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Us Two Friends December Product Reviews

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Product reviews from the UsTwoFriends.com website including the Christmas Gift Guide and other Hamper Reviews.

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Us Two Friends December Product Reviews

  1. 1. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/chocolat-chocolat-custom-bar-review Chocolat Chocolat Custom Bar Review We all think that creating chocolate is easy, however the cultivation and processing to create heavenly handmade chocolate is an skill. Chocolat Chocolat since being opened in 1999 have captivated the art of the chocolatier using the finest Belgian chocolate brought from France by Isabelle, adding delights such as turkish hazelnuts, freeze dried raspberries, crystallised lemon peel to name a few. If you want to create your own bars, then Chocolat Chocolat is the place to try. 3 delectable thick bars are just £14.95. Choose your bar and add 3 different toppings to each, or make each one the same, it’s entirely up to you. The choice is immense. Being a fan of Joe & Seph’s Popcorn, I wanted to see if Chocolat Chocolat could create the same magnificent flavours as the ones I usually choose, so I thought I’d try: Caramel, Coconut and Cinnamon Lemon and Poppyseed Mint Chocolate Since they have a variety of different chocolate bases, it makes it very easy to get the combinations together that you like. I chose the Caramel base for the first, white chocolate for the second and as mint always goes well with dark chocolate I chose that for the last.
  2. 2. Unfortunately the site had a bit of a glitch so my topping selections for the caramel bar didn’t go through so I received an email from the chocolatier Isabelle a few hours later just to confirm what I had chosen. Once that was sorted the bars took a week or so to get to me. The mint bar seemed to have taken a bit of a battering in the post so the mint pieces had all been knocked off into the packaging once I slipped it out of the box, but the other 2 were totally untouched. The fragrance was magnificent and I couldn’t wait to crack open the wrapper and taste the goodness. I didn’t want to spoil the bar with the message on first, so I headed straight for the lemon and poppyseed bar. I was hoping that it would be near enough the same as Joe & Seph’s popcorn and I wasn’t wrong. It was a whole bar of my most favourite flavour however the chocolate was a little more crumbly than I was expecting. Whether or not it was the sugar content of the bar itself or it hadn’t been tempered correctly I don’t know but it was still utterly delicious. Second bar I tried was the caramel, coconut and cinnamon, and yet again, utterly magnificent but for no other reason than the caramel chocolate. I don’t know why this isn’t sold in kg bars as it’s just so nice, I imagine it would be nice plain, covered in chocolate caramel buttons, sprinkled with caramel pieces, wrapped in caramel so I think you can guess I like it. Last bar was the mint chocolate. It’s also the bar with the message written on it in white chocolate. There wasn’t much mint flavour to it if I’m honest. The corners were lush as the crystallised mint pieces were really nice. Incredibly fresh and minty but there just wasn’t enough to make the whole bar “mintifab” enough for me. However it could just be because that’s all I chosen for the bar. There is always a custom message at checkout where you can write a message to the chocolatier and ask for some extra mint I guess if you really want a mintier bar. However, 3 custom made chocolate bars for £14.99 in whatever flavour and whatever toppings you want, it’s superb value for money. The nearest you get to that is getting a Thorntons bar iced with a message yet you can’t choose the flavours so Chocolat Chocolat make that so much better!
