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Self Concept (Entry #1)
Self concept is how we think about and evaluate ourselves. Self- concept is derived
from some fact...
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Self concept social psychology journal 01 #1

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Self concept social psychology journal 01 #1

  1. 1. Self Concept (Entry #1) Self concept is how we think about and evaluate ourselves. Self- concept is derived from some factors including personal traits, personal values and place or role in life. Next is self knowledge, which is explaning our behaviour, predicting our behaviour and predicting our feelings. I usually acknowledge my understanding towards myself is most likely accurate but through this lecture, i learn that ouur self explanations and prediction on our behaviour are often wrong. For example, I plan to finish my assignment today as I want to finish it early and estimating I will finish after 4 hours, around 10 but unfortunately this plan never works for me. Something must have always distracting me such as Facebook, Youtube and so on and I usually finish my assignment I day later or even few days later than what i had planned. As for predicting our feelings, through lecture I learn that even i as a female could also mispredict what another female feels. For example, when the lecturer showed us and asked us on how women feel if asked sexually harassing questions on a job interview, I predicted that the women will feel angry and disrespect but actually the result is the women will feel fear. In a nutshell, self predicting behaviour and feelings are not as accurate as I thought it will be. Reference Gillian Fournier (n.d.). Self-Concept | Encyclopedia of Psychology. Retrieved from http://psychcentral.com/encyclopedia/2009/self-concept/ Saul McLeod (2008). Self Concept - Simply Psychology. Retrieved from http://www.simplypsychology.org/self-concept.html