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Jpku tm newsletter_images_july_2010

  1. 1. Images Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol. 4, Issue 1; July 2010 Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82 JULY 2010The Editor’s NoteThe most beautiful thing about Toastmasters and which touches you most isthe exuberance of its members who are always keen to do more and take up Mission of new challenges. The past few months in our club have been really eventful and there are lot of things totalk about and remember including the induction of new EC, training of the officers, JPKU‘s 250th Toastmasters To provide a mutuallyMeeting Celebrations and so on. supportive and positive learning environmentIn this issue the outgoing and the incoming Presidents‘ talk about their experiences in the club, DTM in which every individ-Deepak Menon shares mantras for success, Sangeeta Malik covers the Officers‘ Training Program, VP ualEducation CC Aneesh Jain describes his account of the ‗Reverse Meeting‘ followed by eye catching member has thephotographs. Our very own Akhil Sood features in an interview for ―Know Thy Toastmaster‖. Watch opportunityout for the ―The Hyde Park‖ section, followed by the winners of the month. to develop oral communication and leadership skills,Hope you enjoy reading!!! which in turn foster self-confidenceKanu Shree
  2. 2. 2 CONTENTS July 2010 Passing the guard Page 3 The outgoing president hands over the charge of the club to her successor Malkiat and his team JPKU 250th Reverse meeting Page 6&7 Unforgotten moments — Aneesh Jain —Manoj Kumar and Malkiat Bindra Best of the Month Page 10 Find out our star performers week by week Would You Like To Be Clairvoyant Page 4 Gurus’ Mantras for success - DTM Deepak Know Thy Toastmaster Page 8 Let’s get close and personal with our very own Akhil Club Contact Details Page 11Officers’ Training Program Page 5Fun, food and most importantly knowledge for the new roleplayers as they don their responsibilities —Sangeeta Malik The Hyde Park Page 9 Acknowledgments Page 12 A glimpse at how our toastmasters make an evaluation effective —-Ritu Arora, Vikas Malik Akhil Sood, Kanu Shree
  3. 3. 3 PASSING THE GUARD July 2010 The New Team Takes Over The hurly-burly of the morning, the mad rush all around, if there is any dearth of noise, First of all I would like to congratulate the newly appointed the honking vehicles are overcompensating for this by far. As the day progresses, the EC members - Aneesh Jain (VP-Education), Jyoti Narula (VP- crazy morning tide subsides and finally the darkness of night envelops the daylight and Membership), Kanushree (VP-Public Relations), Vinay Jain makes everything look coming to halt. The silence and darkness of the night doesn‘t last (Treasurer), Sangeeta Malik (Secretary) & Vikas Malik for too long. The rising Sun with its radiance, fuels life to every creature. This usual cy- (Sergeant At Arms) for being selected as the Executive com- cle of day and night goes on, and we, humans, seem to be playing a tiny role in this big mittee. It is their hard work and skills which will help us to set movie. There are days when we feel blue, and there are days when we feel charged-up; and reach greater heights. motivated to pursue our dreams or gather courage to conceptualize brand new dreams. Whichever way one chooses to spend the day, the meaning of life lies in reinventing one- Also, I would like to thank the members who helped electingself...every day! them. I would ensure that the EC will not let the trust you allThe memories of last six months are still fresh in my mind and it feels that the time flew like a dove. When I have shown in them go in vein.look back; pictures of numerous events encapsulate my mind. Every meeting was unique in itself and unfoldedwisdom from different perspectives. Our Club is known for ‗Always being ahead‘ and last term wasn‘t any dif- Handling a Club with Achievements such as JPKU‘s is a greatferent! The prestigious Golden Gavel award, representation in the Toastmasters mega contests and most impor- responsibility. The club which has been the ―President‘s Dis-tantly, milestones achieved by our members, make our club one of the best clubs all over the world. The EC tinguished Club‖ for past 3 Years. The Home Club of the Im-Team – comprising of multi-talented individuals, with the consistent support from all the members, has done a mediate Past District Governor (Deepak Menon), LGM -fantastic job and we have successfully carried forward the legacy