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Jpku tm newsletter_images_january_2011

  1. 1. Images Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol. 5, Issue 1; January 2011 January 2011 Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82The Editor’s NoteIts my first newsletter and it seems to be very exciting.. its been a little Mission oftough but a great experience . January is so used to usher in a new year that we forget that Toastmastersthe club has got a new Executive Committee that has taken charge this very month. I will To provide a mutuallybegin with congratulating the new EC and hope we gel together as team. supportive and positive learning environmentIn this issue Immediate past Club President Malkiat passes the baton to Club President Vi- in which every individ-kas kumar, who shares his plans for the club, Anurag Butoliya talks about the race of his ual member has thelife, Akhil Sood finds answers to his monster question. Don’t miss the poem by Sir Rudyard opportunityKipling. In the ‘Hyde Park’ section we invited some thoughts on discussing the last minute to develop oralbackouts. Read about Himanshu Sharma and Vaibhav Vashishtha, the latest additions to communicationour family in Know thy toastmasters. . and leadership skills, which in turn fosterHope you have a good time reading it. self-confidence
  2. 2. 2 CONTENTS January 2011Passing the guard Page 3The outgoing president hands over the charge of the club tohis successor Vikas and his team The monster question PAGE 5 RACE PAGE 4 -Akhil Sood—Malkiat Bindra and Vikas Kumar -Anurag Batoliya Meeting Theme Of The Month Page 7 News and announcementsThe Beginning Page 8 and 8 Page 6 Toastmasters of the month and meeting themesA poem by Sir Rudyard Kipling -Vikas Kumar -Sanchit Aggarwal -Sameep Taneja The Hyde Park Page 11 Best of the Month Page 13Know Thy Toastmaster Page 9 Handling Backouts Find out our star performers week by week.and 10  Vikas Malik,Let’s get to know the latest addition to our family  Sanchit AggarwalHimanshu Sharma and Vaibhav Vashishtha  Akhil Sood Club Contact Details Page 14 Acknowledgments Page 15
  3. 3. 3 PASSING THE GUARD January 2011If you live through your life, you will not realize the things Standing on the brink of a bright new beginningwhich have changed. But, if u give a thought, ponder upon the I can feel the fresh new breeze coming to methings which matter, you might realize a lot has changed with- And I long to set myself free....out much attention. All you did was your duty, took some helpfrom others, saw your friends stand next to you and wallah! It‘s I wish this year 2011 brings new joys to your life.all done.. Something similar happened when I was in charge ofthe club from July10. There were DCP goals, concern for the First of all, I would like to congratulate the newly appointed ECquality of the club, concerns for other things regarding the club. members – Akhil Sood ( VP - Education), Shraddha Nakra (VP -Piece by piece, meeting by meeting, month by month, all was Membership), Shreeja Kumar (VP - Public Relations), Vinaysorted just like that. Jain (Treasurer), Sameep Taneja (Secretary) and Sanchit Aggar- wal (Sergeant at arms) for being selected as the Executive Committee. I would like to thank the Selection committee of our club which has shown their trust in this team. It isOur term did not have many EC members left by the end of the term. But, those who this teams hard work, skills and perseverance which will help our club to reach newerwere there, made sure there was nothing that they could not handle. They made sure heights.that no one could notice that it was mere few who were handling the job of 7 fullytrained officials. Yes, they were not trained in some specific aspect of the job, but no Serving a club with tradition of achievements is a matter of pride and it is my privilege toone could tell the difference. These are those people who excel in their life and fulfill be given charge of this "Always Ahead" club. It is said that to be at the top is easier thantheir dreams and turn them into reality. They surely made my job very easy. Ill miss staying at the top. Continuous improvement with the ability to reinvent is the utmost re-the time I spent with these true leaders. quirement of sustained success. Last Executive Committee in their term has set the achievement bar at a new high. JPKU Toastmasters Club has already achieved the covetedIsnt that why we are here in the first place? Isnt learning and excelling the first ob- "Presidents Distinguished Club" Award. Congratulations to all members and EC team forjective of joining Toastmasters? I have full confidence in the new EC and I am sure the same. Now, it‘s our duty to follow the path laid down by our predecessors and then gothey will take our club to new heights. I was asked to write this down for the Newslet- beyond what has already been achieved.ter and I was not sure of what I would write. But when I got to write it down, all of itis coming naturally from the heart. This is the impact the club and its people have had For fellow EC members, my message is to take guidance from our predecessors and striveon me. Ill surely miss them all.... our best to reach the standards set and then go past them. For members of club, my mes- sage is to be present and participate. The quality of the club, its meetings is defined by theBefore I say goodbye, I would like to say "All the Best" to the new EC and to Vikas quality of its members and for that members need to participate in all the activities of theKr. Malik in particular who has to lead the pack of 7 prominent leaders having differ- club.ent responsibilities of their own. I wish you all the success and many new beginnings in your life.Malkiat Bindra Vikas KumarImmediate Past President - JPKU Toastmasters Club President - JPKU Toastmasters Club
