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Plugins to enhance your word press blog -Presentation at Niche Parent 13

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Plugins to enhance your word press blog -Presentation at Niche Parent 13

  1. 1. #nicheparent13
  2. 2. #nicheparent13 Jackie Jimenez • Marketing Director at Alcantara Media: Strategy for Integrated Marketing Campaigns • WordPress.com avid blogger since 2008 - jackiej04 • Blogging about business & life with a musical lyric twist – http://theinnovativeconsultant.com • Marketing Consultant and Social Media Planning • All-around happy to organize #WPMIA • Twitter: @jackiej04 and @wpmia
  3. 3. #nicheparent13 Karla Campos @SocialMediaSass • Founder/Chief Conspirator Social Media Sass: Social Media & Digital Marketing Training, Strategy & Management • Board Member Social Media Club South Florida • Founder The Real Women of Social Media - Internet reality show about Social Media • Founder Giglogo.com - Guest blogging platform • Soon to be published author - The Chronicles of a Social Media Addict
  4. 4. #nicheparent13 Blanca Stella Mejia • Founder of MiCaminar.com Inspirational blog • Latism South Florida Co-Director • Board Social Media Club South Florida • Founder of VizRED.com - A digital & web development agency • Community Mgr for Microsoft FUSE Labs - SO.CL • BlancaStella.com social media & other musings.
  5. 5. #nicheparent13 Plugin Criteria for Setting Your Site up Right • Security Plugins & Backup Options • Site Speed & Maintenance • SEO - Search Engine Optimization • Sliders/Photo Galleries & Social Network Displays • Social Media Sharing & Blog Commenting • Misc Cool Plugins
  6. 6. #nicheparent13 Security Plugins
  7. 7. #nicheparent13 Security Plugin: Akismet • Free for personal use, a bargain for your business • Integrate WordPress.com key or create new account • Protect from spam blog comments
  8. 8. #nicheparent13 Security Plugin: Better WP Security • Easy to install, start protecting in seconds(free) • Change the URLs for WordPress dashboard including login, admin and more • Rename “admin” account – protect your site’s login
  9. 9. #nicheparent13 Premium Security Plugin: Sucuri • Ultimate plugin for website monitoring, alerting and malware removal • Suggested for websites with heavy customization and high traffic
  10. 10. #nicheparent13 Backup Plugins
  11. 11. #nicheparent13 Backup Plugin: ManageWP • Create backups to Server, Dropbox or Google Drive • Monitor website performance • Also has Sucuri! • Update plugins on multiple websites in one click! • Mobile App (makes you & I happy)
  12. 12. #nicheparent13 Premium Backup Plugin: Backup Buddy • Send your backups wherever you want! • Set it on re-occurring backups • Restore your site if anything happens • Use for server or domain migrations • Easy to set up
  13. 13. #nicheparent13 Backup Plugin: WordPress Backup to Dropbox • Easy to use, protected • Choose how often to backup your site
  14. 14. #nicheparent13 SEO Ultimate Plugin: Yoast All encompassing, fairly easy to use.
  15. 15. #nicheparent13 WordPress SEO by Yoast • It makes on-page optimization easier • Customize per page: title tags and meta description • Create XML Sitemap • Google authorship • Overall, Best SEO Plugin!
  16. 16. #nicheparent13 Premium Sliders • Len Slider • Slider Pro • Layer Slider WP
  17. 17. #nicheparent13 Photo/Content Sliders • Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram • Flickr Set Slideshows • Dynamic Content Slider
  18. 18. #nicheparent13 Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram
  19. 19. #nicheparent13 Flickr Set Slideshows
  20. 20. #nicheparent13 Dynamic Content Slider
  21. 21. #nicheparent13 Misc Cool Plugins • Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup • Pricing Table & Pricing Table Ready! • All-in-One Event Calendar • Advanced YouTube Embed by Embed Plus • MailChimp Form by ContactUs.com
  22. 22. #nicheparent13 Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup
  23. 23. #nicheparent13 Pricing Table & Pricing Table Ready!
  24. 24. #nicheparent13 All In One Event Calendar
  25. 25. #nicheparent13 Advanced YouTube Embed by Embed Plus
  26. 26. #nicheparent13 MailChimp Form by Contactus.com
  27. 27. #nicheparent13 Site Maintenance and Speed Plugin: W3 Total Cache On Website Conversion, Performance is Key.
  28. 28. #nicheparent13 Brief Overview: W3 Total Cache • Speed up your website’s load time • Multiple plugins, high quality images & video can slow down a website • Solution: cleans up the framework within your site
  29. 29. #nicheparent13 Optimizers • EWWW Image Optimizer or WP Smush.it - They optimize image files when they are uploaded. It makes them less chunky so quicker to load. • Simple Optimizer - Optimizes the sites database to keep it compact. Removes spam comments, removes pingbacks/trackbacks & post revisions.
  30. 30. #nicheparent13 Social Media Sharing Plugins Good for SEO, even better for community engagement.
  31. 31. #nicheparent13 Shareaholic Plugin • Clean integration into themes • Social media stats on social bookmarks • You May Also Like: cross promote posts • Top Bar – Has Call to Action
  32. 32. #nicheparent13 Social Sharing Tool Kit • Shares to many social networks including G+ & Pinterest. • Has follow settings to display your social profiles on a widget • Can configure Tweet sharing with hashtags or your twitter handle. • Connects to Bitly API
  33. 33. #nicheparent13 Social Media Sharing: AddThis Plugin ● Access to over 300 Social Channels! ● Sign up for an account to see most shared content & analytics
  34. 34. #nicheparent13 Blog Commenting Plugins
  35. 35. #nicheparent13 Comments are Queen! • In SEO content may be king, but social media and comments are queen! • Options depend on goals within the site • Disqus: is best for SEO • LiveFyre: has easy integration into sites • CommentLuv: good for other bloggers to comment & linkbacks
  36. 36. #nicheparent13 Misc. Content Creation • Visual Form Builder - Drag/ drop form creation • Ultimate Tiny MCE - content layout features • WPBakery Visual Composer: Provides vastly improved page layout/design creation • Update Message Places notice messages above individual posts/pages • Dynamic Widget - Can specify which pages use different widgets
  37. 37. #nicheparent13 Questions / Comments • Tip: Try not to bloat your site with too many plugins, be wise and choosy! • Twitter - @socialmediasass @micaminar @jackiej04