of our club: JPKU Toastmasters – Always North (Vinay Jain) and the current Area C2 Governor (Rituahead! Arora). This is a huge responsibility and we will not shy away It is said that to be at the top is easier than staying at the top. Continuous improvement with the ability to re- from it.invent is the only way to sustained success. Harmonious and positive learning environment, enthusiasm and newideas, and continuous guidance and motivation from the veteran members, are some key factors that keep our All of us have dreams. But only a few of us have a will to act.club alive and kicking. JPKU Toastmasters is endowed with people who go out of their way to help each other in A will to act and achieve the targets set for us. This requirestheir learning curve. Like a small family, every member is an important asset that adds immense value to the persistent hard work, a clear site of the target and the resourcesclub. This friendly environment provides us with an opportunity to not only transform ourselves but also share to achieve those targets. If someone is provided all of these,the benefits of our transformation with others. And this is precisely what we do here at Toastmasters! Congratu- the path to success becomes easier. The journey becomes morelations to everyone for making the Toastmasters learning experience exciting, challenging, motivating, so much enjoyable.fun and yet keeping our culture and values intact. Let‘s keep re-inventing as we move ahead on our journey oflearning and sharing. In yet another process of re-invention, the new EC Team has taken over the charge to serve I hope that we all achieve what we are here for and then setthe club. With excellent leadership skills and never-ending passion for excellence, I am sure the new EC team higher targets because the Journey to learning and improvingwill take the club to greater heights. ourselves never ends.Keeping the reinvention at our heart, let the transformation impact us for betterment; let‘s embrace the change tofind the true meaning of life. I finish with a quote by Mike Watt, ―The only thing new is you finding out aboutsomething. Like nothings really new, but you reinvent it for yourself and find your inner voice. ― Thank you.Happy reinventing!!! Malkiat Bindra PresidentManoj KumarImmediate Past President
  4. 4. 4 Would You Like to be Clairvoyant July 2010 By DTM Deepak MenonIt was on 5th of July 2009 that Immediate Past District Governor Arunasalam Balraj declared,  The first thing you would need to do is to get the assistance of a mentor who can advise―Mark my words Deepak, District 82 will again achieve the number one spot in the world in 2009- and guide you. If no mentor has been assigned by the Club yet, ask your President or Vice10!‖ As I write this note, we are twenty-one days and twenty-one CCs away from reaching this President of Education to assign one to you.seemingly unattainable milestone.  Then determine the speech projects you would need to complete and roles that youWas Balraj clairvoyant that he could plumb the depths of the unfathomable to see into the future? would need to perform to achieve your goal. If you are starting from scratch you need toWas he a soothsayer who could predict this outcome almost a year ahead of it coming to pass? No, complete ten project speeches for Competent Communicator and another ten for ACB. Thehe just had a clear vision. He knew that the district had sufficient resources built from the experi- CL award requires you to perform a minimum of twenty-one roles which include two pro-ence of the preceding years that could enable it to achieve this goal. He also believed that the lead- ject speeches.ers at the helm had the ability to plan for their success and for the achievement of this elusive goal.  Next confirm how often your club meets. Would this provide you enough opportunity toAnd plan they did! And so can you! complete all your projects? If the club meets fortnightly, this poses a challenge since you will not have enough opportunities to complete all the requirements in the time you have setBut before you can plan, you must know the goal. What is it that you want to achieve? Politician, for yourself. Therefore, you will need to visit other clubs and request for slots in their meet-strategist and writer, Chanakya (350 BC-275 BC) wrote "Before you start some work, always ask ings as well.yourself three questions - Why am I doing it, what the results might be and will I be successful.  