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Evans Osabuohien_2023 AGRODEP Annual Conference

  1. Professor of Economics & Head Department of Economics and Development Studies, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria Brown Bag Session Presentation on Edited Book Project Evans Osabuohien
  2. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE Outline The Idea The edited books Their Coverage Crucial Lessons Learnt Follow-up Research Appreciation
  3. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE The Edited Books 2023 2022 Emerald
  4. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE The Idea • Incubated at the heat of COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. • We started thinking on doing something with two other fellows in our centre (CEPDeR- Centre for Economic Policy & Development Research). • We started jointing down the points. • Approached a publisher (Routledge) • They wanted something more concrete (chapters, contributors). • Then we conceptualised the Call for contributions.
  5. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE The Process & the Surprise •The call went out widely •Thanks to AGRODEP network, it was one of the platforms for the dissemination. •We got well over 90 chapter proposals! •It was great news but also a challenge. •Then the need to have two books. •Also the slow response from Routledge made us approached another publisher (Emerald Publishing Ltd)
  6. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE The Coverage of Book 1 65 Contributors (Authors) With affiliations across the African continent & Diaspora. Chapters & Sections 22 Chapters apart from the Introduction & Conclusion Five Sections ation/doi/10.1108/9781801176866
  7. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE The Coverage of Book 2 36 Contributors (Authors) With affiliations across the African continent & Diaspora. Contents 18 chapters plus Introduction & Conclusion Four main sections  Policy/Osabuohien-Odularu-Ufua-Osabohien/p/book/9781032076935#
  8. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE Lessons Learnt (1) Challenges are opportunities for action. Collaboration is better than competition as researchers. Starting is fundamental Idea shared is idea conceptualised and realised.
  9. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE Lessons Learnt (2) Crucial fallouts from the 1st Book underscores the need for improved resilience, productive capabilities across sectors, strong value chain development and strategic delivery.  The 2nd book reflects on COVID-19 and associated events influencing the shifts towards the need for new policy directions in Africa. The chapters offer valuable insights into how the global pandemic affects socioeconomic outcomes such as poverty, supply chains, employment, income, welfare and livelihood, and human capital development. A variety of policy interventions and reflections on to mitigate future shocks are articulated.
  10. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE Follow-up Research (1) Special Issues 1. Policies for fostering Food Security (Elsevier, Heliyon) ongoing ( 2. Socioeconomic Shocks, Inequality and Food Systems in the Global South (Taylor & Francis, Contemporary Social Science), Completed recently (
  11. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE Follow-up Research (2) Research Projects 1. “Assessing the Effect of Digital and Flexible Payment Options on the Uptake of Health Insurance by the Nigerian Informal Sector”, funded by J-PAL Africa under its Digital Identification & Finance Initiative in Africa (DigiFI) ongoing 2. ‘Agricultural Risks, Pandemics, and Farm-Household Welfare and Diversification Strategies’, funded by UNU- WIDER under its Social Protection, Taxation & Crises, Completed recently
  12. #2023 AGRODEP CONFERENCE Appreciation •My co-editors •Our respective institutions •Contributors/authors •Reviewers •Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) – Research Linkage Programme •Networks (including AGRODEP) that helped in widely circulating the call.
  13. THANK YOU Evans S. Osabuohien (