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® Effie is a registered trademark / service mark of Effie Worldwide, Inc.                                                 ...
AGRICuLTuRAL/INDuSTRIAL/BuILDING                                 AuTOMOTIVE, PRODuCTS & SERVICESSILVER                    ...
BOOMER+                            BRAND ExPERIENCE                                                    BREAKFAST FOODSSILV...
FINANCIAL SERVICES - CARDS         GLOBALBRONzE                             GOLD                         SILVER           ...
MEDIA INNOVATIONGOLD                                SILVER                             BRONzEOld Spice                    ...
RETAILGOLD                               SILVER                      BRONzEWalmart                            Walgreens   ...
SMALL BuDGETS - PRODuCTS                                                                       SMALL BuDGETS - SERVICESGOL...
TRAVEL/TOuRISM/DESTINATIONGOLD                                SILVER                          BRONzEHomeAway.com          ...
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2011 EFFIE Winners List

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2011 Effie Award winners list with trophie

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2011 EFFIE Winners List

  1. 1. ® Effie is a registered trademark / service mark of Effie Worldwide, Inc. 2011 the winners Awarding Ideas That Work
  2. 2. AGRICuLTuRAL/INDuSTRIAL/BuILDING AuTOMOTIVE, PRODuCTS & SERVICESSILVER SILVER SILVERCargill RAMP Delta Faucet CarfaxrighT To The Bunk delTa TouCh2o TeChnologY Show Me The CarfaxcarGill “handS” carFax delta Faucet cOMpanYbailey lauerman leo burnett Zimmerman advertising Spark SMG GO Film liquid thread MS&l Strata-GAuTOMOTIVE, VEHICLESGOLD SILVER BRONzEMINI Cooper Toyota NissanMini vS porSChe Challenge “MoMMY like/daddY like” The new CarMini uSa/bMW OF nOrtH aMerica tOYOta MOtOr SaleS, inc niSSan nOrtH aMericabutler, Shine, Stern and partners Saatchi & Saatchi la tbWacHiatdaY critical MaSS OMd the designory inc. George p Johnson .BEAuTy PRODuCTS & SERVICES BEVERAGES, ALCOHOLGOLD BRONzE SILVER BRONzEOld Spice EOS Miller High Life Jameson“The Man Your Man eoS - reinvenTing lip BalM give a veTeran a pieCe “TaSTe aBove all elSe” CaMpaignCould SMell like” eOS prOductS of The high life pernOd ricard uSaOld Spice (a p&G brand) MillercOOrSWieden+Kennedy Juniper park Saatchi & Saatchi tbWacHiatdaYpaine pr arc Worldwidelandor dig communications razorfish Mc MediaBEVERAGES, NON-ALCOHOLSILVER BRONzE BRONzECalifornia Milk Gatorade V8Processor BoardSelling healTh and BeauTY floaT like a BuTTerflY, v8. whaT’S Your nuMBer?BY The gallon STing like a Bee caMpbell’S SOup cOMpanYcaliFOrnia MilK GatOradeprOceSSOr bOardGrupo Gallegos tbWachiatday la Young & rubicam new York OMd G2 uSa circle One Marketing Mec Global1 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work