  3. 3. Jacqui You might also like Swapping Snow for Sunnier Climes Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe Last Minute Gift Ideas Win a fantastic apron for your man Blog Comps Ending in December 2014 Swapping Snow for Sunnier Climes Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe Last Minute Gift Ideas Win a fantastic apron for your man Blog Comps Ending in December 2014 Recommended by
  4. 4. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/chocolate-hampers-galore Chocolate Hampers Galore So it’s only 3 weeks to go until Christmas Day and hopefully you’re all hunting out the best bargains and buying some amazing stuff to keep them busy on the big day but if you are still thinking of things to buy, let me throw a couple of ideas your way and try to tempt you. Chocolate is always a fabulous present to buy someone, whether it’s a thank you, an I love you or just because of who they are but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the obligatory chocolate hamper crammed full. Cadburys generally have a remarkable array of hampers on offer and Christmas is no exception. Taking a trip to Cadbury Gifts Direct leads you to a selection that would rival any would be Willy Wonka from Santa’s Bitesize Box for £7.50 right up to the Christmas Magic Hamper, there’s something to allow everyone to #unwrapjoy this year. One such hamper is the Festive Favourites which I received which contains: 1 Christmas Snowman Selection Pack 1 box of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunks Carton 166g 1 Heroes Carton 200g 1 Roses Carton 200g 1 bag of Snow Bites 100g 10 Freddo Popping Candy Chocolate Bars The selection is quite delightful. Probably not one that I’d buy my Mum or friends of her age as with the Freddo and the Snow Bites they are more for children so a selection of bars, or indeed boxes of their best sellers would probably be best for them, but as a family box it’s a lovely selection. Snow Bites being iced milk chocolate balls, and Freddo Popping Candy Bars are a firm favourite with the kids of our family, with the Heroes being mine and Andy’s so there’s something for everyone. The bigger the hamper the more choice you have. But it doesn’t stop there. You don’t only get a little gift card with message, the hampers are presented to you in a gorgeous Cadbury purple gift box so there’s no need to wrap it and if you’re ordering it online to send to someone direct, they’ll feel special opening it as it quite decadent. Cadbury chocolate is one of the best selling chocolate in the world storming ahead of it’s rival Galaxy by Mars Confectionary 2-1. It’s clear to see it’s a household favourite. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on a gift to make someone happy. £18 will get you the Festive Favourites Hamper which is ample for me and Andy to get through Christmas as you get a taster of everything Cadbury are known for and for around £6.50 you can have the hamper delivered when you want it by choosing the date. Brilliant online service and big smiles when they’re received.
  5. 5. Green & Blacks also provide an online ordering service and yet again, a top quality selection of the finest luxury bars in hampers all supplied in lovely gift boxes. Their chocolate is a little more luxurious to Cadbury with a lot more flavours and textures from a £10 Chocolate Lovers Gift (Mini) to the £125 G&Bs Ultimate Chocolate Hamper and £3.95 for standard delivery (around 3-5 days). The Chocolate Lovers Gift (Mini) is a really fab introduction to Green & Blacks confectionary and at £10 plus £3.95 delivery it doesn’t break the bank. It contains: 1 Green & Black’s Organic Treat Collection 90g (contains 6 different mini bars) 1 NEW Milk with Orange Chocolate Bar 100g 1 Dark 70% Chocolate Bar 35g 1 Milk with Butterscotch Chocolate Bar 35g 1 White Miniature Bar 15g 1 Dark 70% Miniature Bar 15g 1 Milk Miniature Bar 15g Their chocolate is more of an after dinner treat. Big on flavours and textures, giving you a selection of unique and eclectic flavours like the new and gorgeous Blood Orange (which you get in a huge 100g bar with this gift box). It’s not as sickly sweet as an orange cream and doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste like some other orange chocolate on the market. A couple of pieces of Green & Blacks is all you need really as it’s such excellent quality. Both hampers were delivered by courier too so we received them the very next day after they were ordered – it’s just what you need when you order online. Put these on your shopping list as you’ll make someones day! You might also like Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe A Kik Start for your New Year Resolution Christmas Gift Guide 2014 Win a fantastic apron for your man Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe A Kik Start for your New Year Resolution Christmas Gift Guide 2014 Win a fantastic apron for your man Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection Recommended by
