consumption was less than 110 W*h/km in city mode of drive. Maximal speed – more than 130 km/h. Car have air cooling of motor.
  8. 8. • Electric car Славута-электро «Голубая мечта», Ukraine, Kiev Car runs more than 20 000 km. the specific consumption was less than 130 W*h/km in city mode of drive. Maximal speed – more than 140 km/h. Car have air cooling of motor. In 2013 car take part in electric motor rally in Crimea mountain. Car arrived from Kiev under it’s own power. Video of car test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4dYwMnzW0o&feature and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBr71d4GWmo
  9. 9. Subaru Impreza – electro. Odessa, Ukraine Equipped weight - 1300 kg Acceleration time to 100 кмч - 12.3 second Induction motor with combined windings, weights 29 kg. Power consumption in city mode of drive - 140 W*h/km Maximal speed - 170 km/h.
  10. 10. On-board charger • Prototype of onboard charge of 2.4 kW. It’s provide flexible and adaptive charging algorithm for any type of battery's. In this device we used unique planar transformer. Power module is unified and used in on-board DC/DC converter of 14 V. Few chargers successfully passing testing on electric cars.
  11. 11. Prototype of quick charging station • We developed a module charging station. On it’s base it is possible to build quick charging station of more than 12 kW. Sample working in Kiev for 1,5 years.
  12. 12. Battery management system EmKit.A1103 • • • • • • • • • • BMS controls charging and discharging processes. At last charging stage device made balancing for cells. BMS made ​modular. It consists of one main module A11031 and several additional modules A11032. Additional modules can be up to 63 pieces. Each module serves 3 or 4 cells. For example for serves 11 cells we need one A11031 and two A11032 in 4+4+3 configuration. All modules communicate via digital serial data bus. Balancing current is 700mA. Boundary voltages are set programmatically from 2V to 4.2V. Charging controls for two ways: Via embedded mosfets. Max current is 30A. Via external relay that connected to Relay2 output. Deploying example for 12S battery Advantages:       • Additional deep cell discharge reporting threshold Information output for Android and Windows-compatible PC Wide range of settings for all cell parameters Anti-movement protection in charging process Control of current on sensor and cell temperature Logging of charged/discharged Ah Video of working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQiplQFXzrA
  13. 13. Battery management system EmKit.A1103
  14. 14. Venator • • Software for working with BMS Battery management system EmKit.A1103 and electric vehicle power drive control system. Allows to visualize on computer screen movement parameters, battery condition and power drive options. Operation system - Windows, Android. Communication interface - USB, WiFi. Voice informer. Displayed parameters: * Battery voltage * Battery current (pull/recuperation, maximum, minimum) * Battery capacity(Ah, %) * Instant power consumption * Mileage, distance, speed (instant, maximal, average) * Total energy consumption * Quantity of consumed/recuperated energy *Motor speed * Condition of every cell (charged, discharges, overcharged, on charging, balancing) * Control lights of signalization, external light, brake system condition. • • • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVxfHNF5EBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA_rakDYEGA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI7y60LJfGY
  15. 15. Venator
  16. 16. Thank you for watching