Enlist the support of your Club. Inform your VPE about your goal and how you aim toOnly when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead." If the goal achieve it. Often we set our goals but then fail to communicate it to the persons who are in-is clear to you, the road to achieve it will present itself to you. strumental in its accomplishment. Unless the VPE provides all the slots in the meeting for you to achieve your target, how will you succeed! The VPE may even schedule specialAs a member joining a Toastmasters Club, your first goal is usually to become a Competent Com- meetings just so that you can achieve your goal.municator (CC) and a Competent Leader (CL). But it‘s a good idea to stretch yourself and find aBAG or better still a BHAG! A BAG is a ‗Big Audacious Goal‘ and a BHAG is a ‗Big Hairy Auda- You are ready to start your journey. Remain enthusiastic about reaching your destinationcious Goal‘! Now don‘t jump at it and decide, ‗Hey, I shall be a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and never be afraid of hurdles and obstacles as these are bound to appear. My friend Chana-within twelve months of my joining Toastmasters!‘ Its achievable but near impossible considering kya also wrote, "Once you start working on something, dont be afraid of failure and dontthat one of the requirements of DTM is that you must attain the Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest."award for which you need to serve a year as a District Officer. Be willing to adjust your plans to account for changes in circumstances and situations asThat takes us to the next point which is that your goal must be SMART: and when they occur. For instance, what if you are required to move to a different city mid Specific – It must be crystal clear way through the year? No problem! Look for clubs in the city you move to or, if none exist, Measurable – The results can be validated seize the opportunity and start one! Your District Officers will be more than happy to assist Action-oriented - It begins with the word ‗to,‘ followed by a verb you in your endeavor. Every problem has a solution waiting to help overcome it; you just Realistic - It is practical and achievable need to be creative! Time bound - It contains a time table for achievement Come 30th of June 2011 when you are close to achieving your goal, feel the glow, celebrateThus, for example, you could articulate your goal as follows: ―To attain my Advanced Communica- and bask in your achievement! Remember it was not clairvoyance that helped you achievetor Bronze (ACB) and Competent Leader (CL) awards by 30 June 2011‖. For a member who has what you had set out do but the clarity of your vision and the careful plan that you set uprecently joined a Toastmasters Club, this is a BAG which meets the requirements of being SMART. that made it happen!You can extend this to any aspect of your life be it personal or professional. But then let that be our little secret! For the world around you, feel free to de-Now that you have set the goal, you need to plan how you shall achieve it. This would mean that clare that you are clairvoyant because you can see a year ahead into the future!you need to ensure that you have the tools and the resources to accomplish these goals. What couldthese be?
  5. 5. 5 OFFICERS’ TRAINING PROGRAMME July 2010 By Sangeeta Malik11thJuly‘2010, a hot sultry morning and five of the JPKU Toastmasters Club Ex- The oath-taking ceremony of the Area Governors wasecutive Committee members set forth on a journey to U.P.- NOIDA, mapping their chaired by the LGET, which was followed by the an-way, road by road, turn by turn till they reached their destination CSC-NOIDA nouncement of parallel sessions. The officers then splittowers. However difficult, the road to your destination is never too long provided into three groups and the neophytes were brought underyour determination is strong. the wings of trained officials. Parallel sessions for nou- veau installed/elected Presidents and Vice Presidents -It was a Sunday morning, bringing forth a new educative voyage - towards a path Education, Vice Presidents - Membership and Vice Presi-of more responsibilities and an Officers‘ Training Program for Division C of Dis- dents - Public Relations, and Secretaries, Treasurers andtrict 82. After a formal registration we were warmly led into the hall full of stars - Sergeants-at-Arms were conducted. Toastmasters who hadDistrict 82 Lieutenant Governor Education & Training Dr. Punita Singh, Division successfully performed these roles in the past helped theC Governor Mr. Rajan Sinha, Assistant