  6. 6. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/christmas-gift-guide-2014 Christmas Gift Guide 2014 So there’s just two weeks to the big day and so you’re probably looking at buying your Christmas presents, food and other delights to furnish and indulge yourself with so I’ve put together a little guide as to my best buys that might help you decide what you want to splash the cash on. Lights: If you like minimal decoration and decide against a full Christmas tree with lights and baubles, opting to have something smaller yet still a statement, then why not try branch lights. This year LED Hut have a gorgeous range of Christmas LED lights to rival any of the high end arty kinds. We chose a lovely set of branch lights which we glued into florist oasis, then placed that in a bowl which we had laid some very delicate fairy lights in. I like the sophistication of plain white lights so mixing the brighter branch lights with a warmer white fairy light looks understated and rather beautiful. For the table: Crackers – you can’t have Christmas without crackers, and I think I found the best crackers this year for those of us that love making things with our hands both in the kitchen and as a hobby – Foodie Crackers £35.00 & Origami Crackers £24.99 from Culture Vulture (these are also sold in Selfridges but for £39.00). Now these I thought were simply amazing so needed their very own review which you can read here. I loved these to pieces, since they were stylish and unique with some glorious gifts and things to do inside. Well worth splashing out on something of a higher quality to your bog standard crackers as it can make or break the lunch. Hampers: There’s quite a few hampers that I’ve reviewed which I think are not only amazing value but encapsulate the whole feeling of Christmas for me. Lakeland Rydal Hamper £84.99 which I reviewed here (sadly now discontinued). If you want to buy a friend of family member something that will cause a sharp intake of breath when they open it, then this would be one of those presents. It’s filled to the brim with goodies from all over the UK and the majority from smaller companies too so you don’t receive things which appear in mass produced hampers. If you want quality, a gorgeous selection of items, and a fabulous looking presentation, look no further than Lakelands Hampers since they still have an amazing selection. Green & Blacks: Fabulous quality from one of the very best chocolate manufacturer. Have an amazing range of hampers as well as individual items for you to purchase for the chocolate lover in your life. Their small gift boxes are especially cute and give you a small taster of a variety of bars so you can then find out what you like and purchase larger bars if you want. I recently reviewed the mini Chocolate Lovers Gift and well, you know how much I loved it! Pop on over there and get yourself something special (even if you get it, hide it and eat it secretly). Cadburys: A British Institution. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Cadburys and their hampers provide not
  7. 7. only immense value for money but a glorious mix to tempt any member of the family. Packed full of milk chocolate, different shapes, sizes, fillings, you name it, they have it. One of these beauties will turn any frown on Christmas upside down. Spicers of Hythe Gift For Him Hamper £28.21. We mustn’t forget our boys at Christmas, and as Andy loved this one, I’d recommend it in the guide as well as reviewing it here. It may only have 5 items in but they are presented so well that any guy 30+ would be over the moon if he received it. Andy mentioned that it’s something his uncle (being a single man in his 70s) would really appreciate, yet he (early 40s) also thought it was a fab little gift for his age range too. Hotel Chocolat: Another of our top quality confectionery producers. I was lucky enough to try The Christmas Collection which was simply amazing. It’s a selection of their festive goodies: Christmas chocolates, Butterscotch Puddles, the Dasher’s Dream slab, a Hazelnut Bûche and 6 Christmas Eton Mess truffles for £35.00 (although you can grab small discounts if you buy via cashback sites). To make it really special, add a gift bag to the item at checkout for about £2.50 and the recipient will be thrilled. I adored the Butterscotch Puddles (huge chocolate buttons) and the Hazelnut Bûche which originally I thought would be sickly as I’m not a fan of that type of chocolate, however it was totally lush with the whole hazelnuts and so it took on another dimension for me. So much so I had to go back for seconds. There are loads of guides for her, but what about highlighting some especially for him: I stumbled across this site when on the hunt for ideas for my Mr and was totally blown away that this product even existed. Willow and Warson have bought hand carved bow ties to the market and WOW, they are absolutely stunning. It’s about time they were brought to the masses and with such a unique selling point, they bring style and class to what can be plain and incredibly uninteresting. Brainchild of 2 family friends yet still in it’s infancy since being launched late 2013, the concept is remarkable. Made in Devon, british craftsmanship with wood from all over the globe – sartorial elegance at it’s best. Why not treat Dad to the Ebony & Maple Henley Stripe for £140 this Christmas, he’ll love you for it! Don’t fancy that? Then why not buy him Beer For A Year ? Best of British Beer.co.uk showcases Britains finest microbreweries and delivers 12 bottle of beer to your loved one 4 times a year. Select the dates and off you go!
