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9 Expectations You Should have while hiring a Social Media Agency

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This presentation enlightens the readers on 9 expectations you as a customer should have while hiring a Social Media Agency.

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9 Expectations You Should have while hiring a Social Media Agency

  1. 1. Are they able to grasp the big picture and how social media fits into your business as a whole or is their comfort level simply talking about tweets, memes and hashtags? #1
  2. 2. Are they offering you a templated program (like many do) or they bring with them a flair for creativity, originality and resourcefulness? #2
  3. 3. Will the agency be able to work as “change agents” bringing together a host of people from different functions? #3
  4. 4. Will they be able to keep track of different moving pieces of the Social Media strategy and constantly align themselves to delivery deadlines? #4
  5. 5. Do they possess the ability to measure the effectiveness of your social campaign beyond the data and tools at everyone's disposal? #5
  6. 6. Has the person or agency ever trained people on Social Media communication? #6
  7. 7. Are they managing their own social media properties well? #7
  8. 8. Are they strategic thinkers or simply go through the motions everyday? #8
  9. 9. Do they understand your business and market dynamics on the social media domain? #9
  10. 10. You will find the answers to all these questions Wild Dreams. We are eager to hear from you! Shoot us a mail at info@wilddreams.in