  4. 4. 4 RACE-Anurag Batoliya January 2011Quit , Give up ! step & slipped He slipped and fell again So far behind , so hooked to winYou are beaten He still ran to the endThere is just too much against you now, Trying hard to watch himself; Seconds past , he lay there silently They cheered the winner,This time you can‘t succeed ! His hands flew out ; A tear dropped from his eye As he crossed the line Hearing the cheer of the crowd ; There is no use of running, High and proudAnd as I started to hang my head, He fell flat on his face. I am out , why try No falling, no disgraceIn front of a familiar face.My downright thoughts were broken, So down he fell , and with him the hope; He thought to rise and disappear, The fallen boy crossed the line,By the memory of a race. He couldn‘t win it now ! All hopes had fade away Last place Depressed sad , He only wished to disappear somehow; So far behind , so slipped The crowd gave him a greater cheerHopes refilled my broken will; So fallen, A loser all the way. For finishing the raceAnd I recalled that scene, But as he fell, his dad stood upFor just the thought of that small race & showed his anxious face, to boy so clearly said ―I have lost the race, he said‖ And even though , he came in lastrejuvenates my will. ―Get up and win the race‖ I‘ll have to live with my disgrace Low and head bowed And then he thought about his dad, He would have thought ,A children‘s race, young boy, young man He quickly rose, said no damage is done; Who soon He‘ll have to face. He should have won the raceExcitement sure , but also; Behind a bit , that‘s all ! To listen to the crowd,Fear it wasn‘t hard to tell. Ran with his mind and might ; ―Get up ― An echo sounded low To walk away with grace. To make up for his fall. Take your placeAnd all they lined up; So full of hope You are not meant for failure And to his dad, he sadly saidEach thought, to win that race. So anxious to restore himself; Get up ,and win the race ―I didn‘t do too well today‖Tightly rehearsed , and if not that; To catch up and to win; ―To me you won‖, his father saidAt least take the second place. His mind went faster than his legs , He slipped, He rose up again You rose each time you fell And fell again You haven‘t lost it allAnd fathers watched , on side on bench; For winning is more than this And now when the things seem darkEach cheering for his son He wished he had quit; To rise each time you fall And hard , difficulties right in the mid-Each boy hoped , to show his father, With only one disgrace dle of the faceThat he might be the one. Hopeless as a runner and said; So up he rose, to run once more The memory of that little boy , helps I shouldn‘t try to race! With a new commit me in my race.The whistle blew, and off they went He resolvedYoung hearts , hopes of fire; In the cheering crowd, he found his father‘s face ―winners loose , but at least he With all the life is like a raceTo win, to be the hero; That steady look said again wouldn‘t quit!‖ With ups and downsWas each young boy‘s desire ―Get up , & win the race‖ That was the inner call And some utter disgrace To win , just remember that boys call;One boy in particular; So far behind, He ran To rise each time you fall. So up he jumped to try againWhose dad was in the crowd, For the quest to win Rise each time, you fall Ten meters behind the last;Was running near the lead and thought ; If I have to gain those meters ‗―My dad would be so proud‖ I have to run really fast Three times he had fallen, stum-But as they spread across the field; bling Three times he had risen again Anurag Batoliya Exerting everything he had;Into the shallow depths Trying so hard to catch the leadThe little boy who thought to win , lost a
  5. 5. 5 The monster-Akhil Sood January 2011 Amidst our busy lives, forever occupied by our routine engagements, only a few of us dare to change the boredom of routine and undergo a paradigm of shift by doing something creative to break the otherwise monotonous schedule. The ones who begin are perpetually greeted by a perennial question, Do I belong here? The question has been so rampant that it has even invaded our daily routine lives as well and very often we find ourselves put- ting the same question and giving a shot to finding answers. It could be a new group of friends, just acquired, and the moment you see one in the group, going deeper and further than you expected, in pops the question. I always used to wonder… Is it my fear of insecurity that is giving a rebirth to this question every now and then? Is it the lack of time that I can devote to the newly shaping ideas in my brains? Or is it my rising levels of hatred and demotivation which leads me to hang my boots? I managed to get the best education that I could have but nothing in respect to answering these questions. I felt dissatisfaction after spending 3 years in college, 2 years of corporate life, countering all the hardships, teachers, bosses, assignments, exams, project, love and sometime friends