machine learning artificial intelligence attention computer vision data analysis outlier detection marine vessels deep neural networks clustering autoregression models anomaly detection ais user unit testing user experience software quality quality testing quality models quality control quality assurance methodology pareto chart mccall’s factor model ishikawa diagrams integration testing human computer interface fishbones cost of quality control chart brain computer interface automated testing acceptance testing neuroscience ofc pfc global and local attention attention networks context top down processing attention process in brain visual saliency saliency maps visual attention pca visualization network understanding information analysis occluded object recognition object recognition ica neurons knowledge structure distributed features developmental learning deep neural network deep learning hierarchical structure categorization visual representation perception evolutionary robotic khepera fuzzy control genetic programming wireless fidelity(wi-fi) homerf homepna security genetic algorithm fuzzy systems neural network hashing association unit xml ontology keyword-based search engines interval optimization pareto solution for interval programming bicriterion problem interval of confidence 8086 architecture 68000 architecture config.sys mbr cmos post device driver multi_threading process and thread jpeg streaming audio and video compression mpeg optimization constraints penalty functions back-propagation vs. full-propagation method conjugate gradient method multi-layer perceptron bridge test hybrid sampling gaussian sampling policy iteration value iteration jack’s rental car problem
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