ramprasad kumawat built environment highway engineering transportation ballast sleepers rails rail fastenings. types and selection of gauges transportation engineering engineering geology timber construction civil engineering rr&s materials for repair highway planing and alignment harbours engineering specialization of civil engineering fault parts of fold classification of fold fold conventional construction : concrete construction steel cement concrete stone brick green building building bye laws drawing architectural building planning proportion orientation site plan ground support system dam infrastructure of dam sewage system tunnel infrastructure of tunnel & sewage system bridge infrastructure of bridges canal building infrastructure of building & canal resources water recourse culver and airport runway railway track transportation system consisting road btu student transportation system parks and recreation center element of comm building elements of office elements of building/home components of the built environment maintenance and repair strategies rehabilitation deterioration repair maintenance repair to overcome low member strength surface spalling repair methods of under water repair of concrete structur underwater repair diamond advantage wire sawing engineered demolition techniques for dilapidated s dry mix process the gunite or concrete rate of extraction of water vacuum concrete epoxy injection reinforced concrete jacketing steel jacketing frp jacketing jacketing repair techniques : grouting self curing compounds materials for repair : frc (fiber reinforced concrete ) materials for repait : ferro-cement polymer concrete special mortar highway engineering objective type question sight distance of importances restrictions to sight distance types of sight distance typical cross sections of road right of way and land width width of formation or roadway road margins kerbs medians/traffic separators pavement surface characteristics highway cross section elements design controls and criteria geometric design of highway nrrda irc indian road congress (irc) & national rural road d pradhan mantri gram sadak yojana (pmgsy) important transport highway related agencies in in terminal area runway length factors in airport site selection airport engineering highway projects drawing and report engineering surveys for alignment highway alignment classification of roads and road patterns highway planning in india highway development in india historical development of road construction different mode of transportation docks ports deterioration of concrete structures cracks in concrete weathering internal structure of the earth introduction to geology geological work of natural agencies like wind geological work of natural agencies like rivers physical properties of minerals geological time scale introduction of transportation engineering introduction of railway engineering linear measurement total station rail creep coning of wheels in railways importance of track drainage selection of alignment environment and its components importance of water types and selection of gauges rail fastenings railway engineering air quality index emission standard the effects of manhole base and channel construction construction and testing of sewer line sewerage system collection of sewage standards of disposal into natural watercourses an seismic wave propagation earthquake characteristics of sewage skills for modern teachers point and crossing of railway role of civil engineer in society scope of civil engineering new airport planning and design field astronomy
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