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Emory News Center

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  • @msebony Thanks! This project was a long time in the making but it came out well. Now the PowerPoint I was asked to do at the last minute ;)
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  • Excellent teaching tool Wendy. It was an artful blend of curated content that really delivered impact and research results.
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Emory News Center

  1. 1. Launched Jan. 26, 2012Collaborative project –University marketing,communications, healthsciencesContent feeds:• Emory.edu• WHSC.emory.edu• EmoryHealthcare.org• Emory Mobile• RSS FeedsTech work by Emory’sWeb Design Group
  2. 2. Site StructureHome Page News by Topic Campus News For Press Contact Us News Releases Multimedia Gallery Media Resources Experts News Tip Sheets
  3. 3. Story PagesTwo TypesPress Release orCampus StoryFeatures• Large or small photo• Large video• Related Video• Related Stories• Resources• Sidebars• Photos within stories• Share/Print button
  4. 4. How News Center Benefits EmoryCentralized content hub with all the the most current storiesRich mix of content from multiple sourcesExposure of content on related web sites that never got that content before• EmoryHealthcare.org homepage now shows Emory Health stories• WHSC.emory.edu homepage now shows WHSC Emory Report stories• All Emory.edu pages show show top News Center storiesRich story format – photos, videos, related materials – show off Emory’s bestNews by Topic and RSS feeds serves as content “index” and “engine”
  5. 5. How News Center Benefits WHSC – Part 1Exposure to much wider audience and increased traffic/views• Health sciences stories appear on Emory.edu with far greater frequency• Magazine and blog stories appear on EmoryHealthcare.org• University posting more WHSC stories to Facebook and TwitterCollaboration across C&M Division• Weekly and daily coordination of content keeps Division on same page• Google Docs for sharing latest schedules, available content• Much more online collaboration between HSC and University News, Emory Report, and University video• More awareness on both sides of what is going on University-wide
  6. 6. How News Center Benefits WHSC – Part 2Greater exposure for previously underexposed content• Magazine stories – Emory Health, alumni publications• Stories from publications• Stories from Health Sciences Update• Blog posts• VideosTopic pages make it easy to see breadth of activity in areas like cancer,cardiology, clinical trialsExpert pages and tip sheets designed to assist media relationsFaster updates on pages on WHSC site like SoM Releases, Research, etc.
  7. 7. Case Study #1Smoking Cessation Tips• Press release• Campus storyFeatured as Top Story• News Center• Emory.edu homepage• Emory.edu all pages• WHSC.emory.edu EmoryHealthcare.orgLater a “Secondary” story
  8. 8. Factors in SuccessCatchy headlinePhotoBroad appealConsumer “tips”Social mediaBy the NumbersNearly 1,000 views3-5 times averageSpikes#1 FeatureEmory Report
  9. 9. Case Study #2Marathon Runner• Campus story• Multimedia storyFeatured as Top Story• News Center• Emory.edu homepage• Emory.edu all pages• WHSC.emory.edu EmoryHealthcare.orgLater a “Secondary” story
  10. 10. Factors in SuccessRewritten headlineColorful photoBroad appealHuman interestSocial mediaBy the NumbersNearly 400 views on NCOnly 45 views on EH siteMarketingAppeared on EmoryHealthcare homepage
  11. 11. Additional Success Stories
  12. 12. Big Boost for MagazinesReferralsAlmost ALL referral traffic from News Center to WHSC site is frompeople clicking “Full Story” on News Center versionAdditional traffic from “Related Story” links on other stories,including press releases and multimediaJump in NumbersReferrals = additional 50-150 views on each storyPlus 100-400 views on the News Center version of the story
  13. 13. How It Adds UpTeaching CompassionEmory HealthAbout 400 ViewsNews CenterAbout 350 ViewsTotalAbout 750 ViewsReferrals100 from News Centerto original EH story
  14. 14. Finally…