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Fisher sharks

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Fisher sharks

  1. 1. All about sharks…  Sharks have been around before dinosaurs existed  Sharks have no bones  Most sharks are intermediate in size, and are about the same size as people
  2. 2. The spined pygym shark  The spined pygym shark reproductive biology is unknown  The spined pygym shark is harmless to people  Divers rarely see spined pygym shark  The spined pygym shark is 50 feet long(15m)
  3. 3. This is one shark picture  this is a shark swinging.
  4. 4. Migrations  This shark is the smallest shark in the ocean  this shark eats the fooling to live squid,shrimp,and mid water fish  This uncommon shark lives in the deep water but migrates vertically each day to hunt at night in mid depth waters
  5. 5. Population count  The spined pygmy shark is very rare  A lot of fishing people barley Catch it.  His upper teeth are narrow and very small.  The lower teeth and larger and knife like.
  6. 6. This is a spined pygmy shark
  7. 7. All about sharks.....  This sharks I am talking about is one of the smallest shark in the ocean it is roughly 7 to 8 inches (18 to 21 cm) long.  And the females sharks are about 8 inches long and 21 cm long the male sharks are 7 inches long witch it is 18 cm long.
  8. 8. Sharks  the deep water sharks swim in some pretty deep water  Sharks have some pretty neat dorsal fin but it is not in front of the dorsal fin( this is unique among sharks).  This shark is not harmless to swimmers it has a very sleek and has a bulbous snout.
  9. 9. Sharks  Sharks are really neat creatures in the sea.
  10. 10. Spined pygmy shark attack  This shark is very rarely seen.  This shark is very harmless to the people swimming and to the other sharks in the sea.
  11. 11. Not moving  Did you know that this shark has to sleep moving like sleep walking.  This shark is non stop if it does stop it will die and it well have less population now.  Because of it dorsal fins if it stop's moving the dorsal fins will stop and that gives them less oxzaion .
  12. 12. Attack  If this shark is ever going to attack you do you know what you are going have to do is to punch his nose that is the only way for you to get away in time.  And a another thing you can do is to grab his eye to get away in time to go tell someone.
  13. 13. What it eats  This shark sometimes eats bony fish, squid in the ocean.
  14. 14. Habitat  They live in the sea.  They do not have an adaptation  There scenes are some of the same ones has us but the have a special sense it is an electric fields given of off a pray that sharks can get from any electrical field that come off like a manget.
  15. 15. Sharks……….
  16. 16. closing  This shark is very cool  I bet you could learn a lot about this shark too