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How Can Small and Medium Businesses Benefit from UTM Solutions in Dubai

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Here at VRS Tech, we provide Unified Threat Management Solutions Dubai for invincible security with the inclusion of multiple security capabilities. For unified threat management services in Dubai and more information call us on +971-56-7029840.

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How Can Small and Medium Businesses Benefit from UTM Solutions in Dubai

  1. 1. How Can Small and Medium Businesses Benefit from UTM Solutions Each day, the hackers are coming up with newer techniques to break into the systems. In such a background it has become essential for the businesses to deploy a wide range of security measures to tackle the data threats. However, the unified threat management (UTM) is a one-stop solution, a straightforward approach to deal with all the security issues in one go. At VRS Tech, we offer comprehensive UTM solutions Dubai for businesses for complete network protection. What is Unified Threat Management? UTM is a device that integrates several security tools like antivirus, anti-spyware, intrusion detection, network firewall on a single platform. All the businesses are required to do is plug in the UTM appliance into the network and enjoy a much secure network. Why do small and medium-sized businesses essentially need UTM solutions in Dubai? Dubai is a technology hub for small, medium businesses and large enterprises. While the large enterprises can afford to set up a strong defense system to keep their financial data secure, the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), due to the financial constraints ignore the network security at large. Hackers leverage this fact and break into their networks quite easily and get their hands on the credit card details and other financial credentials. Here is where we come in. The SMBs can gain immensely with the UTM solutions in Dubai.
  2. 2. How do UTM solutions work? Listed below are the key features of UTM solutions.  The network firewall that keeps the unwanted web traffic from entering into the company’s network forms the essential part of the UTM solutions.  Another important tool is the internet gateway security which basically scans all the web traffic entering into the local network for viruses, malware etc.  The intrusion prevention system (IPS) is another tool which is a part of the UTM. This prevents hackers from targeting the unpatched workstations and servers.  The UTM solutions also aid in automatically updating the latest antivirus definitions and security updates provided by the manufacturers.  The UTM also helps in maintaining a secure network environment when the employees connect to the company’s network remotely. Benefits of seeking security with UTM solutions in Dubai The Unified security management Dubai solutions come with a plethora of advantages which are exceptionally beneficial for the SMBs who do not have a dedicated security team  An uncomplicated, single platform security system which offers multiple security components with a centralized management system.  UTM solutions offer a wide range of security tools to choose from. The companies can opt for the security tools to suit their requirement.  UTM is a cost-effective solution to meet all the security requirements as opposed to purchasing separate security tools.  It offers an efficient and latest defense system to beat even the most complicated security threats.  UTM solutions are not just efficient but are quick to nip the security threats at the bud. Contact Us VRS Tech P.O.BOX-242026, Office No 5, 3rd Floor, Suk Al Kabir Building, Computer Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E. Visit: www.vrstech.com