  8. 8. If it’s anything like the Beer Advent which I bought Andy this year, then your man will love it – beers and ales, hard to find beers that you won’t find on the high street give him a true taste of being a beer gourmet. Andy has found a few spectacular breweries via the advent, so why not give him the best present that he’ll never forget. £145. For those with a smaller budget, why not splash out on a gift that not only combines his love of football but love of music. BassBudsFC produce some football themed earphones and speakers for fans of Aston Villa, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham. With matching earphone caps and team colours it’s the must have for the music loving footie fan. £49.95 for the earphones and £49.95 for the speaker. Another fantastic gift if he has his own tablet, smartphone or just loves personalised items – something from Mr Claireabella at Toxic Fox. I recently received a fantastic iPad 2 cover for Andy which you can read about here and at £39.99 it’s an absolute bargain from Toxic Fox. You can pick the image that you’d like him to look like, he’d like to be or indeed just make one as perfect as he is already. Have you any items that you’d like to add to the guide?? Jacqui You might also like Remove the Unwanted Guest – Rid Yourself of Black Mould Lakeland Rydal Hamper Review Gifts For Geezers – The Burton Pin 2 Win Challenge JoggBox November Box Review Win a Cadbury Hamper Remove the Unwanted Guest – Rid Yourself of Black Mould Lakeland Rydal Hamper Review Gifts For Geezers – The Burton Pin 2 Win Challenge JoggBox November Box Review Win a Cadbury Hamper Recommended by
  9. 9. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/degustabox-december Degustabox December At £12.99 per month you can always guarantee a fabulous box of goodies delivered to your door with one or two welcomed surprises and the December box was no exception. So let’s take a look at what we received: Barbecue Popchips £1.79 I’ve had these before in different flavours and although the calories are fab for what they are as they do fill you up quite nicely, they’re not really my favourite as baked chips . Great for dips but I don’t think they’re for me. Nice strong flavour though. Bonne Maman Marmalade £2.30 They produce some of the most delicious conserves, compotes, cakes and biscuits. Over Christmas we bought the lemon tartlets – they were beautiful, much like this glorious marmalade. Punchy and full on flavour the marmalade is at home spread on crusty bread or spooned on the side of an Indian curry (which we did as we had run out of chutney). The Chia Co Oats and Seeds £1.70 I adore Chia Seeds. I mix them in my yogurt whenever I can to give them a healthy boost of antioxidants, fibre and high quality protein. Fabulous for aiding weight loss. They are also amazing at controlling hunger so piling them in your breakfast makes certain that you won’t want to eat too much during the day. The oats however weren’t my favourite. I’m not a huge fan of mixed berries but Andy thought it was lovely. Easily made up with just boiling water, but leaving it for the minute made it cool too much which he found a little disappointing as he prefers his food to be piping hot. Kent’s Kitchen Meal Kit £2.50 We’ve tried these a few times and love these cooking kits as it saves any hassle or traipsing round the shops for herbs and spices that you’re probably only going to use once. Just add meat, or rice and you’ve got a fabulous meal. Always worth having a few in your cupboard as standby. Fry Light Infuse Chilli £2.00 We’re already a huge fry light oil fan having the Fry Light Sunflower, Fry Light Extra Virgin and Fry Light Garlic sprays renting space in our cupboards ever since we decided to change our food habits so this was a fabulous edition. Doesn’t add too much chilli to the dish when you use it like the addition of a whole chilli, but just adds a bit of a punch.
  10. 10. Eisburg Alcohol Free Wine £3.49 I don’t drink a lot of wine since the sulphites in them seems to affect my stomach too much giving me cramp and making the rest of the day too uncomfortable so I didn’t get to try this myself. Andy on the other hand thought it was a little unpleasant and unlike any other alcohol free wine he’d tried before. It was a little too vinegary for him. However if his sister was trying to limit her intake of wine erring to use alcohol free, then this would be perfect for her because of the health benefits. Bahlsen Biscuits in both regular and caramel £3.58 On my diet I try not to eat biscuits but as it was our Christmas month I thought I’d break with that and give them a go. Wish I hadn’t now as I’m totally addicted to the caramel ones! Thick chocolate, a lovely creamy layer of caramel on top of a crisp biscuit had me begging for more. These are too moorish. I’m glad I only got 1 box of the caramel as I’d have eaten the lot and had no other calories left for the rest of the day. The regular biscuits are just as nice but as I am a huge fan of dulce de leche the caramel was always going to be the one I went for. Pukka Green Tea £2.39 Green Tea is fantastic for depression and anxiety. It was one of the main things that I used when I had hit rock bottom after suffering an anxiety relapse 2 years ago. 5 cups of green tea managed to lift me out of it and so since then I’ve had green tea in our beverage cupboard. I have mint green tea, lemon green tea and a mango and lychee green tea so this fitted in just as well. I tend to use matcha green tea these days though as there are 17 times more antioxidants in it but it is an acquired taste. This green tea is better if you don’t like the matcha flavour. and finally 4 Gloworm Drinks £1.50 each Andy took these straight out of the box this month and put them in the fridge just for him so I didn’t get a look in. They’re generally mixers ready to be used with spirits or in cocktails however as a quick energy boost for use while he was in the gym were what Andy used them for and they worked well. Whether he would use them to mix with gin or vodka I don’t know but he seemed happy using them as a quick zip of energy.
