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SmartHeart Presentation 2012

  1. Digital. SmartHeart® Agency SmartHeart® Агентство experience. We develop headquartered in Moscow design & communications дизайн иof any level of websites коммуникации and has its own webstudio B. Novodmitrovskaya 36/1 Б. Новодмитровская 36/1 complexity, provide engine WEB.SH 795 82 in +7 (495) located 43Siberia, +7 (495) 795 82 43 optimization, promotion Krasnoyarsk. WEB.SH is a m@smart-heart.ruand in social networks technical team of high-level contextual advertising. professionals with 7 years
  2. Television channel Media portal for a regional TV broadcasting company TVK. Website mostly consist of video content. Also we create complete manual that describes key points concerning a work with the site content. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  3. o World around you. 360 SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43 Promo website of a charitable The slogan for the website and project “World around you” for the advertising campaign is “Look “Siberian Health” company. 360°, Think 360°, Act 360°”.
  4. Pernod Ricard NY Card New Year card for “Pernod Ricard Rouss” company. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  5. IQ’ball Youth IQ’ball is one of the most significant youth projects of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The annual event with the paticipation of the youth community, the public, business and government of the city and the region. For this company was developed corporate identity and website with an virtual fitting room, where you can try on clouthes of the nineteenth century. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  6. WEB.SH Promo website for SmartHeart web-studio. WEB.SmartHeart is a team of highclass technical experts with more than 7 years experience in the sphere of development and web-projects promotion. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  7. Identity. It is becoming increasingly identity and logos. Key difficult to stand out in a principles of such systems world oversaturated with. define brand identity, form So we create Visual iden- a well recognizable and tification that are replac- memorable image. ing nowadays corporate
  8. Oktopod Development of a brand and corporate identity for the company “Oktopod” — a unique Russian trading network selling emotional gifts for all ages, sexes and creeds. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  9. RMX Corporate identity for a series of jewelry made of colored gold. We developed a minimalistic identity based on effect. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  10. Irokez Corporate identity development for a group of companies “Iroquois” which includes professional race track, cafe- restaurant, hotel for energetic people, and car service. All of this is intended for wealthy people, who are not afraid of extreme. Feathers define different activities of the group. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  11. SmartHeart® Agency The +7 (495) 795 82 43 Battle for the Good Branding of a Charity Marathon “Battle for the Good”, which helps children with cerebral palsy. The idea of Good and Evil opposition is symbolically represented through the composition of graphic elements (red triangles and turquoise circles).
  12. Russian police rebranding Giving to “militsiya” a new name - “politsiya” have caused a fair amount of controversy due to the absence of real changes. Though changes coming really soon. By the end of 2012 politsiya is going not only to have a new look but also to improve its inner situation. The new brand image of the state structure doesn’t distance from people as the modern policeman has to be an example in all spheres of life including his outlook, high cultural level and behavior. The key symbol of changes in the Police brand is its new bright tricolor ornament that appears on police vehicles and uniform. The ornament is easily transportable to any carriers remaining recognisable. The Cyrillic word Police uses an original font and chevron, a V-shaped military symbol. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  13. Ads. There are hundreds of ways convey the idea, established to convey information to the at the first stage, and to do it audience: films, websites, impressively. People must not social apps, art installations, only understand you but love sales promotion, BTL. Our what you offer and be willing concern is to choose the to share it with others. most effective of them to
  14. Help Japan March 2011. Japan. Earthquake. “Help Japan!” is a social campaign expressing great sympathy and a determination to assist to the people of Japan. Original poster with radial circles symbolizing disaster in Japan was animated in interactive installation, where pulsating red circles are projected on a man standing in front of a white background. The central circle is being replaced by a red cross, a tear-drop and a heart following one by one. A circle is a symbol of the Japanese flag and a radius of an earthquake at the same time. People’s sympathetic response to Japan was like the ripple effect of Japan’s Earthquake. There were a lot of publications in mass media, thousands of people taking part in interactive installation and even more reposts about the social campaign in The Internet. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  15. Museum Night 17 th Advertising campaign and an interactive installation for the 17th museum night in Krasnoyarsk museum center which was called “Serious”. The annual event each time becomes one of the most prominent cultural events in the city, attracting thousands of visitors. We decided to refresh the format of the event, making it less like a “get-together” and make it more serious. In addition to traditional marketing approaches, we came up with an action in the urban environment: graffiti ties on the pavement and ties glued on images of people in outdoor advertising. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  16. Stop Terrorism! Social campaign “Be careful! Stop the terror “ aimed See more SmartHeart® Agency at increasing citizens’ alertness to suspicious objects +7 (495) 795 82 43 and stored danger.
  17. Fashion Project got to a TOP-10 of the Russian Design Party ‘10 Rating (2010) “Fashion Weekend” is a world event that gather for one weekend the best designers, jewellers, fashionistas and famous people. Goals for «Siberian Fashion Weekend» were to promote local fashion and design on fashion-market and to create communication between the cities of the region. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  18. Audi A1 Presentation of the car Audi A1 and other models: Q7, A4, A5 Sportback. Our agency developed visual concept of the presentation basing it on international guideline and strategy of promoting new car models. A List of works have been done for presen- tation: organization of the event, design of invitations cards, arrangement of media coverage for the event, augmented reality installations, smm app-campaign. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  19. About. SmartHeart is an indepen- +7 (495) 795 82 43 dent agency that creates B. Novodmitrovskaya integrated projects in the st. 36, b. 1, of. 408 field of branding, design and advertising.
  20. Beauty is a combination of Smart & Heart So, this is our agency name: SmarHeart. We’re an independent agency that creates integrated projects in the field of branding, design and adverting. We create a product based on rational and emotional approaches: the harmonious combination of logic (smart) and emotions (heart). SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  21. We create a new world turning into reality We are conservative innovators. We apply new techniques and technologies, experimenting, but eliminating all that is not conducive to the disclosure of the idea embodied in the project. Priorities for Agency are Living Identity (dynamical systems of visual identifica- tion), Ambient & Public Art (non- stan- dard media, advertising media, monu- mental public art advertising) and Region Branding (branding and position- ing of cities and regions). SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  22. Project stages 1 2 3 Strategy Identity Communi­ ation c Before turning to the visual component It is becoming increasingly difficult to There are hundreds of ways to convey in- of a brand, we study the specifics of the stand out in a world over saturated with formation to the audience: films, websites, client’s business, market, target audi- information. Visual identification sys- social apps, art installations, sales promo- ence, its needs and interests, analyzing tems are replacing traditional corporate tion, BTL. Our concern is to choose the world trends, define channels and ways identity and logos. At this stage we are most effective of them to convey the idea, of promoting, forming a communication laying the key principles that define the established at the first stage, and to do it plan. At this stage the idea laying in the brand identity, form a well-recognizable impressively. People must not only under- foundation for the project is forming. and memorable image. stand you but love what you offer and be willing to share it with others. SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  23. Contributors & Team Under each task we create a unique work- ing group involving representatives of the industry’s most talented. This allows us to create ambitious projects at the intersec- tion of different disciplines (design, adver- tising, architecture, interactive installa- tions, music, film, public art, etc.). SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43
  24. Thank you! Moscow Krasnoyask +7 (495) 795 82 43 +7 (391) 209 75 00 B. Novodmitrovskaya Svobodniy pr. 75 st. 36, b. 1, of. 408 SmartHeartAgency SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 82 43