too, and yet not sure if I belonged there, I would have certainly added a few new dimensions to my achievements had I been assured that I belonged there. Where do I get that assurance from? It sounds similar to insurance but its not as easily available in the market. Inspite of my willingness to pay a price, I couldn‘t locate a single vendor but eventually i got the assurance I longed for. It was after I left my job, when I visited my college and a cup of tea with the Principal and a discussion where she wanted the alumni to mentor the students. Yes, I had my reservations but the persistent faith ended my quest. Its not about money or profit or motive. Its about society, If you belong to the society, you can adapt and fit into every atom of that compound. To fit into that big compound, all you need is to think about it. The social responsibilities are not meant for the text book and their sole purpose is not to fetch you some marks in your exams. They are needed for that eternal satisfaction. Ini- tiate doing something and you will feel the belongingness. I belonged to my college, It wasn‘t a fluke that i went in there. The same holds true for you. You belong here…. Akhil Sood
  6. 6. 6 News and Announcements January 2011 The new Executive Committee has taken charge for the term January to June 2011. Please contact them for any issues you face. Vaibhav Vashishtha is the newest member to join JPKU Toastmaster and has delivered his Icebreaker with a aplomb. Vice President (Education) Akhil Sood has completed his Competent Communication Manual. JPKU Toastmaster is going to organize its International Speech Contest and Tabletopics Contest on February 19, 2011. To participate in the inter- national speech contest, a member has to complete his 6 speeches. Please try and get your 6 speeches done by the contest date. The EC is willing to help. Please communicate your willingness. On February 5, 2011, The Delhi Advanced Toastmasters Club is organiz- ing a special meeting. It will include three special sessions including Magic Moments by Deepak Menon. As guests, you will be charged Rs. 200 for attending the meeting.
  7. 7. 7 MEETING THEMEs OF THE MONTH January 2011 8th January was the first meeting of JPKU Toast- The first time‖; it took me 2 days to come with this theme. Being masters Club of year 2011. This time of the year is a very non-creative person, I had no idea what I was going to the time of resolutions, time of starting afresh on speak on my first attempt as a toastmaster. I also realised that San- the journey of life. It is also the time when we can chit Gupta is the first time Table Topics master. Just then, an idea again have a fresh view at everything that we have been doing. Toastmaster gives us opportunity to hit me. Why not talk about the first time? Why don‘t I remind communicate in a more effective way. It is the plat- everyone that there is something called first time of everything weform where we can learn from our peers, from mentors, from our manu- ever did or of everything we‘ll ever do? Some may be worth re-als, practice, rectify our mistakes and in the process could be ready for membering and some will be washed away with time.the future ahead. And as we are starting in this New Year, it is our duty When we start our lives, everything is special, well at that time whatever we do is spe-to renew our pledge, our commitment to our club, to ourselves as mem- cial only for our parents because we are too dumb to understand anything. As we startbers. growing old, we also start enjoying small events in our life such as going to school for the first time or making a friend for the first time, but all this is lost when we becomeFirst meeting of 2011 has a couple of firsts. New executive committeetook charge of their responsibilities and pledged their commitment for adults. Everything becomes planned and we start indulging only in those activitiesthe betterment of the club and its members. Area C2 Governor con- which are in some way ―profitable‖ to us. We don‘t start anything new just becauseducted this ceremony. Dr. Ritu also presented a session about leadership we want to experience something new.manuals and the different roles/modules that must be fulfilled for ad- Time will not stop; you will never cease to grow old until you are here. Why not makevanced leadership awards. It was very beneficial for members who use of this time? Why not learn something only for fun? You can either spend your lifewant to complete their ALB and ALS in the coming months. Club will by doing stuff which you regularly do or have plans to do, or you can just pack yourconduct its International Speech and Table Topics shortly and to make bags and go on a holiday to the place where you have always wanted to go but weremember aware of the same a special Mock Table Topics Session was unable to because of ―lack of time‖. Or you can start learning guitar, which you haveconducted. It gave a very clear picture of all the judging criteria and ac-tual proceedings of a table topics contest. always wanted to learn in school but now you think that you are too old to learn. Start something, let there be endless first time experiences in your life, and if you think you have done enough just think about this question ―When was the last time I did something for the first time? -Vikas Kumar -Sanchit Aggarwal
