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Athento Capture Product Sheet

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Athento Capture Product Sheet

  1. 1. www.athento.comAthento CaptureIntelligent capture ofdocuments and contentProduct ReviewAthento Capture is an intelligent capture system thatworks on various platforms and can be integrated withany ECM system which implements standard CMIS. Thisapplication facilitates the capture of documents, such ase-mails, in electronic format, as well as any documentswhich need to be digitized.Compared to other products on the market today, Cap-ture stands out for its ability to automate tasks such asclassifying documents and extracting data, and for itsaccuracy in performing these tasks (with a 98% successrate).Athento’s capture process follows four steps:1. Capture: Can be done in different ways such as bye-mail, connecting to scanners or uploading from theplatform.2. Image processing: Improves the characteris-tics/quality of the image. Includes features such asrotation, cropping and brightening the image.3. Recognition and classification: Done with toolssuch as bar codes, OCR, image comparison (NeuralNetworks), color analysis (histograms) and elementdetection.4. Data extraction: Can be done with the use oftemplate definition, key word detection, pattern detectionand semantic analysis.FeaturesSpecifications• Eliminates manual tasks associated with capture.• Better control over information contained in• Use of information contained within documents• Formats supported: any image format (TIFF, JPEG,PNG, PDF, PDF/A, etc.)• Characteristics required for scanned documents:300 dpi.• Multi-platform• ECM-compatible systems: Any system whichimplements the CMIS standard.Key Benefits• Uploading documents via e-mail, monitoring folders,• Connection to scanners via the TWAIN protocol.• Tech support for recognition of bar codes and QR• Support for capture of e-mails and faxes.• Support for batch separation.• Image manipulation, such as rotation or cropping,• Automatic classification of structured documents• Extraction of metadata from forms.• Support for classification of semi-structured and• Support for data extraction from semi-structured and• Manual validation of extracted data.• Support for validation against external systems.• Export of documents and metadata.Capture ProcessCaptureImageprocessingRecognitionandClassificationDataextractioncapturee-mails.scanning directly from the platform, massive localuploading of documents from the platform.codes.etc.(forms).unstructured documents.unstructured documents.