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Automatic Toll Tax Collection System by Using RFID

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This PPT Based on Tall Tax Collection For final Year Student May Help U..if U need Report File. Than Contact me on 8128533898

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Automatic Toll Tax Collection System by Using RFID

  2. 2. • Abstract • Circuit Diagram • Component • Working Detail • Benefit of ETC • Conclusion
  3. 3. Abstract • ETC is an Automated Toll Collection System used for collecting tax automatically. In this we do the identification with the help of radio frequency. • A vehicle will hold an RFID tag. This tag is nothing but unique identification number assigned. This will be assigned by RTO or traffic governing authority. • Reader will be strategically placed at toll collection Center. Whenever the vehicle passes the toll Plaza, the tax amount will be deducted from his prepaid balance. • As vehicles don’t have to stop in a queue, it assures time saving, fuel conservation and also contributing in saving of money.
  4. 4. Circuit Diagram
  5. 5. Component • RFID Reader • GSM Model • LCD Display • Stepper Motor • Buzzer • Switches
  6. 6. RFID Reader • RFID is an automated data-capture technology that can be used to electronically identify, track & store info. contained on a tag. • The RFID Card Readers can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications, including access control, automatic identification, inventory tracking, payment systems & car immobilization.
  7. 7. GSM Model • This GSM modem is a highly flexible plug and play quad band GSM modem for direct and easy integration to RS232. • Supports features like Voice, Data/Fax, SMS,GPRS and integrated TCP/IP stack.
  8. 8. LCD Display • Liquid crystal display (LCD) has material which combines the properties of both liquid and crystals. They have a temperature range within which the molecules are almost as mobile as they would be in a liquid, but are grouped together in an order form similar to a crystal.
  9. 9. Working Detail
  10. 10. • Shown the circuit of Automatic Toll Tax Collection System by Using RFID. In this circuit We have used GSM which used for receiving message after balance deduced in GSM first of all we have need to insert SIM card and than check to network after applying power supply. GSM alternately connected to RFID and main hardware of the circuit. RFID used for detecting smart tag or vehicle no. which is reg. by vehicle owner from RTO. RFID detect smart tag or vehicle no. according to range of RFID. Then RFID connect to main hardware of the circuit. In hardware EEPROM, • Pre set contrast, switches etc. are used out of them EEPROM used for is used for store info. when electricity gone and come than it continue where it remain and pre set contrast use for increasing/decreasing brightness of LCD. When power supply apply to circuit LCD display message.
  11. 11. Benefit of ETC • Fewer and shorter queues at toll plazas by increasing toll booth service rates. • Faster and more efficient service—the customer does not need to stop or have toll fees on hand If sufficient balance. • Reduced accident rates/ improved safety because of less slow-and-go driving. • Lowered toll collection costs.
  12. 12. Conclusion • After Performing RFID Based Electronics Toll Tax Project We Conclude That We Can Save Time, Money, Fuel. Reduced accident rates because of its a totally automatic we can also doing this procedure by one man only. Because it’s need only for recharge decrement and increment If balance low he/her can doing recharge on a time by switches shown on main circuit diagram. We can also close the gate using stepper motor by pressing the switches. And process will be completed.
  13. 13. Thank You