Division C Governor (Education & Train- new officers in decoding their roles and responsibilities.ing) Ms. Sarita Sharma and the Area governors: Anurag Ranjan, Anurag Awasthi,Arun K Chaba and not to miss our own Dynamic young and radiant Dr. Ritu Arora. These sessions were followed by Dr. Ritu Arora‘s session on ‗Educational Awards‘. With her warm smile and encouraging heart, she set―Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream pre- the tone for the clubs to realize more personal achievement and greater clubcedes the goal. "We were all brought here to aspire, to dream, to reach the sky and success.we certainly were led into an inspiring dawn. Enlightened about their responsibilities and expectations, it was time for theAchievements galore!!! I‘m sure it made each one sitting in the hall feel proud to club representatives to make their own club success plans. The training re-be associated with such an organization. started with an intense planning session where the club representatives had to set targets for the next six months and design a road map to scale thoseA warm welcome by Div. Gov Mr. Rajan Sinha was followed by a chain of intro- heights. May we all succeed in our little ventures.ductions. Soon each guiding star (Area Governor) further reflected on the stars ofhis or her constellation of various clubs. Being the guiding light, he/she introduced The Officers Training Program ended with the distribution of certificates and athe office bearers of each club under his/ her charge. vote of thanks. Certainly the participants felt more confident about the task atSoon stepped up LGET Dr. Punita Singh, the sun among the stars, with her bright hand.light of wisdom. The power of her words reverberated in the entire hall. Toastmas-ters focus on ‘Expand and Enhance‘ encapsulated the message for the day and pro-vided the energy to achieve the goals for the year ahead. Motivating the leadershipand the team spirit, she led us through a ride of various acronyms - CCs, CLs, ACs,ALs, and DTMs, culminating in the SMART goals of the Distinguished Club Pro-gram.
  6. 6. 6 JPKU 250th Reverse Meeting July 2010 By Aneesh JainWhen history is made, it should be celebrated in style and this indeed was evaluated our new District Governor, Nagaraja Rao‘s speech, Shraddha Nakra evaluated Akshita‘s speech who became a Competent Communicator during thethe case when the members of the JPKU Toastmasters Club decided to make the250th meeting a memorable affair. And even though Phoebus tried tooth and nail meeting after successfully delivering her 10th project and our new club President,to exhume their spirits on the day, the members continued to strive hard and put Malkiat Bindra evaluated our new club VP Education, Aneesh Jain‘s speech.together a truly special meeting. Every moment of the meeting was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire audience.The 250th meeting, held on June 26th, 2010, was no ordinary meeting, and like The meeting was followed by a small after-party, the main attraction in whichall extraordinary events, stars of astronomical stature attended the event. The was the chocolate truffle cake, besides the presence of other food items, a guitarnew District-82 Governor, Mr. Nagaraja Rao, DTM; the immediate Past District and loads of singing. Cheers to the club and all its members!-82 Governor, Mr. Deepak Menon, DTM; the new District-82 Lieutenant-Governor Education and Training, Dr. Punita Singh; and the new Area-C2 Gov-ernor, Dr. Ritu Arora, DTM, all graced the occasion and blessed the club, mak-ing this meeting special not just for the club but for the entire Toastmasters fra-ternity.The JPKU Toastmasters Club‘s new Executive Council was also installed duringthe meeting, although they took formal charge only on July 1 st, 2010. The newEC comprises, Malkiat Bindra as the President, Aneesh Jain as the VP – Educa-tion, Jyoti Narula as the VP – Membership, Kanu Shree as the VP – Public Rela-tionships, Vinay Jain as the Treasurer, Sangeeta Malik as the Secretary, and Vi-kas Kumar as the Sergeant-at-arms.The presence of eminent dignitaries and installation ceremony were only thebase of the 250th meeting‘s specialness. What made the meeting truly uniquewas the fact that the entire meeting was conducted in the reverse. Yes, you haveinterpreted it correctly, the meeting indeed ended before it started and yet lasteda full two hours! The supplementary evaluators presented their report beforeanyone in the meeting had spoken; the speech evaluators evaluated the preparedspeeches before they were delivered; the table topics speakers spoke before theywere given the topics. Sounds chaotic? Well… It was fun, to say the least. Eve-ryone one participating in the meeting had to follow the rules set by the supple-mentary evaluators and the speakers had to carry the extra burden of living up tothe evaluations presented by their speech evaluators. And didn‘t the audienceenjoy the entire experience? Deepak Menon, DTM, was the Toastmaster of themeeting, Sangeeta Malik conducted the Table Topics round, and Dr. Ritu Arora,DTM, was the General Evaluator. Our new District LGET, Dr. Punita Singh pre-
