Active voice and passive voice

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6. Mar 2017

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Active voice and passive voice

  1. Active voice Shows that the doer is the subject or the focus of the sentence. Example: “Katelyn dances the breathtaking zumba.” Formula: Doer (subject) + action verb + receiver (direct object)
  2. Passive voice Shows that the receiver is the subject or the focus of the statement. Example: “The breathtaking zumba is danced by Katelyn.” Formula: Receiver (subject) + helping verb + past participle + by + doer
  3. Identify the doer and the receiver of the action. Switch the position of the doer and the receiver. Determine the quantity of the receiver. Then decide whether “is” or “are” is going to be used. Write the past participle of the verb after the words “is” or “are. Insert by before the doer. Put a period.
  4. Changes in pronouns: From the Active Voice… To the Passive Voice I Me She Her He Him We Us They Them You You 
  5. 1. The actor performs the most controversial role. a. The most controversial role is performs by the actor. b. The most controversial role is performed by the actor. c. The most controversial role is perform by the actor.
  6. 2. The stranger breaks the windows. a. The windows are broken by the stranger. b. The windows are broke by the stranger. c. The windows are break by the stranger.
  7. 3. The student tear the unknown files. a. The unknown files are teared by the student. b. The unknown files is torn by the student. c. The unknown files are torn by the student.
  8. 4. Mira declares the opening of the event. a. The opening of the event are declared by Mira. b. The opening of the event is declared by Mira. c. The opening of the event is declare by Mira.
  9. 5. The cats chase the stubborn rats. a. The stubborn rats are chasen by the cats. b. The stubborn rats are chase by the cats. c. The stubborn rats are chased by the cats.
  10. Changing Active to Passive Leo and Lyn want a special attention. A special attention is wanted by Leo and Lyn.
  11. Changing Active to Passive The directors guide the actors and extras. The actors and extras are guided by the directors.
  12. Changing Active to Passive Grade 9 students wear blue shirts. Blue shirts are worn by grade 9 students.
  13. Changing Active to Passive The customer leaves the valuables. The valuables are left by the customer.
  14. Changing Active to Passive The manager blames the staffs and crews. The staffs and crews are blamed by the manager.
  15. Drill: 1. She finds the lost keys and belongings. 2. Those children see the detailed investigation. 3. Ingrid prepares the speech. 4. I read the mysterious book to answer my questions. 5. Tomy asks the crowd for opinions.
  16. Answers: 1. The lost keys and belongings are found by her. 2. The detailed investigation is seen by those children. 3. The speech is prepared by Ingrid. 4. The mysterious book is read by me to answer my questions. 5. The crowd is asked by Tomy for opinions.
  17. Changing Active voice to Passive voice (Past tense)
  18. What makes the active voice to passive voice in the PAST TENSE different from the present one? The use of “was” and “were” as a replacement for “is” and “are”
  19. Examples: Ali solved the equations and problems. “The equations and problems were solved by Ali.”
  20. Examples: The people hid the evidence. “The evidence was hidden by the people.”
  21. Examples: The technician fixed our TV. “Our TV was fixed by the technician.”
  22. Examples: The naughty child pushed and pulled the door. “The door was pushed and pulled by the naughty child.”
  23. Examples: Lei memorized the details in her report. “The details in her report were memorized by Lei.”
  24. Exercises: 1.Sia sang the song “Chandelier.” 2.Emily fed the hungry lions. 3.The pupil highlighted the important facts. 4.Olga accidentally hit our bodies. 5.Diane cut the colored papers to pieces.
  25. Answers: 1.The song “Chandelier” was sung by Sia. 2.The hungry lions were fed by Emily. 3.The important facts were highlighted by the students. 4.Our bodies were accidentally hit by Olga. 5.The colored papers were cut to pieces by Diane.