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Express yourself

  1. Express Yourself If all of the world´s cultural heritage (sports, music, fashion, architecture, literature, painting, etc.) was contained in a time capsule, what would you include to demonstrate the legacy of your country? Author - Vladyslav Sivtsev Candidate for Executive MBA program #IEApplication
  2. A few interesting facts about my country – Ukraine: - The biggest country in Europe - Borders with 7 countries - Territory washed by two seas (Black and Azov) - Population is 43 mio citizens - The world's largest reserves of manganese ore - ¼ of all stocks in the world of humus - 4th place in the world for the number of citizens with high education However what to include into time capsule in order to demonstrate the legacy of Ukraine?...
  3. Flag Coat of arms Hymn First of all I would like to put inside of time capsule the official symbols of Ukraine: flag, coat of arms and hymn. There was revolution in Ukraine in 2014 - European integration, and later anti-government mass protests in Ukraine in response to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to suspend the process of preparation for the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. In the world and Ukrainian society known as Euromaidan or Evrorevolution. After this revolution, these symbols starts to be symbols of freedom , independence, anticorruption and eurointegration for Ukrainian citizens and real patriots.
  4. There is plenty of fascinating folklore in Ukraine! Starting from fanciful dress up to brightly painted eggs (“pysanka”). The traditional Ukrainian folklore is usually an artistic expression of many of the fundamental beliefs of Ukrainian society. Many of these practices have been enjoyed for hundreds of years and have continued to play an integral role in society despite political and religious reforms.
  5. Borshch (vegetable soup with beetroot and meet) Varenyky (boiled dumplings) We are very proud of Ukrainian cuisine well-known for its great diversity and amazing flavors. Ukrainian cuisine has had a number of influences from Russian, Polish, German and Turkish cuisines. Popular ingredients in the cuisine of Ukraine are meat, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruit and herbs. As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable our meals are served in very generous quantities. So, I will put inside of time capsule salo, borshch and varenyky as outstanding representatives of Ukrainian cuisine… Salo (cured fatback)
  6. We have the unique collection of "Scythian gold" from the excavations of burial mounds - burial sites of the Scythians, a nomadic people who in VII-III century BC dominated on the territory of modern Ukraine. The most impressive archaeological discovery of the XX century is gold pectoral. Pectoral of Scythian king lived in IV century BC. Weight - 1148 grams, 30.6 cm in diameter, made of gold 958 with usage of the technique of casting with beading and enamel filigree.
  7. Also, we are very proud of our sportsmen’s success. The most famous representatives are Klitschko brothers. The first time in history two brothers became world champions at the same time. All major recognized Heavyweight champions belts were in the Klitschko family. Definitely it would be impossible to ask brothers stays in time capsule for years, but let me put boxing gloves inside of capsule as a reminder about sport achievements and demonstrated willingness to win...
  8. And some photo cards with amazing Ukrainian nature must be added to the capsule...