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Website Design Tips For Beginners

Website Design Tips For Beginners - prepared by 199.design

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Website Design Tips For Beginners

  1. 1. Website  design  TIPS   for    beginners   presented  by:  199.design   1   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  2. 2. Everybody  wants  to  become  a  successful   professional  web  designer  but  only  few  achieve.   There  is  no  secret  at  all.  This  is  just  continuous   learning.       2   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  3. 3. Tips: 1 Practice  Makes  Perfect.  It’s  the  universal  truth  that   can  be  applied  to  any  profession.  Learn  and  master   in  Web  Design  related  software's  and   programming  languages  such  as  HTML5,  CSS3,   JavaScript,  jQuery,  AJAX,  PHP,  Photoshop,  and   Corel.   Tips: 2 Keep  the  Designs  Simple.  Keep  the  web  designs  as   simple  as  you  can.  In  your  web  designing  course,   you  may  have  learnt  so  many  graphics  software   like  Photoshop,  Corel  etc.  Add  simple  graphics  that   suit  to  your  website  and  can  lure  readers.   3   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  4. 4. Keep  the  Website  Graphics  Small.  Small  means    not  too  small,  it  should  be  moderate  so  that     your  readers  are  able  to  see  the  image  clearly.   Get  the  attention  of  Readers  with  Communicative   Graphics.  It  is  always  advisable  and  essential  to    use  communicative  graphics  but  using  too  many   graphics  at  website  is  completely  at  risk.   Tips: 3 Tips: 4 4   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  5. 5. Tips: 5 Tips: 6 Make  your  own  Clip-­‐art.  To  make  your  website   attractive,  you  need  perfect  graphics  but   sometimes  you  don’t  get  anything  good  for  your   website.  Create  your  own  graphics  with   Photoshop  or  any  other  tool  you  like  most.   Use  a  Standardized  Theme.  Don’t  use  different   styles  for  different  web  pages.  Keep  a  consistent   and  standardized  theme  for  your  website,  so  that   your  visitors  don’t  get  confused  every  time  while   navigating  to  your  website.   5   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  6. 6. Tips: 7 Tips: 8 Incorporate  a  Responsive  Design.  Responsive     designs  are  most  popular  today  and  easy  to  learn.   You  can  learn  with  the  help  of  these  responsive   design  books  and  incorporate  best  responsive   theme  to  your  website.   Use  Simple  and  Easy  Navigation.  To  simplify    the  navigation,  keep  your  internal  and  external   navigation  links  open  and  quickly  visible    to  your  readers.   6   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  7. 7. Tips: 9 Tips: 10 Search  Engine  Optimization.  SEO  rank’s  your   website  top  in  Google  search.  You  need  to  look   into  basics  of  Title,  Meta  tags  and  best  keywords.   Browser  Compatibility.  Make  your  website   compatible  to  almost  all  the  web  browsers  such    as  Internet  Explorer,  Firefox,  Google    Chrome,  Opera,  etc.   7   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  8. 8. Tips: 11 Tips: 12 Website  should  be  Easy  to  Read.  Keep  your  website   text  eye-­‐catching,  if  it  is  not  properly  placed,     your  visitors  will  leave  your  website.  Always  keep   the  character  spacing  up  to  an  optimum    level  for  better  readability.   Be  a  Follower  but  don’t  Copy  to  Others.  Follow  the   top  web  designers  and  learn  from  them  as     much  as  you  can.  This  will  help  you  to  get     inspired  and  become  a  successful  web  developer.   Don’t  copy  just  learn  from  them  only.   8   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  9. 9. Tips: 13 Tips: 14  To  become  Professional  Designer,  Blend  with  other   Designers.  Whether  you  are  a  newbie   orexperienced  designer,  you  should  always   communicate  with  other  designers  too.  Never   hesitate  to  ask  with  fellow  designers  for  web   design  tips  and  tricks,  they  will  definitely  help  you.   Get  Freebies  and  Use  them.  There  is  plenty  of  free   stuff  available  to  download  over  the  internet.     You  can  get  customized  plugins  and  use  it     to  your  website.   9   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  10. 10. Tips: 15 Tips: 16  Create  Passion  to  your  Design.  Create  passion  to   your  design  and  become  successful  in  your  career.   Practice,  Practice  and  Practice  because  practice   makes  perfect.  Never  give  up.    Don’t  make  fun  of  Beginner  Designers.  If  you  are  a   professional  designer  and  developer,  never  ever   make  fun  of  newbie  designers.  Help  newbie   designers  to  grow  them.  Newbie  designers  should   stay  cool  and  just  learn  to  be  a  good  designer.   10   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  11. 11. Tips: 17 Tips: 18 Be  professional  about  your  Work  &  Believe  in   Yourself.  This  is  really  important  to  believe  in   yourself.  Without  this,  you  can’t  get  motivated  to   become  a  successful  profession  designer.  Do  it     with  simplicity.   Be  Trendy  &  Respect  Copyrights.  In  order  to   become  successful  you  need  to  be  trendy,  always   write  new  and  trendy  articles  for  your  website.  If   you  want  to  be  a  professional,  you  should   definitely  think  about  your  image.  Respect   copyrights  of  others  and  give  proper  credits  to  the   authors  or  use  photos  in  a  way  so  that  you  don’t   violate  any  copyrights.    11   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  12. 12. Tips: 19 Tips: 20 Publish  Quality  Content  Frequently.  As  you  know   “Content  is  King”,  having  awesome  graphics  at   your  website  will  not  help  you  to  get  loyal  readers,   so  write  and  publish  quality  content  frequently  for   your  website.  Don’t  copy  others  article.  Write   short    but  effective  content.   Update  Website  as  per  user  Opinions.  Even  if  your   website  looks  awesome  and  has  the  best  graphics,   it  may  be  a  turn  off  for  the  users  on  account  of  its   operability.  Modify  your  website  according  to  the   feedback  of  your  readers.   12   We  design  modern  websites  at  budget  prices.  ~  199.design  
  13. 13. Need  an  outstanding  website?   13     We   design   modern   websites   at   budget  prices.     Visit  199.design