  11. 11. Overall it was a nice box albeit quite sparse compared to other monthly boxes, but still well worth the £12.99 subscription. To try Degustabox for yourself with a £3 discount, use our code 6PJFX. Visit them here: http://bit.ly/DBhomepage – Website http://bit.ly/DBUKfacebook – Facebook http://bit.ly/DBUKTwitter – Twitter What do you think of the December box? You might also like Willow and Warson – Hand Carved For Him Remove the Unwanted Guest – Rid Yourself of Black Mould Degustabox October Review JoggBox November Box Review Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection Willow and Warson – Hand Carved For Him Remove the Unwanted Guest – Rid Yourself of Black Mould Degustabox October Review JoggBox November Box Review Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection Recommended by
  12. 12. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/food-discovery-box-hidden-gold Food Discovery Box – It’s Hidden Gold More and more subscription boxes are popping up but it’s finding the best of the best that leads me to the quest to pick and write about the ones I find and are lucky enough to be subscribed to. My latest find is the diverse and artisan collection, the Food Discovery Box. We scour the land from from Lands End to John O’Groats to bring you our ultimate food finds. Stringently selected for explosive taste and bursting with flavour. Guaranteed to be made in small batches by independent producers, you won’t find them in any supermarket, anywhere, ever. The other monthly food box subscriptions are equal competition to the Food Discovery Boxnofollow but what makes them a bit different are the fact that you can’t find their items in supermarkets. The Gourmet Food Discovery Box at just £23.50 a month brings together a beautiful array of Britain’s finest foods manufactured in small batches, guaranteeing utmost quality and taste. When you sign up, you get the choice each month from a long list called the “menu” where you can pick and choose 5 items of whatever takes your fancy. Once such menu is this months: Monsoon Estates Coffee – Colombian Supremo Monsoon Estates Coffee – Papua New Guinea Enorga Monsoon Estates Coffee – Fixie Blend Truffle Hunter – English Truffle Oil Truffle Hunter – White truffle Honey Truffle Hunter – Truffle Salt Sensible Daves Granola – The Strawberry One Sensible Daves Granola – The Berry One Sensible Daves Granola – The Original One Cocoa Antics – Calming Hot Chocolate Spoons Cocoa Antics – Popping Candy Hot Chocolate Spoons Cocoa Antics – Chilli Hot Chocolate Spoons Susies Preserves – Piccalilli Pickle Susies Preserves – Cranberry & Port Jelly Susies Preserves – Cranberry Sauce Rugeronis – Lemon & Dill Marmalade Rugeronis – Chilli & Garlic Relish
  13. 13. Rugeronis – Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce Kernow Chocolates – Bah Humbug Chocolate Bar Kernow Chocolates – Christmas Pudding Chocolate Bar Kernow Chocolates – Stollen Chocolate Bar The Cotswold Curer – Sloe Gin Salami 100g The Cotswold Curer – Sweet Chorizo 100g The Cotswold Curer – Spicy Chorizo 100g The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company – Ships Biscuits The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company – Welshmans Caviar The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company – Captain Cat’s Môr Seasoning So what did we get in our box. Well our box wasn’t chosen from this months menu, however we received a glorious box of goodies especially for the foodie in us. Now even though I love flavoured coffee none have ever blown me away by just how delicious they are yet Jaccs Gourmet Coffee in Hazelnut Cream has hit the spot. I’ve never tasted a coffee blind and been able to tell you what the flavour was immediately but the hazelnut flavour shines through on this coffee. It’s full bodied, with the aroma that caresses my senses, like a big fluffy hug. I have actively sought out Jaccs Coffee since and found that they have an online shop as well as eBay shop and mail order, so I know where I’m getting my next order of coffee from when my Beanies selection runs out as I’m itching to try their Banoffee one. I adore Balsamic Vinegar so the Yorkshire Drizzle Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Rhubarb and Ginger was a delight to spy in the box, although we weren’t sure if it would work in the same dishes that we use balsamic in, such as our stuffed blue cheese burgers and stir fry but once mixed with a small amount of apple cider vinegar, you basically end up with a vinegar that tastes quite like a good quality Chinese vinegar. A good dipping sauce for Chinese dumplings. A little slug of this over your vegetables when they’re in aluminium parcels also gives a them a lovely zing. Well worth the price of the box just for this baby! A few years ago we were given a 3 month subscription to a monthly spice box. Ever since then some form of spice makes it way into our dinner, whether it’s turmeric in a Tamil Nadu Curry or just sprinkled liberally over sweet potato so finding Tandoori Rub from Spicentice in the box was fab. We used ours spread over salmon fillets which were then put in the oven but you can use it for pretty much whatever you want.
