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May 2012: Outreach Newsletter

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May 2012: Outreach Newsletter

  1. 1. Issue 51 May/June 2012 The Outreach PATRON SPOTLIGHT - CLAIRE CHICCO Our patron interviews are back! And Claire Chicco saved the day byvolunteering to be our first interviewee. She would tell you it was entirelypain-free and actually quite fun, so please call us if you are interested insharing a little bit about yourself. Claire was born in Columbus, OH and has lived in the area most of herlife except for brief periods in Indiana and Michigan. She attended WhetstoneHigh School. She obtained her undergraduate degree at OSU in correctionsand her Masters degree in counseling. She was a social worker for 30 years,specializing as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor. Her last position wasat Netcare which she said was her favorite job. She also enjoyed working withNative Americans during the time she lived in Traverse City, MI. With good reason, Claire is very proud that she is putting all three of herchildren through college. They are good kids and that is quite anaccomplishment. She also played a big role in allowing women to work withinthe prison systems, something that was not permitted when she got herdegree in corrections. While in college, she did a field placement in Europe. She later returnedand hitchhiked from London to Paris. Her favorite part was camping at thewhite cliffs of Dover. She loves Paris and if she could travel again, that iswhere she would like to return. Claire has many interests, including cooking, gardening, art museums,garage sales and music. One of her favorite places to go is the library. Whenshe became disabled with MS and had to leave her house, she found a placeas close to the library as she could. She feels hernew home is meant to be. Being in closeproximity to Dairy Queen isn’t a bad thing either! What we learned most from Claire is that sheis a very strong person. Between her MS and beinga breast cancer survivor, she has learned toappreciate the little things of life and is determinedto live life to its fullest. She was a trueinspiration to us and we thank her for sharing herstory .
  2. 2. P a g e 2 T h e o u t r e a c h M a y / J u n e First Dog —-A Poem by Clayton Hughes—- A hairy man with an ax of stone Shattered the end of a burnt black bone Then sucked out the marrow hidden there And wiped his hand through his greasy hair With eyes alert to dangers grave He flashed a glance at the mouth of his cave From just inside had come a sound He gripped his ax and turned around He saw two eyes reflecting light Shine like stars on the darkest night He bared his teeth and raised his club Then he saw the frightened cub An orphaned wolf had wondered in And gone to sleep in the cavemans den He gave the pup a piece of meat And then sat down and began to eat Then went to sleep til the morning light And the dog kept watch through the long dark night Now the hills of Appalachia ring With the lonesome song that the fox hounds sing The sheep dog works with skill and pride In England’s peaceful countryside The sled dogs mush and start to run In the frozen land of the midnight sun Today a tail will wag with joy When the yellow bus drops off the boy They’ve come a long long way since then The night man finally found an friend. SUMMER READING PROGRAM Yes, it is that time again. Summer Reading Program beginswith your delivery in June. Logs will be distributed in your Junebags. You are automatically entered to win weekly and grandprizes. Hurray for summer!!!
  3. 3. T h e o u t r e a c h M a y / J u n e P a g e 3 evil ed EggsGua camole D ed eggs 6 hard boil vocado 1 medium a of mayo  3 tab lespoons mon juice le  2 tea spoons of lic powder ar  1/8 t easpoon g cayenne pepper f  1/8 t easpoon o . Mash to taste p out yolks e, garlic  Salt ully scoo ic h wise and caref onnaise, lemon ju mixture half lengt es, may ith yolk d eggs in r in diced avocado Fill egg whites w fresh chopped Cut boile ork. Sti o taste. pper or yolk s with a f er and salt t e with cayenne pe nne pepp kl pow der, caye erving plate. Sprin on a s and place kes 12 servings. a parsley. M Recipes Healthy Macaro n i-Tuna Salad  Salt and pep per  1 lb elbow macaroni  3 ribs celery , finely chopped  1/2 cup finel y-diced red onion  1 carrot, gra ted  1 12 oz can tuna (in water), d  1/2 cup and rained 2 tablespoons red  1/4 cup plain uced fat mayonnai low fat yogurt se  1 tablespoo n and 1 teaspoon cider vinegar Bring a large pan of salted water to instructions on pac a boil. Add macar ket. Drain, rinse oni is cooking, comb with cold water an and cook according to ine celery, onion, d rinse again. Wh cooled macaroni parsley, carrots an ile pasta and toss to comb d tuna in a bowl. vinegar. Season w ine. In a small b Add ith salt and pepper owl, whisk mayo well coated. Cov and whisk. Pour , yogurt and er and refrigerate. over pasta and to ss until
  4. 4. P a g e 4 STAFF PICKS!!! MARIE HEATHER The House at Riverton The Dog Who Knew Too Much By Kate Morton By Geraldine Brooks98 year old Grace is approached by a youngdirector making a film When Hana Heath, a young Aus-about a particular tralian book conservator issummer. She takes Grace JULIE called to analyze a salvaged,back to the Riverton All There Is: Love Stories from 600 year old Jewish prayerHouse and reawakens book, she uncovers a huge StoryCorps cover up.old memories. by Dave Isay The founder of StoryCorps, a national The Iron Lady50/50 (2011, R) project that preserves, records and (2011, PG-13) shares stories from Americans of all backgrounds, presents stories of love. ELLYN THOMAS The Hunger Games Midnight in Paris (2011, PG-13) The Education by Suzanne Collins of Little Tree by Forrest CarterIn a future North America, children from 12 This book recounts life of a young, orphaneddifferent districts compete in a battle for American -Indian child living with his Cherokeesurvival. grandparents in 1930s Tennessee.12 Angry Men (1957, NR) Drive (2011, R) UPCOMING EVENTSMay 26th…...Sunrise Rotary Field of Heroes. Starts at 9:30 am with opening ceremony. Enjoy the beautiful sight of over 2,000 flags displayed across from the Westerville Rec Center. Honor your personal hero, whomever it may be. You can order a flag by visiting www.fieldofheroes.com or calling 614-890-5438.June 9th…….4th Annual Honor Flight Pancake Breakfast. 7:30- 10:30 am at the American Legion Hall (393 E. College Ave.) All proceeds go to the 4th Westerville Community sponsored Honor Flight in Fall 2012.June 17th….Music in the Gardens: A Concert by Arnett Howard. From 3-5 pm at Inniswood Metro Gardens (940 S. Hempstead Rd.) This event is free! 614-895-6216