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Marina and development process

  1. What is MARINA ?? A port dedicated to the berthing of small or larger private boats used for recreation, sport and tourism, seasonally or year-round . Equipped with utilities and services designed to accommodate the needs and emergencies of these boats.
  2. MARINA DEFENITION Learner's definition Of MARINA an area of water where privately owned boats (such as yachts) are kept”
  3. The Development Process Marina • Analysis the market • Develop a market strategy and marina concept • Identify the site • Perform feasibility analysis and preliminary design • Design and develop the marina
  4. Development Criteria(Marina Offers) • Proximity to a population base • Accessibility by a main road artery • Sufficient water in Marina for the development • Natural Protection from winds, storms and flooding • A stable shore line • A good water quality
  5. Contd: • Aesthetically pleasing quality surroundings • Reasonable fluctuation in water level- High water constitute a safety alert. • Sufficient water depth and surface for the proposed activities
  6. Principles of design of Marinas 1. The geography determines the engineering 2. The engineering determines the profile 3. The profile determines the layout 4. The layout determines the architecture
  7. Role of Marinas in Tourism • Number of countries with a significant coastline and island clusters have recognized this potential, and have invested in making their coastal facilities accessible and attractive to domestic and foreign boaters. • Examples: Italy, Spain,Usa,UK,Crotasia etc..
  8. Types of Marina • There are essentially three types of marinas: • Ocean Class • Coastal Class • Yacht Stations 1. Ocean Class Marina The Ocean Class marina is a full-service marina, probably of 250 berths or more. This type of marina will normally be located on the coast or within a major river estuary.
  9. Coastal Class Marina • The Coastal Class marina offers fewer facilities and is likely to be found occupying part of a fishing harbor, or within a river estuary. Yacht Station Marina • The Yachting Station is a form of mini- marina. • Yachting stations are located at closely spaced intervals along the coastline in order to facilitate cruising and nautical tourism.
  10. Expenditures by Marina tourists: • Boating visitors tend to stay on the average longer in destinations • They tend to belong to higher incomes • They spend more money than any other class of tourists • They support various sectors of the local economy through the purchase of goods and services • Thus, the marinas that accommodate them represent a potentially great source of seasonal tourism-generated income
  11. Major Marinas in the world • MARINA PORT VELL, BARCELONA, SPAIN • MARINA GRANDE, CAPRI, ITALY • Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi.UAE • Puerto Banús in Marbella, Spain. • Port de Saint Tropez, France • Ocean Port Vell,Barcelona ect..
  12. MARINA PORT VELL, BARCELONA, SPAIN • Yachts can berth a stone’s throw away from the city’s beautiful beaches and world-famous attractions, including the iconic Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, Passeig de Gràcia and Camp Nou – the home of FC Barcelona.
  13. Marina Grande, Capri • Marina Grande is the main port of the island of Capri in Italy, to the north of the main town of Capri and at the foot of Mount Solaro.
  14. Kochi International Marina • "Kochi International Marina" built and now managed by Ocean Blue is a KTDC venture located on the eastern coast of Bolgatty Island adjoining the Bolgatty Palace. • It is the first full-fledged marina of international standards in India. • The marina provides berthing facility for around 36 yachts and also offers services like fuel, water, electricity and sewage pump-outs for boats. • The marina is close to the international maritime route at the south west coast of the Indian Peninsula, with favorable conditions and minimum tidal variations throughout the year.
  15. Facilities provided at Kochi International Marina: • Round the clock Security • Supervising the yacht while away • Power outlet at every berth • Full power back up by hotel generator • Sewage pump out arrangements at location • Fuelling arrangements at location for both Diesel and Petrol • Shore toilet, Laundry facilities • Use of Resort pool, Use of Marina House Gym • Use of Marina House Recreation room
  16. Navi Mumbai Marinas • If all goes as per City and Industrial Development Corporation’s (Cidco) plan, Navi Mumbai will soon get state’s first — a harbour to park boats and yachts — and a waterfront to promote social activity on its coast.
  17. Major Ports in India • Chennai Port • Haldia Port • Ennore Port (Chennai) • New Mangalore Port • Tuticorin Port etc
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