  8. 8. January 2011 8 MEETING THEMEs OF THE MONTH contd..Creativity is the process of bringing something new to life- real orimaginary. It is the art of combining things things to create something The Beginning by Rudyard Kiplingthat was never thought before. Creativity is also changing your or oth- .ers perception. Creativity is a skill that can be practiced and is not justan inspiration that strikes the gifted ones. There are opportunities topractice creativity in every aspect of our life and at any time. It was not part of their blood,There are several books that equips us with tools to build creativity. I It came to them very late It was not preached to the crowd,consider Edward de Bono as a leading authority on creativity and an-other British author Tony Buzan is also a great writer who offers prac- With long arrears to make good, It was not taught by the State.tical tools and trainings on creativity and innovation. There are ofcourse various other authors who study innovation especially in the When the English began to hate. No man spoke it aloud,context of Business. When the English began to hate.Companies who adopt an innovation culture are leading in their fields They were not easily moved,and would continue to do so. The culture of innovation that is requiredin business also encompasses execution otherwise no value can be de- They were icy-willing to wait It was not suddenly bred,rived from it. Google and 3M are well known companies which arebuilt on innovative products and services. Till every count should be proved, It will not swiftly abate, Ere the English began to hate. Through the chill years ahead,We need innovation at Government Policy and institutional level tosucceed to add value at every level and reduce our dependence on When Time shall count from the dateother countries since cost arbitrage will get evened out soon Their voices were even and low, That the English began to hate.Surpetition is a new term coined by Edward de Bono which he de-scribes as ―seeking above‖ or creating your own race. It means creat- Their eyes were level and straight.ing new ―value monopolies.‖ There was neither sign nor show, When the English began to hate.Sameep Taneja
  9. 9. 9 KNOW THY TOASTMASTER January 2011Himanshu Sharma is a pass out from Heritage School , Vasant Kunj. He is currently pursuing Bsc(Hons) at Institute of learning and Management(IILM), Lodhi Road from university of Brad fort UKLet‘s get to know more about him.. enhances speaking skills but also leadership Q1: How did you come to know about toastmasters skills. I feel it should happen at least twice a and how has the journey been so far? week. I came to know about toastmasters club through one of my school friend. The journey has been full of excite- ment and thrill .The Tabletopics are surely extravagant. Q2:What are the goals you have set for yourself be- fore joining toastmasters? I feel the need for overall personality development, spe- cially in the spheres of public speaking and enhancing my confidence levels which are the essence of being a truely satisfied person. . Q3: What are the things that generate passion out of you? I am very passionate about gymming and just love football. I was in the school team as well. There is not a single Manchester united match which I have missed. Q4: Any suggestions for the Toastmaster meeting in general and for fellow toastmasters? I feel that Im very lucky to have joined toastmasters as it is a great platform for over all development. It not only
  10. 10. 10 KNOW THY TOASTMASTER January 2011Vaibhav Vashishtha was born and brought up in Dausa, Rajasthan. He did his schooling from different schools of Dausa, Jaipur and Kota. He graduatedin Mechanical Engineering from IET Lucknow and pursued his M.Tech from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Propulsion. I worked as an Assistant Professorof Fluid Mechanics in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar for 8 months and then in Sharda University, Greater Noida for 8 months. Currently I am workingas project associate in Mechanical Department of IIT Delhi. Lets get personal with him... Q1: How did you come to know about toastmasters and Q4: Any suggestions for the Toastmaster how do you react now ? meeting in general and for fellow toastmas- A friend of mine is a member of Newdelhi ToastMaster club and he ters? suggested me to join Toast Master. I listen to him as a mentor so de- I like the way we conduct our meetings. It is quite formal and cided to try it. Now I believe that Toaste master is an ultimate place to disciplined. Especially I like current format of table topics improve public speaking skills, leadership skills and especially for me very much. My suggestion is to have less number of speakers it is a nice platform to come out of my routine life style and interact (for prepared speech) we should go for multiple rounds of ta- with some intellectual people. ble topic speeches. Q2:What is Vaibhav passionate about? It is a difficult question for me. I am passionate about solving engineering problems. It doesn‘t mean that I am a studious kind of person, it only implies that I enjoy brain storming. Currently I am solving problems of Computational fluid dy- namics. Q3: What are the goals you want to achieve through toast- masters? I want to improve my knowledge of English, want to be a com- petent speaker, a competent leader and want to have friends from different kind of professions and having varied interests.
