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Caitlin McCabe, Sway, Inc., Social Media & Communication

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Caitlin McCabe, Sway, Inc., Social Media & Communication

  1. 1. Social Media And Communication May 2009
  2. 2. About Sway Sway helps its clients leverage social media through targeted research, expert consulting, and its proprietary social media marketing tool, Shoutlet. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 2
  3. 3. Social Media And Architecture Artist Andrea Zittel says it best when she says quot;someone told me that when you look at the buildings of Frank Gehry or Steven Hill, you can tell the version of software used to design them because there are certain things that those software programs enable, and other things they don't allow. The software gives you a rule set that predicts what is possiblequot; (Surface Magazine). 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  4. 4. Social Media Social Media Marketing helps companies capitalize on cutting-edge marketing techniques. It allows marketers to utilize and profit from the use of Web 2.0 platforms, such as blogs, podcasts, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), and other emerging marketing tools, as well as develop, execute, and measure word-of-mouth campaigns. “As an increasing number of consumers obtain their information from non- traditional sources, Social Marketing will help marketers gain unique insights into these burgeoning areas.” -- Jupiter Research 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  5. 5. Opportunity For Social Media Source: 2009 Social Media Benchmark Guide, Marketing Sherpa 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  6. 6. Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0 Banner Ads Pay-per-click SEO User Generated Media Email Marketing Blogs Affiliate Programs Podcasts Mobile Phone RSS Online Video Widgets “Web 1.0 is about commerce, Web 2.0 is about people.” -- Ross Mayfield 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  7. 7. Social Media is External •Social media is the most powerful way to interact with people online. •Your audience is already online via external websites, social networks, and blogs. •Your audience can be reached through content that is relevant, engaging, and non-disruptive to their user experience. Social media marketing is NOT web traffic or a way to build your email list! 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  8. 8. What is Social Networking? Social Networking is the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest. This can occur in numerous places online from the most casual (Facebook) to professional (LinkedIn) and include a variety of mediums. Social Networking is a conversation. It can be a really tiny idea with a few people commenting or a save-the-world idea with millions of followers. Social media is about the ideas you are putting out on behalf of your brand. Source: Alexa 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  9. 9. Marketers and Social Media Social Media Study sponsored by the Social Media Summit 2009. Highlights: •When asked if they used social media for marketing purposes, the overwhelming majority (88%) indicate they are employing some form of it. In addition, business owners are more likely to use social media marketing (90+%) than employees working for a company that is not their own (81%) •Nearly two-thirds (64%) of marketers are using social media for five hours or more each week, with 39% using it 10 or more hours weekly and 9.6% spending more than 20 hours each week with social media. Social Media is time consuming! •72% of marketers say they have either just started or have been using social media for only a few months. •According to the survey, respondents report that the #1 benefit of social media marketing is gaining attention for the business, or what Stelzner calls “the all-important eyeball.” •By a wide margin, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook are the top four social media tools. used by marketers, with Twitter in first place. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  10. 10. Social Media vs Search 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  11. 11. Where Is Social Networking Happening? Social Communities: •Professionally - using social communities by creating a presence for your brand and engaging with the members of of a community. •Personally - setting up a profile to network, ask and answer questions, career development. •Blending of Professional and Personal. •Looking For A Job While You Have A Job. Everyone else is. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  12. 12. Everyone is Online Parents: Foodies: ChildAvenue.com: Approx. 1,200 members BakeSpace.com: Approx. 54,000 unique visitors/month Pagans: Women: iVillage.com: Approx. 3 million unique visitors/ month Covenspace.com: Approx. 8,000 members Nascar fans: Triathletes: Rowdy.com: Social Network for #1 Nascar podcast on iTunes Ontri.com: Approx. 25,000 members 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 12
