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How to Promote and Rank Your Google Places for Business Listing in Google Search

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www.webmarketingquote.com - Rank your Google Business Listing in Google Search for your local target market via Keywords Research, Local Citations, Press Room, Social Media, Reviews, Reputable Backlinks, Blogs, etc.

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How to Promote and Rank Your Google Places for Business Listing in Google Search

  1. 1. How to Promote and Rank Your Google Places for Business Listing in Google Search Web Marketing Quote www.webmarketingquote.com
  2. 2. Your Business in Google Places…. and then what? After you business has been reviewed and verified by Google, it does not just end there. You still need to make sure your business will show up on the top rankings of the Google Places search and eventually, on the Google Organic search. Here are some tips on how to rank Your Google Places listing in both Google Places search and Google Organic Search:
  3. 3. Contact Number and Business Location Your Business Phone Number and Address should be present anywhere in your business website – not just in the Contact Us page. It gives your potential customer a quick access to get in touch with your business.
  4. 4. Keywords Research Gather data for “local searches” related to your business products and services. Optimize these keywords in your website content – post or page. Indicate these keywords, too, in your Homepage.
  5. 5. On your Google Places Dashboard, regularly share an update on your place page. It basically functions the same way as tweets on Twitter. Update Your Google Places Page
  6. 6. Local Citations Be consistent when posting your business information anywhere in the web. Submit your business information to reputable business directories the same way as you have submitted them to Google Places.
  7. 7. Create a Press Room Create an official Press Channel on Press Release websites. Indicate the location where the Press Release is intended to broadcast.
  8. 8. Social Media Integrate your Google Places to your social media pages. Consistently refer your social media audience to your Google Places page should they be looking for all necessary information about your business.
  9. 9. Encourage Reviews This is one of the most important factors when building an online reputation. Ask your customers to leave a review about your business. It will encourage others to avail for your products or services and at the same time functions as a room for improvement out of some “not-so positive” reviews.
  10. 10. Build Reputable Backlinks You can apply any Penguin-Friendly link building techniques to rank your website in Google Organic Search. Ask some non-competitor webmasters of the same niche to let you post some contents on their website featuring how your business can help some of their audience.
  11. 11. Blog Regularly post an article or news on your website blog. This will help your business get some qualified leads from Google Alerts users who have subscribed for a topic related to your business.
  12. 12. Rank Your Google Business Listing in Google Search for Your Local Target Market www.webmarketingquote.com