  11. 11. 11 THE HYDE PARK- Topic January 2011The Hyde Park in London is famous for its Speakers’ Corner, which allows anyone and everyone to speak on a topic for as long as they can unless the police finds it offensive,and the Hyde Park police has had a history of being offended very rarely even on sensitive issues. As a salutation to the freedom of expression, we bring Hyde Park from Lon-don to our newsletter, and invite everyone to publish their comments on a certain topic, which for this month is: “Handling last minute backouts “Last minutes are the worst thing which canhappen before the meeting, Especially if Sangeeta Malikthe Toastmaster, or the General Evaluator or Ready Back up speakersTabletopic Master backs out. This can beavoided by assigning these roles at least a All role players shall be asked to informweek back and confirming the role players about their absence at least 2 days before.in the middle of the week again. We should be ready with some alternate A new session if there is only plans, such as videos, movie or book review one speaker.-----‗Speak up your mind ― Special recogni- or something to ensure that meeting experi- tion for these impromptu ence is enriching. Sanchit Aggarwal speakers Each member should be encouraged to aim at one speech in a fortnight. Vikas Kumar Akhil Sood Backouts are something that can‘t be evaded as there are individual priorities but I feel backouts wont hurt as much if we have good presence at the meetings so that we can assign roles in time.
  12. 12. 12 BEST OF THE MONTH January 2011 Here come Here come the the results!!! results!!! 15th January : Ritu Arora 22th January: : Akhil Sood 29th January: Vaibhav Vashishtha 15th January: Ritu Arora 22th January: Aneesh Jain 15th January: Ritu Arora & Vinay Jain 22th January: Aneesh Jain
  13. 13. 13 CLUB CONTACT DETAILS January 2011Our Executive Committee Venue of Meetings Vikas Kumar: President Vivekananda Vihar, Opposite J.P., Kapur & Uberai, Chartered vikask.malik@gmail.com Accountants, LGF C-4/5 Safdarjung Development Area, Akhil Sood: Vice President, Education New Delhi—110016. skhil.aood@gmail.com Shraddha Nakra: Vice President, Membership Shraddha.nakra@gmail.com Time of Meetings Shreeja Kumar: Vice President, Public Relations Every Saturday, 12:30 p.m. shreeja91@hotmail.com Sameep Taneja Secretary Whom to Contact sameeptaneja@gmail.com For all queries, please contact: Vinay Jain: Treasurer toastmaster.vinay@gmail.com Vikas Kumar: +91 9560690622 :;vikask.malik@gmail.com Shreeja Kumar:+919717675613 ; shreeja91@hotmail.com Sanchit Aggarwal: Sergeant-at-arms Akhil Sood: +91 9810820409; skhil.aood@gmail.com sanchit31@gmail.com Shraddha Nakra: +91 9899010 702 shraddha.nakra@gmail.com Sanchit Aggarwal +91 9810906089; sanchit31@gmail.com
  14. 14. 14 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS January 2011 Always Ahead…! With this, I come to the end of my first issue of newsletter for the club. It feels great to contribute to JPKU Toastmasters. I will like to thank Malkiat, Anurag Vikas, Sanchit ,Akhil, Himanshu, Vaibhav & Sameep for their in time contributions and making this a success. Images is published on the last day of the month. All contribu- tors are requested to send in their entries to shreeja91@hotmail.com by the 25th of the month. Club No. 858173 No part of this newsletter maybe printed or reproduced Division C, District 82 without intimating the JPKU Toastmasters Club. All enquiries and requests should be directed to the club‘s public relationsImportant Links: committee at jpkunews@gmail.com.JPKU Toastmasters: http://jpkutoastmasters.bravehost.comDivision C members: d82Cmembers@googlegroups.comDistrict 82: http://www.t82.org/ Copyright JPKU Toastmasters Club, 2010