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Remind 101

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Remind 101

  1. 1. Ways to Get In Touch With Me or For Me to Share Information With You E-Mail: Raponiv@peabody.k12.ma.us Class Website: http://mrraponi.blogspot.com (The class website is updated everyday with the homework, which can be downloaded and printed out at home for your convenience) Remind 101: -This is a website that allows me to send out text messages to anyone who signs up all at once. I do not get your telephone number and you do not get mine! -There is no way for you to text me back through it, it is only a way for me to remind people about quizzes, tests, homework, projects, etc. -This is not only for students, I urge all parents to sign up as well! -Just simply send a text message that says @mrrapo to the number (424) 888-7090, and you are automatically signed up! -This is a completely free service, but please keep in mind that standard text messaging rates do apply. -You may sign up, and if you do not wish to receive texts after trying it out, it is very easy to unsubscribe. -I hope that you will give this a try, I am always looking for ways to open communication between home and school. Thanks!