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Weave GitOps - continuous delivery for any Kubernetes

  1. Weave GitOps Enterprise July 2021 Paul Fremantle, VP, Product Engineering Paul Curtis, Principal Solutions Architect 1
  2. Webinar Platform - FAQs Using Zoom Questions? • You are in listen only mode • Q&A session will follow the presentation, please use the Q&A panel to submit questions • Hit escape to exit full screen Technical Issues - please visit Zoom Help
  3. Paul Fremantle VP of Product Engineering Weaveworks Paul is an experienced open source software executive, who previously co-founded WSO2. As CTO he helped build WSO2 into a highly successful profitable Open Source company with recurring revenues of more than $45m, 600 employees and over 500 enterprise customers. Paul has an MSc in computer science from Oxford University and a PhD from the University of Portsmouth, where his thesis offered a cloud-based approach to improving security and privacy for IoT systems. Paul has two patents and has co-authored three books. @pzfreo ✉ 3 Speaker Introduction Paul Curtis Principal Solutions Architect, Weaveworks Paul comes from the big data world and machine learning world, having spent seven years at MapR. Paul has served as Senior Operations Engineer for Unami, a startup founded to deliver on the promise of interactive TV for consumers, and was Systems Manager for Spiral Universe, a company providing school administration software as a service. He has also held senior support engineer positions at Sun Microsystems, as well as enterprise account technical management positions for both Netscape and FileNet. Earlier in his career, Paul worked in financial application development for Applix, IBM Service Bureau, and Ticketron. @pfcurtis_NY ✉
  4. • Founding chair of the CNCF technical oversight committee (TOC) • Coined the term GitOps, and created the open source tools that make it work • Creator of eksctl, the most used way to work with AWS EKS • Invented open source solutions to run Kubernetes at scale for our own Weave Cloud SaaS product Team Thought Leadership • Alexis Richardson, CEO • Cornelia Davis, CTO • Steve George, COO • Global Presence: – US East, Central, West – Europe – India, Thailand – South America Notable Facts • Founded in 2014 • Investors include: Accel, AWS, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Google Ventures, Orange and Redline • Top 10 contributor to the CNCF • Multiple - thousand plus star open source projects Weaveworks 4
  5. 5 The GitOps Company Our mission is to provide a developer centric operating model for cloud native technologies ● Weaveworks provides a modular solution for customers transitioning to a cloud native platform ● We are a neutral vendor adding value to any flavor of managed Kubernetes ● We deliver consistent management and monitoring workflows to simplify operations We are leaders in “GitOps” – best practices for consistent management of cloud native apps
  6. Weave GitOps Enterprise (Subscription) Scaled GitOps ● Fleet Management with MCCP ● Advanced Curated Weave Policies using tools Enterprise GitOps ● Curated model/profiles with cluster components ● Application tenancy through workspaces ● Authorization models consistent across the environment. Kubernetes native Weave GitOps Core (open-source) Core GitOps ● Curated GitOps toolset, installer, runtime, and proven example configurations Prerequisites ● Infrastructure provisioner ● Source code repo platform ● Container registry Weave GitOps
  7. Weave GitOps Core 7
  8. Weave GitOps Core ● Built on CNCF Flux ● Open source / open core base for our Weave GitOps Enterprise Product ● Just two commands to get GitOps running ○ wego gitops install ○ wego app add . 8
  9. App repo (default) ● Simple single repository approach ● One application deployed to one or more clusters ● GitOps automation configuration lives in a .wego directory ● Instant-on approach with no extra repositories Application repository or Platform repository 9 Platform repo ● “GitOps” repository ● GitOps automation for multiple applications and clusters ● Simple upgrade to cluster management and fleet management ● Supports “GitOps at Scale”
  10. Demo 10
  11. Weave GitOps Enterprise 11
  12. What’s New? ● Application Management User Interface ● Fleet Management ● Profiles ● Team Workspaces Updates 12
  13. Application Management UI The graphical user interface that provides a complete view of the GitOps application delivery lifecycle. 13 Weave GitOps Enterprise Application Management User Interface allows users to understand and manage application lifecycle in a GitOps enabled cluster. From this interface, users can immediately detect drift between states as well as cluster health problems. From this interface, users can inform roll back actions as well as monitor continuous operations.
