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Professional book cover design tips

They say never judge book by its cover. However, attractive book covers do help in boosting sales. Read here some effective book cover design tips to make your cover visually attractive.

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Professional book cover design tips

  1. 1. Establish a principal focus for the cover
  2. 2. Think like a reader, not like a writer
  3. 3. Make all design elements count
  4. 4. Keep It Simple
  5. 5. Avoid Home-made Drawings
  6. 6. Create an Informative Back Cover
  7. 7. Try to be Symbolic
  8. 8. Use the background
  9. 9. Make your title large
  10. 10. Use a font that’s easy to read
  11. 11. Find images that clarify
  12. 12. Stay with a few colors
  13. 13. Look at lots of great book covers
  14. 14. Nail your audience
  15. 15. Avoid clichés
  16. 16. Make your readers feel something
  17. 17. Contact Us Does your book need an attractive cover to boost your sales and grab your customer attention? Reach winbizsolutions for visually attractive and apex quality cover design services.