  3. 3. BOOMER+ BRAND ExPERIENCE BREAKFAST FOODSSILVER GOLD BRONzE BRONzESun Life Financial Old Spice Starbucks Coffee Wheaties Fuel CompanygeT To know Sun life “The Man Your Man Could SMell STarBuCkS ”SparkS“ wheaTieS fuel launCh CaMpaignSun liFe Financial like” reSpondS To The inTerneT StarbucKS cOFFee cOMpanY General MillS, inc. Old Spice (a p&G brand)the Martin agency Wieden+Kennedy bbdO new York Saatchi & Saatchi paine pr pHd Media popular Front blast radius FrWd edelmanCOMPuTER HARDWARE COMPuTER SOFTWARE CONSuMER ELECTRONICSBRONzE SILVER SILVER SILVERLexmark Norton from Symantec Canon EOS Cameras Sony PlayStationlexMark waging a real war againST phoTographY BeYond The STill iT onlY doeS everYThinginK MOnSterS a virTual villain canOn uSa SOnY cOMputer SYMantec cOrpOratiOn entertainMent aMericalexmark leo burnett, uSa Grey advertising deutsch ladoner arc Worldwide Mediacompicasso pictures Grey San Franciscolewis-Global public relations edelman public relations WorldwideCuLTuRE & THE ARTS DAVID VS GOLIATHSILVER BRONzE GOLD BRONzEThe Field Museum Art Institute of Chicago Kia SeasoniqueSue eSCapeS The red CuBe projeCT kia Soul TakeS on SCion xB & SeaSonique re-launChtHe Field MuSeuM art inStitute OF cHicaGO niSSan CuBe teva WOMen’S HealtH Kia MOtOrS aMericaddb chicago energy bbdO david&Goliath, llc ddb nYOMd proximity chicago initiative draftfcb innocean Worldwide communications Strategies inc connell & associatesENTERTAINMENT/SPORTING EVENTS FASHION/STyLESILVER BRONzE GOLD SILVER52nd Annual GRAMMy Atlanta Falcons Dockers Lane BryantAwards/ The RecordingAcademyhow we Took The grannY riSe up! doCkerS’ reTurn To Manhood noBodY fiTS You like lane BrYanTouT of graMMYS tHe atlanta FalcOnS levi StrauSS & cO. / dOcKerS lane brYanttHe recOrdinG acadeMYtbWachiatday los angeles the richards Group draftfcb / San Francisco Zimmerman advertisingvisible technologies click Here OMd / los angeles Michael bernard covey entertainment Moondog2 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work
  4. 4. FINANCIAL SERVICES - CARDS GLOBALBRONzE GOLD SILVER BRONzEAmerican Express OPEN Snickers IBM Corporation 5 GumaMeriCan expreSS open STarT You’re noT You when iBM SMarTerCiTieS prograM 5 guM: STiMulaTe Your SenSeSBooMing CaMpaign You’re hungrY ibM cOrpOratiOn WilliaM WriGleY Jr. cO.aMerican expreSS Open MarS ltd.crispin porter + bogusky aMv bbdO Ogilvy & Mather energy bbdOMindShare bbdO new York Mindshare/neo aMv bbdOdigitas bbdO dusseldorf SY partners Mindshare Graffiti bbdO vSa partners Mediacom impact bbdO Jack Morton Worldwide rapp collins ltdGOODWORKS - BRANDSGOLD SILVERLG Mobile Miller High Life“Before You TexT, give a veTeran a pieCegive iT a ponder.” of The high lifelG electrOnicS MillercOOrSMObilecOMM uSaYoung & rubicam advertising Saatchi & Saatchi new YorkvMl arc Worldwidetru dig communicationsMindshare razorfishSmith & Jones Mc MediaGOODWORKS - NON-PROFITGOLD SILVER BRONzERhode Island Community Washington Area Finnegans Irish AmberFood Bank Women’s FoundationMaking SoMeThing of noThing Be ThaT woMan here’S To doing good:tHe rHOde iSland cOMMunitY WaSHinGtOn area WOMen’S finneganS Brand re-launChFOOd banK FOundatiOn FinneGanS iriSH aMbernail communications rp3 agency Martin Williamsbeef Films SHerbet cerebral lounge clean cuts MusicGOVERNMENT/INSTITuTIONAL/RECRuITMENT HEALTHCARE - OTCBRONzE BRONzE BRONzEThe united States Trojan u by Kotex2010 CensusMoBilizing an enTire naTion “You Can’T waiT To geT iT on” u BY koTex geTS realunited StateS cenSuS bureau cHurcH & dWiGHt cO., inc aBouT periodS KiMberlY-clarKdraftfcb the Joey company JWt Organic Mindshare Marina Maher communications, inc3 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work
