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Five Apps You Should Download Today

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Staying up to date with new apps is a habit that all marketers should develop. You always need to be on the lookout for places to engage your potential customers!

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Five Apps You Should Download Today

  2. There are new apps popping up every day, GARY VAYNERCHUK GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  3. and I know that keeping up with all of them can be daunting. GARY VAYNERCHUK GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  4. Some of you might even think that it’s stupid, GARY VAYNERCHUK GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  5. but it’s a habit * you should get into , And it’s helped me stay ahead of most of my digital contemporaries * GARY VAYNERCHUK GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  6. Because you don’t truly understand the value proposition of an app until you’ve tried it. GARY VAYNERCHUK GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  7. With all that in mind, here are 5 apps you might want to be investigating. GARY VAYNERCHUK GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  8. NOTE: I’m not endorsing these apps in any way, these are just a few that I have my eye on. GARY VAYNERCHUK GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  9. 1. Confide Snapchat for texting Confide allows you to send and receive messages that “disappear” after reading. The UI has features that make screenshots basically impossible, and end-to-end encryption means that the service never actually holds a readableversion of your message anywhere on their servers. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  10. 2. Secret Postsecret meets Tumblr With Secret, you create quotecards anonymously and share them out to a network of friends that the app pulls from your contact list. Everything is totally anonymous including commenting, and popular posts will propagate across multiple networks of people. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  11. 3. WUT Anonymous disappearing group texts WUT creates a group text conversation consisting of your Facebook friends also using the app. The messages are anonymous, and go one step beyond disappearing: They can only be viewed on your phone’s lock screen, and only five at a time. After that, they’re gone forever. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  12. 4. Proust Technicolor ranking “game” Proust is what would happen if you somehow smashed Cards Against Humanity into Trivial Pursuit, and removed any kind of win condition. You are given lists of funny, irreverent items and asked to rank them from top to bottom. The game then heavily suggests that you should share your results. Additionally you have the ability to make your own lists for your friends to rank. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  13. 5. Checkout51 Coupons for 2014 Each week there is a new set of coupons that get you cash back for certain purchases. They can be branded ($1.00 for Triscuits) or generic ($0.25 for any kind of fresh blueberries). All you do is send them a photo of your receipt from the grocery store to claim your rewards. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
  14. 6. Flappy Bird Hyper-addictive, one-tap gaming ...Oh wait, nevermind. GARYVAYNERCHUK.COM
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Staying up to date with new apps is a habit that all marketers should develop. You always need to be on the lookout for places to engage your potential customers!


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