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Digital onboarding: selfie-check with passport, a case study

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As presented at the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) event "Biometrics in Banking and Payments" in London on 17 November 2017.

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Digital onboarding: selfie-check with passport, a case study

  1. 1. Digital onboarding selfie-check with passport, a case study Maarten Wegdam, InnoValor/ReadID 17 November 2017, EAB Biometrics in Banking and Payments, London
  2. 2. Digital Identity, privacy & trust Digital agility ReadID – mobile identity verification software Digitalization in networks of organizations
  3. 3. Digital onboarding: the missing link
  4. 4. “Anything to avoid going to a bank“
  5. 5. Digital onboarding ID document verification Holder verification + Do you exist? / identification Are you you? / verification
  6. 6. Leverage what people have: ePassport + smartphone +
  7. 7. ePassport verify authenticity, cloning protection digitally signed personal information: name, birthdate, personal number etc digitally signed high-resolution photo Basic Access Control to protect privacy NFC/RFID
  8. 8. Use case Online identification for banks +
  9. 9. Demo video
  10. 10. Log in Identify with ID card, passport or driving license Animation showing how to scan the MRZ of a passport
  11. 11. The reading of the chip (~8-10s) The scan results Animation showing how to read the RFID chip using NFC
  12. 12. The chip reading and verification results The facial recognition animation The facial recognition about to start
  13. 13. The facial recognition (liveness flashes) The identification is done, user closes app
  14. 14. 7 Lessons learned 1. Guidance through animations 2. Good photo to compare to (false rejects!)
  15. 15. 7 Lessons learned 1. Guidance through animations, no text ... 2. Good photo to compare to (false rejects!) 3. Face image can be 9 years old … 4. Key is liveness / anti-spoofing / not-present-attacks 5. Server-side, contrary to client-side: security vs privacy 6. Not (yet) for everyone: smartphone, ID document, lightning, false rejects 7. Driver: user convenience, security, costs
  16. 16. Wrap-up Digital onboarding leveraging what you have: contactless chip and NFC on smartphone! Together with selfie with liveness https://goo.gl/agrphb (search for InnoValor) readid@innovalor.nl / maarten.wegdam@innovalor.nl http://readid.com https://youtu.be/j92z37G_KSk