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Tle 4th

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Tle 4th

  1. 1. Santo Nino School of Roxas Roxas, Oriental Mindoro Fourth Periodical Examination in TLE 8 Name;________________________________ Date:______________________________ Grade/Section:_________________________ Score:_____________________________ Test I. Multiple Choice: Encircle the correct answer. (2 points each number) 1. It is usually called the “Blood Pressure Cuff” A. Bladder B. Sphygmomanometer C. Gauge D. None of the above 2. An instrument use for listening a sound produce within the body A. Stethoscope B. Tubing C. Diaphragm D. None of the above 3. A board on which the vegetables and other types of foods are chopped A. Ladle B. Chopping Board C. Food Processor D. None of the above 4. A machine or pot for brewing coffee A. Airpot B. Blender C. Coffeemaker D. None of the above 5. Is the process of destroying some, but not all micro-organism A. Sterilization B. Sanitization C. Disinfectant D. None of the above 6. Used to clip the nails to the desired length A. Nail File B. Nail Brush C. Nail buffer D. None of the above 7. A term used to describe something that has the potential to cause harm A. Risk B. Hazard C. Harm D. None of the above 8. Moisturizes and softens the cuticle A. cuticle softeners B. Cuticle Creams C. Base Coat D. None of the above 9. Is a skilled work involving building and repairing of stuctures A. Manicure B. Cooking C. Carpentry D. None of the above 10. Metal supplies used in furniture A. Hardware B. Inventory C. Carpentry D. None of the above 11. is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands performed at home or in a nail salon A. Nursing B. Caregiving C. Manicure D. None of the above 12. it is the most important part of the ohmmeter A. Adjustment B. Pointer C. Multiplier D. None of the above 13. An electrical appliance that clean surfaces by suction A. Vacuum Cleaner B.Washing Machine C. Laundry Basket D. None of the abive 14. A long handled that is shaped like a person’s shoulder and used to hang garments A. Broom B. Dryer C. Clothes Hanger D. None of the above 15. Hold the orange stick as if writing with a pencil A. Nail Pusher B. Pumice scrub C. Orangewood Stick D. None of the above Happy Vacation & God Bless… Prepared By: Ma”am Yanne M. Briones Ma’am Cristhil M. Lujario