  7. 7. 7 Images from the Reverse Meeting July 2010 Moments caught on Camera from JPKU 250th Meeting JPKU Members and Guests New EC Induction DTM Deepak Menon Installing Malkiat as Club President Manoj as TT Speaker Standing Ovation LGET Dr. Punita Singh Evaluating DG Nagaraja Rao
  8. 8. 8 KNOW THY TOASTMASTER July 2010Akhil Sood is one of the many Faridabad residents who shuffle between Delhi and Gurgaon forwork . He has recently started his first venture "Conquering Maths" which is a school level coachinginstitute for competitive examinations such as BBA and CAT. His hobbies range from trekking todancing, reading books to movies, writing to photography. He has keen interest in sports speciallycricket and tennis. Akhil is one of the fastest growing members of JPKU TMC and has recently de-livered his Ice Breaker. Let us know more about thy toastmaster from himself...What drove you towards Toastmasters and how is the journey so far?Toastmasters was referred to me by a friend and mentor Vikrant Kathuria. sure that you read a lot of diverse and theHe observed that the club can be beneficial for improving my delivering current subjects, you are more likely to getskills. So I joined the club to improve upon my known weakness. The jour- a familiar subject and prior knowledgeney so far has been exciting. The first meeting where I saw the talented helps a lot.speakers was just awesome. There is so much to learn, not only aboutspeaking skills but also about the variety of great information that can be As a teacher, do you think a concept such as TM should be a part of curriculum intaken from the speeches. school? I absolutely think our education system needs a big overhaul. The first impression a personFrom your Ice Breaker speech you seem to be a multi dimensional guy, creates on someone directly comes from the fact how well he speaks. The schools are payingalways taking up new challenges. Which one(s) is /are the closest to attention to debates and extempore. But they need to catch the students‘ attention. Theseyour heart? things were there in my school also but I never spoke anything because I thought they were not important. So it‘s a great idea to carry the legacy in schools, but we should concentrateI have never got pre examination fever throughout my life, so that trait on students attention and convert his unwillingness to interest.works for me when I am always ready to take new challenges. The ones thatare closest to my heart are the ones which I have not yet attained. Getting an Any suggestions for the fellow TM or the concept in general?admission into IIM A. I have taken CAT three times but my scores dont I feel recording the prepared speeches will help. It will allow a speaker to analyze himself /reach the level of IIM. The second one is to get a girl friend who can find a herself better and at the same time also gives an opportunity to other members to listen to theway to love me despite all odds. speeches later (in case) they miss a meeting. I personally didnt like the idea of using a lap- top for visual aids. It becomes more of a presentation and less of a speech,. My attention di-You seem to be a natural impromptu speaker. Would you like to share verts to the slides and I start reading rather than listening to the speaker. Sothe secret behind this with other TMs? even if a person is using a laptop, he should write minimal content. I am not aware of the existence of our club on face book. Face book can be hugeImpromptu speaking, I dont think I am good enough. Fortunately I was fa- medium to reach peoplemiliar with the topics I got, so I managed to do well in those cases. The se-cret for good impromptu speaking lies in the stuff you read. If you make
