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Sale presenter newbundles0811-v4

  1. 1. For: [Insert Business Name Here] By: [Insert Sales Rep Name Here]
  2. 2. Who we are...The UK’s fastest growing online localmarketing network with 4 millionunique visitors generating over 6million searches per month114 online portals covering the whole UK2 million business listings and over250,000 activated business profilesThe fastest growing local marketing tool “in the UK gets bigger and bigger! We We were Recently recognisednow power local search and businesslistings for the following well-known as the 29th fastest growingsites: private technology company ” in Britain from the last three years
  3. 3. Has...4 MillionUnique Users6 MillionSearches per month10 MillionNetwork searches per month425 MillionSearches per month
  4. 4. Why Online?
  5. 5. Print media is in rapid decline
  6. 6. We offer a comprehensiveonline service Simple, cost effective products that + + = Generate Results from internet users searching for your services
  7. 7. 9/10Households & Businessesnow search for products and services online**National Statistics ‘09
  8. 8. The 3 Main Aspects of our Servicescombine to provide a full local marketing solution 1 2 3 Listing Products Analytics Content Management Publishing your detailed Tracking and improving Services business profile across a businesses’ online presence Building and maintaing network of popular business your business profile+ finders regular updates
  9. 9. Analysis For Your BusinessAssessing your online profile
  10. 10. Monitoring the internet and keepingtrack of your business dataA unique insurance policy for our customersIs your business represented online accurately?40% of local businesses are not..
  11. 11. Local Profiles For Your Business Formatted for response
  12. 12. BannersSponsored Links(Local & National)Video Leadfinder
  13. 13. About YouA summary of your business, includingthe products and services you offer
  14. 14. Image galleryYour very own photo gallery, with 20 fullcolour images to showcase your services
  15. 15. Special offerFind more customersat the times that suityou, with a bespokespecial offer
  16. 16. Customer reviewsWe display recent reviews so your happy customers can help to find you new customers
  17. 17. Business locationA map that quickly and easily identifies your business location
  18. 18. Custom Video• 60 second professionally shot video to suit all business types• Business videos receive 3 times more enquires than regular advertising• Communicate with your clients• We share your video on and you can add to your website
  19. 19. Unlimited contentformatted for response
  20. 20. New!All Video customerswill be added to our channelLocal search on YouTube isgrowing and your business willfeature in direct searches onYouTube + rank you better insearch engines:
  21. 21. New!A powerful and effectivemarketing tool• Bespoke facebook profile page designed to get your business noticed• Updated LIVE with all your latest Profile Information including Photos & Video
  22. 22. Your Profile = all this reach
  23. 23. = all this reach The UK’s fastest growing online Business Directory
  24. 24. = all this reach Business Finder powered by touchlocal.com
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  27. 27. = all this reach Business Listings powered by touchlocal.com
  28. 28. = all this reach Search engine optimisation on major search engines
  29. 29. = all this reach
  30. 30. = all this reach
  31. 31. And now, we’ve goneMobileHomebuddy and the Scoot iPhone appare both available from the AppStore,making your business details availableto millions of mobile users
  32. 32. Profile Management For Your BusinessFull support for every step of the way
  33. 33. Full Profile design and support serviceat no additionalcharge
  34. 34. ContentManagement Service• Our expert content team will contact you and work with you to set up your online profile• During the year we will be in touch at least 4 times to refresh your content• Anytime you need us to make changes just give us a call
  35. 35. Plan ForYour Business
  36. 36. Package OneBasic Enhanced Listing or Leadfinder 50 Network Distribution Profile Management
  37. 37. Package TwoImproved Online Visibility Enhanced Network Extra Categories & Analytics Profile Listing or Management Distribution Extra Location Leadfinder 50
  38. 38. Package ThreeRich Media + Offsite Video Enhanced Network Extra Categories & Analytics Profile Listing Management Distribution Extra Locationor Leadfinder 50 +
  39. 39. Package FourSocial Content + Offsite VideoEnhanced Listing Network Extra Categories & Profile Analyticsor Leadfinder 50 Distribution Extra Location Management +
  40. 40. Package FivePremium Content + Onsite VideoEnhanced Listing Network Extra Categories & Profile Analyticsor Leadfinder 50 Distribution Extra Location Management +
  41. 41. Package SixSponsor Profile + Onsite VideoEnhanced Listing Network Extra Categories Profile & Analyticsor Leadfinder 50 Distribution Management Extra Location +Banner or Sponsored Link
  42. 42. Compare Packages Basic Improved Rich Media Social Media Premium Sponsor Services Provided Profile Profile Profile Profile Profile Profile Full Network Promotion Extra Locations & Categories 0 1 2 2 2 3 Profile Management Analytics Facebook Profile Offsite Video Profile N/A N/A Onsite Video Profile Category Sponsor Cost Per Week £10 £15 £20 £25 £30 £40 Extra Products
  43. 43. What Happens Next1. Over the next 5 working days you will receive a call from our Care Team to reconfirm the information about your business2. Your webpages will be set up based on the information collected3. We will also send you an email which includes invaluable tips on how to drive even more enquiries to your business via your profile
  44. 44. What About My Video • Within 10 days you will receive a call from our production partners to arrange the date and time for your video shoot • You will receive a confirmation email with a script, date and address confirmation within 5 days of the first call • A couple of days before the scheduled shoot your filmmaker will call you to re-confirm the appointment • Your video will be ready for your approval within 10 days of the shoot • In case you need to get in touch with our production partners, you can call them directly on 0844 561 0479
  45. 45. Why Touch Local 7 Profiles Exclusive Dedicated to your business Promotion on Free design and build of your profile Guaranteed 60’ video including promotion on YouTube response products Full management service all year round Analyse Display a & improve your web presence Special Offer when it suits you Showcase your service with 20 images
  46. 46. VSService Provided Touchlocal.com Yell.com7 Profiles Dedicated to your business • • Free design and build of you profile • •Guaranteed response products • • Full management service all year round • •Display a special offer when it suits you • • Showcase your service with 20 images • •Promote you business on Ask Jeeves, Scoot, The SunBusiness Directory, The Independent BusinessDirectory • • Track and analyse your business online with NetTracks • •Key • = Included • = Not Included
  47. 47. Some words from our customers“ Whilst fully recommending Touch Local I would add this note to prospective advertisers; in the current climate we are looking VERY carefully at our costs, and our advertising with Touch Local this year has just increased. Draw your own conclusions from that! ” Andrew D Bacon – Proprietor, Reliable Repairs, Witney “ I would recommend Touch without reservation as being a true driving force, this is the Yellow Pages of the 80’s but with more features, better service and results that can be seen straight away ” Mike Clay – Proprietor, MGC Servicing, Witney