  13. 13. Case Study: Allstate And Independant Women “Mia shows independent women how to do their own auto repairs.” How Allstate uses social media: Widgets on their own website, distribution to video sharing sites, video players on partner blogs and media buys, podcast creation for downloads. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  14. 14. Where is Social Networking Happening? Video Sites: •The growth of the camera phone market has increased the volume of user-generated video. Current broadband Internet connections are well suited to serving the quality of video shot on mobile phones. Most people do not own web servers, and this has created demand for user-generated video content hosting, which sites like YouTube cater to. •Video sharing and viewing sites allow for the same types of activities as social communities, such as connecting with others and commenting on posts. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  15. 15. Industry Data on Online Video View Viewing Internet users in the U.S. viewed a record-setting 14.3 billion online videos during December 2008 an increase of 13% vs. November 2008. • YouTube accounted for 49% of the incremental gain in videos viewed. • Google Sites rank as the top U.S. video property, with 5.9 billion videos viewed (41% of the online video market share), followed by Fox Interactive Media (3.1%), Yahoo Sites (2.3%), and Viacom Digital (2.0%). • Nearly 150 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 96 videos per viewer in December; 78.5% of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video. • The average online video viewer watched 309 minutes - or more than 5 hours - of video; the duration of the average online video was 3.2 minutes. Source: “December 2008 Video Metrix” comScore, reported February 2009. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  16. 16. Video: As A Strategy With video being such a popular method of pushing content online its important to consider it for both professional and personal branding online. Where Do I Put My Videos? 1) Free Places that you can set up a channel - YouTube / Facebook 2) Free Sharing sites - Metacafe,Yahoo 3) Blogs and small communities - this is where your new contacts come in. 4) Paid placement - Large communities might be a good fit but won’t put your video up for free. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  17. 17. Opportunity: Video Channel (Where Do I Put My Videos?) By creating a YouTube Channel populated with engaging videos where your audience spends time, it’s likely that your brand will gather fans and pass along. Organize your channel - playlists customize the look of your channel title your videos with catchy titles 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  18. 18. Video Syndication: Example Apartment Therapy - Paid Placement 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  19. 19. Common Mistakes 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 19
  20. 20. Client Case Study Client: International Trucks Industry: Truck Manufacturer Objective: Boost brand awareness among truck drivers online. Encourage meaningful engagements between the brand and the audience. Strategies: Winter Driving Tips RSS: Audience showed high interest in driving tips specific to inclement weather. Truck Maintenance Tips: Easy ways for drivers to fix or update their own truck. Lifestyle Video: Video podcast containing exercise tips, easy on-the-road recipes, etc. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 20
  21. 21. Millions of Connections via Social Media 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 21
  22. 22. Content Is King - “Can The Interns Do This?” Example: which video are you more likely to pass on? Product Tour vs. Useful Information One hundred views vs. Thousands of views. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  23. 23. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Technology -Social Media Marketing Platform Shoutlet is a scalable, web-based, hosted social media communication tool that helps companies connect to their audiences where they live online. Shoutlet facilitates collaboration in creating, distributing, and tracking online communication across engaging social media formats, which include: • Video • RSS feeds • Podcasts • SMS mobile text messages • Widgets • Social email www.shoutlet.com quot;Shoutlet has entirely changed the way we work with social media. While saving both money and time, we now have a far better distribution and control of our web 2.0 content than ever before. quot; - Fredrik Kjellberg, Online Marketing Manager, Peak Performance 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 23
  24. 24. Where is Social Networking Happening? Blogs: • 133 million blog records indexed by Technorati since 2002. •Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. • A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. • The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. • Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketches (sketchblog), videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting), which are part of a wider network of social media. •Blogs are re-fostering creativity. We are now creaters not consumers. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  25. 25. Industry Data on Target Audience: Blogs User ratings are very important to women; they are the online equivalent of “recommended by a friend.” (OMMA) • Blogging has become a mainstream form of communication, with 36.2 million women participating in the blogosphere weekly. Of these, 15.1 million are publishing at least one post weekly, and 21.1 million women are reading and/or posting comments to blogs. • 68% of the BlogHer community is concentrated in the 25 to 41 age group, compared to 42% for the general population blogging community. • 58% of those participating in the BlogHer community have children at home, a 25% increase over the general population. 