  9. 9. 9 THE HYDE PARK— Effective Evaluation July 2010The Hyde Park in London is famous for its Speakers’ Corner, which allows anyone and everyone to speak on atopic for as long as they can unless the police finds it offensive, and the Hyde Park police has had a history ofbeing offended very very rarely even on sensitive issues. As a salutation to the freedom of expression, webring Hyde Park from London to our newsletter, and invite everyone to publish their comments on a certaintopic, which for this month is: “How to make an Evaluation Effective” smanship.Evaluation is the most significant factor leading to improvement; I believe we can Akhil Sood Criticism comes easier than craftdo the following to make an evaluation effective: -Zeuxis 400 BC Learn to evaluate!!!1) The evaluator given the role is experienced enough (which essentially means Ican rest in peace for a couple of months) and more importantly the evaluator to the Speakershould have given the speech on the project he/she has been asked to evaluate.  Suit the Evaluation  Recognize ImprovementThis will make sure that the evaluator is aware of the objectives that will help ehim/her to decide if the speaker had lived upto them.  Evaluate B ehavior, Not Peopl  Be Specific2) Recommendations are very important and they shall not be there just for the  Always mot ivate.sake. If an evaluator points a recommendation, he must also try and show thespeaker how to improve upon that. This will ensure that the speaker has the firsthand experience to learn. Some evaluators do this but others do not. So we canmake it a same platform. Kanu Shree Vikas Kumar - Contact speaker before meeting - to understand his/her specific ex- pectations from the topic. In my opinion, you can make an evaluation effective by : - Every speaker has some weak points which he/she is always striv- ing to get over. Evaluation should have one session dedicated to 1. Sticking to objectives these weak areas besides given speech objectives. RITU ARORA - Evaluation should be highly specific - It should have examples of what went well and how it went well for "the speaker" 2. Making it motivational - Avoid Generic Statements/phrases such as "monotonous voice" or "clasped hand" - Give examples of how pacing the voice at different 3. Remembering that evaluation is your only chance to parts of speech would have added to the quality to the project. help the speaker grow, and the best way of doing it is by showing a mirror to the speaker.
  10. 10. 10 BEST OF THE MONTH July 2010 Here come the results!!! 3rd July: Devesh Trivedi 10th July: Vanshul Arora 17th July: Aneesh Jain 24th July: Nitya Ranjan 31st July: Punita Singh 3rd July: Devesh Trivedi 10th July: Ritu Arora 3rd July: Akshat and Akhil Sood 17th July: Deepak Menon 10th July: Akhil Sood 24th July: Atul 24th July: Atul 31st July: Deepak Menon
  11. 11. 11 CLUB CONTACT DETAILS July 2010Our Executive Committee Venue of Meetings Malkiat Bindra: President Vivekananda Vihar, Opposite J.P., Kapur & Uberai, Chartered malkiat07@gmail.com Accountants, LGF C-4/5 Safdarjung Development Area, Aneesh Jain: Vice President, Education New Delhi—110016. aneeshjain@gmail.com Jyoti Narula: Vice President, Membership jyoti@jpku.com Time of Meetings Kanu Shree: Vice President, Public Relations Every Saturday, 12:30 p.m. kanushree84@gmail.com Sangeeta Malik: Secretary sangeeta.malik@gmail.com Whom to Contact Vinay Jain: Treasurer For all queries, please contact: vinay@jpku.com Malkiat Bindra: +91 9811064605; malkiat07@gmail.com Vikas Kumar: Sergeant-at-arms Aneesh Jain: +91 9971119361 ; aneeshjain@gmail.com vikask.malik@gmail.com Kanu Shree:+91 9891006683; kanushree84@gmail.com Sangeeta Malik: +91 9818051336; sangeeta.malik@gmail.com Vikas Kumar: +91 9560690622; vikask.malik@gmail.com
  12. 12. 12 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS July 2010 Always Ahead…! I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the newsletter. Thanks to Malkiat and Aneesh for their sup- port. Finally, I would like to specially mention the names of Dee- pak, Ritu, Manoj, Vikas, Akhil and Sangeeta for their prompt contributions. Images is published on the last day of the month. All contribu- tors are requested to send in their entries to kanushree84@gmail.com by the 25th of the month. Club No. 858173 No part of this newsletter maybe printed or reproduced Division C, District 82 without intimating the JPKU Toastmasters Club. All enquiries and requests should be directed to the club‘s public relationsImportant Links: committee at jpkunews@gmail.com.JPKU Toastmasters: http://jpkutoastmasters.bravehost.comDivision C members: d82Cmembers@googlegroups.comDistrict 82: http://www.t82.org/ Copyright JPKU Toastmasters Club, 2009