  5. 5. HEALTHCARE PRODuCTS & SERVICES HISPANIC HOuSEHOLD FuRNISHINGS & APPLIANCESSILVER BRONzE GOLDWalgreens Hispanic Scholarship Formica FundarM YourSelf for The TuS palaBraS de hoY “do a 180”oneS You love (Your wordS TodaY) FOrMica cOrpOratiOnWalGreenS HiSpanic ScHOlarSHip Fund & tHe ad cOuncilarc Worldwide Grupo Gallegos bbdO MinneapolisStarcom uSa proximity Minneapolisdowntown partners chicago pHd MinneapolisdigitasGilmore GroupHOuSEHOLD SuPPLIES & SERVICES INFLuENCERSSILVER BRONzE SILVER BRONzEHuggies Tide Kimberly-Clark u Bauer Hockey by Kotex*The huggieS jean diaper: STYle iS an opTion, Clean iS noT kiMBerY-Clark “Break The CYCle” vapor x:60 STiCkfull of ChiC prOcter & GaMble cO. KiMberlY-clarK cOrpOratiOn bauer HOcKeY, inc.KiMberlY-clarKJWt Saatchi & Saatchi Organic, inc. OlSOnedelman pr SMG united JWt, new YorkMindshare Media digitasJWt action integer Group devries public relationsINSuRANCE (AuTO & HOME)BRONzEProgressive InsuranceSuperSToreprOGreSSive inSurancearnold WorldwideMEDIA IDEAGOLD SILVER BRONzE BRONzEKraft American Express HOT IN CLEVELAND Syfyreal woMen of philadelphia unSTaged: an original SerieS hoT in Cleveland CaMpaign The whiTe raBBiT experienCeKraFt froM aMeriCan expreSS tv land SYFY aMerican expreSSdigitas digitas ingenuity Media Group Falloneqal Momentum Spot On Media consultants ignitededelman arsonal creative Klip collectivemcgarrybowen target MarketingOgilvyaction4 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work
  6. 6. MEDIA INNOVATIONGOLD SILVER BRONzEOld Spice Doritos Toyota“The Man Your Man Could SMell ConCerT in a Bag priuS launCh - harMonYlike” reSpondS To The inTerneT FritO-laY inSTallaTionSOld Spice (a p&G brand) tOYOta MOtOr SaleSWieden+Kennedy Goodby, Silverstein and partners Saatchi & Saatchi lapaine pr OMd Greenroad Media Macdonald MediaNEW PRODuCT OR SERVICEGOLD SILVER BRONzE BRONzEBing ubisoft Just Dance Dante’s Inferno McDonald’sBreaking The google haBiT: hiring aMeriCa To launCh danTe’S inferno: The inTroduCTion of realTiMe To STop SearChing and a produCT highwaY To hell fruiT SMooThieSSTarT deCiding ubiSOFt electrOnic artS McdOnald’S cOrpOratiOnMicrOSOFtJWt nomadic agency Wieden + Kennedy ddbuniversal Mccann Wheelhouse productions cinco design Office tribal ddbrazorfish Kamp Grizzly OMd doubleclick- GoogleOFFICE & DELIVERy PRODuCTS & SERVICES PACKAGED FOODSILVER SILVER BRONzEunited States Spice Islands SNICKERS® BrandPostal Servicea SiMpler waY To Ship all SpiCeS are noT “You’re noT You whenholidaY CaMpaign CreaTed equal You’re hungrY”united StateS pOStal Service acH FOOdS, inc. MarS cHOcOlate nOrtH aMericacampbell-ewald cramer-Krasselt bbdO nY Starcom Weber Shandwick thomas J. paul, inc. digitasPET CARE RENAISSANCEBRONzE GOLDMilk-Bone SNICKERS® BrandiT’S good To give “You’re noT You whendel MOnte You’re hungrY” MarS cHOcOlatedraftfcb nOrtH aMericaStarcom Worldwidecatalyst S+F bbdO nYcoyne pr Starcomcanine assistants Weber Shandwick thomas J. paul, inc. digitas5 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work