  14. Application Management UI ● Represents the repositories that store a collection of a declarative description of runnable units ● Describes for the platform how to deploy, start, operate, and retire the corresponding service artifact. ● Presents which of those repos is being polled by the Weave GitOps controllers ● Presents the services and the workloads running in instances in a specific environment, including status 14
  15. Profiles The simplest and most secure way to organize Kubernetes applications and resources at scale 15 Weave GitOps Enterprise Profiles provide a secure and easy method to organize the applications and services that run in your Kubernetes clusters. A profile contains the artifacts that configure and deploy your services, all using GitOps. A profile manager provides securable methods to install profiles and manage catalogs of profiles in a GitOps way
  16. Profiles A profile can contain manifests, Helm releases, and Kustomize templates. These artifacts can declare any Kubernetes resource A profile can contain other profiles. The profile manager runs inside the cluster handle the installation of a profile. No additional credentials are required. All profiles are defined in git repository. This is also true of the catalog of profiles. Profiles can be used on multiple clusters, in any combination. This allows definitions of “classes” of clusters which are a combination of applications and services. As profiles themselves are Kubernetes resources, they are secured using Kubernetes standard role based authorization. 16
  17. Profiles 17 Artifacts Profile 2 Artifacts Profile 1 ● Profiles contain Kubernetes resources ● As Kubernetes resources, access and use authorization is handled with standard Kubernetes RBAC ● Profiles are easily managed and are a portable way to define required Kubernetes resources ● Profiles can contain other profiles, allowing for complex deployment patterns for applications and services.
  18. Profiles 18 Provider Profile Security Profile App Profile 2 1 3 Deployment Repository ● Profiles can be managed in Git by one or more teams or groups ● Profiles are applied to the Deployment Repository ● GitOps then applies the Profile to all the clusters that use that same Deployment Repository “pctl install”
  19. Profiles 19 Provider Profile Security Profile App Profile 2 1 3 Deployment Repositories “pctl install” “pctl install” This Profile contains a second Flux git source definition Multiple repositories/branches/directories can be utilized to keep different profile functionality separate
  20. Managing Fleets of Clusters Reliable, repeatable management of Kubernetes clusters across any platform or managed service Operational performance is improved with Cluster fleet management. Weave GitOps Enterprise users can reuse cluster templates easily from git. These templates are consistent and immutable making system behavior predictable. Improvement of infrastructure code is open to contributions from anyone as anything defined as code is. 20
  21. Fleet Management Cluster fleet management allows users to manage clusters across all platforms and environments through the Cluster API. Weaveworks GitOps Enterprise ensures tested, curated, and supported Cluster API providers Cluster templates for the Cluster API providers makes declaring new clusters very straightforward All clusters managed by Weave GitOps Enterprise are maintained in git Cluster life cycle management is controlled by the Cluster API provider for each service or platform 21
  22. Fleet Management 22 ● Cluster life cycle management using the Cluster API (CAPI) ● Cluster infrastructure templates to make cluster provisioning repeatable and reliable ● Credentials for CAPI providers stored as secrets in the git repository ● All cluster templates, along with the cluster bootstrap profile, are stored in git making day zero recovery simple ● Fleet management across all platforms and environments: CAPI provides platform independence
  23. 23 GitOps Repositories Create Cluster Choose Repo Create! Choose Template CAPI Providers Cluster Creation and Management
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  26. 26 Further info Paul Fremantle @pzfreo Paul Curtis @pfcurtis_NY Try Weave GitOps Core: Weave GitOps Enterprise Sign up for a free GitOps workshop (July 15):
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