67% of the BlogHer community have completed college. 69% of women in the BlogHer community have an annual income greater than $50,000; 46% earn more than $75,000. • 46% of Generation X Bloggers (25 to 41 years old) publish blogs about parenting or pregnancy, 52% read blogs about parenting or pregnancy. • 29% of blog readers and 38% of blog publishers have decided to purchase a product as a result of a recommendation or customer service experience posted on a blog. • 32% of blog publishers and 28% of blog readers have decided NOT to purchase a product as a result of a recommendation or customer service experience shared on a blog. Source: The BlogHer/Compass Partners 2008 Social Media Survey 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  26. 26. Blogs: As A Strategy Post content easily for pick-up Ex. IKEA - wanted an outlet for their cooking items. By featuring recipe bloggers on their site, they recommended cooking items and untensils to best execute those recipes. Bloggers receive traffic and readers, IKEA adds popular bloggers’ word of mouth to their product. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  27. 27. Blogs: Things to remember The first 2 months: nobody will read your blog You’re not always going to be right. Sometimes it’s better to be wrong. You’re going to have to seek out your audience. You’re not going to like all of your readers. Your topic, your voice and your audience will evolve along with your ideas. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  28. 28. Where is Social Networking Happening? Twitter: •Twitteris a micro-blogging tool that allows users to put out 140 character “posts.” •By collecting followers, brands or individuals can reach far more people with their message. • Twitter.com continues to grow in popularity and importance in both the consumer and corporate worlds. • In February 2009, adults ages 35-49 had the largest representation on Twitter, with nearly 3 million unique visitors from this age group. This comprises nearly 42% of the site’s audience. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  29. 29. Industry Data on Target Audience: Twitter Use • When Tweeters were asked to rate the reasons why they participate [in Twitter], on a scale from 1 to 5 (with 1=strongly disagree and 5=strongly agree), the following responses were averaged on this scale: • “I find it exciting to learn new things from people.” (4.65) • “I value getting information in a timely manner.” (4.58) • “I like to be connected to lots of people.” (3.91) • “I want to generate new business.” (3.70) • “I find it gratifying to have people follow me.” (3.64) • The findings show that the highest number of respondents are motivated by learning new things and getting information in a timely manner. Source: MarketingProfs Survey, April 2009, (n=425) 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  30. 30. Twitter: Case Study Right Way Wrong Way 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  31. 31. Case Study: Target - tying it all in Target has tied in several social aspects to create a successful complete social media effort. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  32. 32. Target: The Importance of Linking In 10,441 websites currently link into Target.com. • Sample websites linking in include: Google, Myspace, Amazon, People, MSNBC, UAE Women Network, Modelmayhem, Yahooshopping, Engadget, Gizmodo, Evite (to announce registries), Style.com, Los Angeles Times Online, Shine (yahoo), CafeMom, Entertainment Weekly • Themes: Fashion, entertainment, and tech sites linked in most frequently. • Find Themes and create strategy around them. Source: Alexa 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  33. 33. Shoutlet Reporting 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 33
  34. 34. Negativity And Social Media What If There Are Negative Reviews? People are talking about your brand. They are standing at parks, in lines, sitting at restaurants, etc. talking about brands they have had positive and negative experiences with. Online you have the opportunity to join, change their minds, etc. 1) Find it - Yacktrack.com (Twitter, Technorati, Google Blogs) 2) Determine which negative posts are helpful to your brand as customer feedback. 3) Engage with or respond to “on the fence” influencers. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate
  35. 35. YackTrack http://yacktrack.com/chatter 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate 35
  36. 36. Social Media 5 Things You Can Do Today. Comment on 3 bloggers’ posts that you enjoy in your field. Make sure to put in your e-mail address so they can write you back. Check your brand’s Link-Ins by visiting Alexa.com. Devise a strategy to speak to the trends you find. Monitor buzz surrounding your brand using YackTrack.com. Open a Twitter account for your brand or yourself and “follow” your industry leaders. Collect and examine your internal marketing resources (i.e., articles, videos, audio files, etc.) to see what you can use immediately in the social media space. 2009 Sway, Inc | Do Not Duplicate