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BOLLYWOOD PSYCHO (One of my Spec script)

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BOLLYWOOD PSYCHO (One of my Spec script)

  1. 1. Title: BOLLYWOOD PSYCHO Written by Vasu Gurappa (+919148006419 & mgvasu@gmail.com) Genre: Crime thriller. Logline: A set designer in Bollywood starts killing young actresses to overcome his psychological disorder, which is a result of his mother’s illicit relationship with actors. SYNOPSIS: A Bollywood set designer VICKY in the mid 30s fostered by a single parent (mother) becomes psychologically imbalanced after his mother’s death. A few years back, after his father’s (an actor) death, his mother gets into illicit relationships. This disturbs him a lot and develops a hatred for women who cheat their partners. Movie sets, outdoor shoots and plenty of models/actresses around, he comes across many such models/actresses, who cheat their partners. Then, he starts to compare them with his mother and her fantasy. And then, he embarks on a journey to satisfy his psychological imbalance by killing few models. This goes unnoticed for a few years because of his clever tactics to destroy evidence. Even, he blackmails all of them and also their respective partners. In the end, a clever police officer JOHNY captures him and then court orders death sentence. Finally, a female journalism student VIDYA interview him and comes out with a book “BOLLYWOOD PSYCHO”. Registered @ www.fwa.co.in on 2017-05-04 12:19:20 © Vasu Gurappa