  7. 7. RETAILGOLD SILVER BRONzEWalmart Walgreens zappos.comwalMarT SMaCk Talk CaMpaign arM YourSelf for The happY people MakingWalMart oneS You love people happY WalGreenS ZappOS develOpMent, inc.the Martin agency arc Worldwide MullenFurlined Starcom uSabeast downtown partners chicago digitas Gilmore GroupSHOPPER MARKETING - MANuFACTuRERGOLD SILVER BRONzEGillette Fusion u by Kotex FebrezefuSion/Madden - look Your u BY koTex launCh hoMe ColleCTionS launChBeST. plaY Your BeST. KiMberlY-clarK prOcter & GaMble-WalMartprOcter & GaMble-WalMart GlObal cuStOMer teaM GlObal cuStOMer teaMea SpOrtSSaatchi & Saatchi x JWt/Ogilvyaction Saatchi & Saatchi xtriad tracylocke triad digital Mindshare colemanbrandworx Strategic branding OrganicSHOPPER MARKETING - RETAIL SINGLE IMPACT ENGAGEMENTSILVER BRONzE GOLD SILVERWalgreens Taco Bell Old Spice ToyotaarM YourSelf for The drive Thru-dieT “The Man Your Man Could SMell “Swagger wagon” viral videooneS You love tacO bell cOrp . like” reSpondS To The inTerneT tOYOta MOtOr SaleS, incWalGreenS Old Spice (a p&G brand)arc Worldwide draftfcb Wieden+Kennedy Saatchi & Saatchi laStarcom uSa Weber Shandwick paine prdowntown partners chicagodigitasGilmore GroupSINGLE MEDIA COMPANy ACTIVATIONGOLDBank of AmericahiSTorY Channel ”aMeriCa:The STorY of uS“ parTnerShipbanK OF aMericaStarcom uSa / liquidthreadthe History channel6 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work
  8. 8. SMALL BuDGETS - PRODuCTS SMALL BuDGETS - SERVICESGOLD SILVER BRONzE SILVERDiscover Boating James Ready Scoop Away ComEd Brewing CompanyMaking waveS jaMeS readY Bar-Ter nighT The advenTureS of CluMpY CoMed fine arT fridgeSnatiOnal Marine CaMpaign and CruMBlY cOMedManuFacturerS aSSOciatiOn JaMeS readY breWinG cOMpanY tHe clOrOx cOMpanYspace150 leo burnett ddb San Francisco leo burnett campus intercept OMdSNACKS/DESSERTS/CONFECTIONSGOLD SILVER BRONzESNICKERS® Brand Stride Mega Mystery Wrigley’s Orbit Gum“You’re noT You when The ridiCulouSlY innovaTive Clean up in STYleYou’re hungrY” un-innovaTion WriGleYMarS cHOcOlate StridenOrtH aMericabbdO nY JWt energy bbdOStarcom Gold n Fish Marketing interbrandWeber Shandwick paine pr Starcomthomas J. paul, inc. Horizon Media inc. ryan partnership chicagodigitas dig communicationsSuSTAINED SuCCESSGOLD SILVER BRONzEAllstate Insurance Ocean Spray SVEDKACompanyThe “our STand” CaMpaign STraighT froM The Bog voTed #1 vodka of 2033allState inSurance cOMpanY Ocean SpraY SpiritS Marque One llcleo burnett arnold Worldwide Spirits Marque One llcStarcom Worldwide Weber ShandwickKang & lee advertising ZenithOptimedialapizTELECOM SERVICES TRANSPORTATIONSILVER BRONzE GOLDVerizon Wireless Verizon Wireless Southwest Airlinespower TruMpS preTTY Map for ThaT graB Your Bag. iT’S on/BagSveriZOn WireleSS veriZOn WireleSS flY free SOutHWeSt airlineSmcgarrybowen Mccann erickson GSd&Muniversal Mccann camelot communicationsZenith MediaGlobal Hueadasia7 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work
  9. 9. TRAVEL/TOuRISM/DESTINATIONGOLD SILVER BRONzEHomeAway.com Montana Office Travelocity of TourismThe reTurn of The griSwoldS MonTana: There’S noThing here ChooSe The gnoMe’SHOMeaWaY.cOM MOntana OFFice OF tOuriSM advenTureS travelOcitYpublicis Seattle MercurycSc McKinney Spark communications vollmer pr Spot inquiry clickHere OMdyEARLy TOPICAL CATEGORy: RECESSION MARKETINGGOLD BRONzEHP Huntington BankprinTing paYBaCk guaranTee hunTingTon Bank BrandHp iMaGinG & printinG GrOup re-launCh HuntinGtOn banKGoodby, Silverstein & partners arnold Worldwideporter novelli MpGOmnicom Media Group8 / 2011 Effie Awards Winners – Awarding Ideas That Work