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Trajnostni razvoj in Lizbonska strategija

  1. Podnebne spremembe: priložnost za rast, Brdo, 16.11.2007 Convergence of Lisbon Strategy and Sustainable Development Strategy dr. Žiga Turk, minister Government Office for Growth
  2. Climate Change according to the IPCC climate change is 90-95% likely to have been in part caused by human action
  3. There are other reasons to be worried about
  4. Peak Oil
  5. Security of Supply Origins of Oil: EU 27 Origins of Gas: EU 27 Origins of Coal: EU 27
  6. The problem is serious
  7. For example: Electricity consumption in households Source:
  8. But comes at a cost!
  9. Bussines Opportunity of Climate Change
  10. Slovenian presidencyof EU: Sustainable development is not a post-it note falling off Lisbon Strategy, it is not a post-it note with a better glue, it is a core topic!