  14. 14. We always do something a bit different just to make it more interesting. Spicentice have made quite a few different rubs such as Harissa rub, chipotle rub and chimichurri rub – all of which are available at their website. Love garlic? We do. We use loads of it. With tomatoes for roast potatoes, in dressings, or just rubbed on toasted thins. It’s incredibly versatile so the jar of Garlic Farm’s Roast Garlic Jam was welcomed with open arms. Perfect on the side to baked camembert, or as a spoon added to spaghetti bolognese sauce, this little jam makes it easier than having to roast your own. But I love a spoonful with a big wedge of strong cheese. Concentrates that you just add to food are quite a nice little addition to your kitchen. We’ve had the Kents Kitchen version in the Degustabox which turned out to be quite a success but Just Add Sauces appear in the FDB – and rightly so as they’re a fabulous idea. Little jars of ready concentrated flavour bursting sauces just ready to add to water whilst your cooking, or spread over pork chops, chicken breast or other meats you care to cook. Perfect to pop in your bag if you’re off camping, fishing or just want to add a bit of flavour to anything when you’re on the road. Finally, fruit but not any old fruit. Apple and Mango Fruit Jerky. I love all fruity snacks since I’ve been on my diet as it can still be nice even though it’s not naughty. Fruit leather has to be one of the most popular items in my cupboard. It’s my go to snack if I want something sweet (if I’m behaving myself). This little packet of loveliness was gorgeous. It was slightly drier than my regular fruit leather but still tasty and well worth sharing with Andy. Overall the Food Discovery Box was a top quality range of goods, perfect for the foodie who likes something a little out of the ordinary and loyal to all things British. Loved it. You might also like The Sleepy – Wearable Sleeping Bag Review Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe Last Minute Gift Ideas Win a fantastic apron for your man Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection The Sleepy – Wearable Sleeping Bag Review Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe Last Minute Gift Ideas Win a fantastic apron for your man Hotel Chocolat Valentines Selection Recommended by
  15. 15. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/hotel-chocolat-christmas-collection-review Hotel Chocolat Christmas Collection Review Hotel Chocolat have the festive season wrapped up with a magnificent array of chocolate gifts be it individual boxes or hampers, there is always a selection for friends and family to squabble over on Christmas Day. I was thrilled to be asked to review their Christmas Collection and couldn’t believe the diversity of new flavours they had in this beautiful bundle. Inside the gift bag box of loveliness, I was treated to The Christmas H-Box, which featured this year’s delicious Christmas chocolates, Butterscotch Puddles, the Dasher’s Dream slab, a Hazelnut Bûche and 6 of the most amazing Christmas Eton Mess truffles (which was a fabulous twist on regular Eton Mess since it featured cranberries). The H Box always tends to feature some of the most delicious truffles, and although I don’t like truffles, the copious amounts of chocolate the Hotel Chocolat selection are smothered in makes them super scrummy for me although Hotel Chocolat truffles are not sickly so I’m inclined to eat their ones more than other manufacturers anyway. This selection has: Christmas Eton Mess Marzipan Merry Praline Supernova Bauble Truffle Almond and Nutmeg Praline Caramel Christmas Truffle Nutty Caramel Mulled Wine Truffle Christmas Gianduja Gingerbread Truffle Caramel Supernova Dashers Dream Slab, a milk and white bar of chocolate with a cheeky Dasher chocolate reindeer embedded in the middle – it’s a lovely thick bar that takes a bit of effort to break (if you can break it so you get a little white and a little milk then that’s the best bit, if not just snap it at the middle and devour both pieces equally.
  16. 16. Butterscotch Puddles are just like huge chocolate buttons. I loved these but was a little disappointed in the butterscotch since I couldn’t taste it. I think I was expecting something like the outside of Thorntons Viennese Truffle in a button but it wasn’t like that at all. It was just a big button. I actually wish they’d put a bag of the gingerbread puddles in the collection to make it slightly more Christmassy but they’re still pretty lush. The word “puddles” appeals to me too as it evokes big blankets of chocolate rather than nuggets so the name sells it to me more than anything. Onto the Bûche. This is a devilishly huge log of what seems to be a ganache type chocolate with pistachios and hazelnuts embedded in the top. I tried this initially and thought it was a little too sweet for me, but when I got a massive craving for chocolate this was the one that I grabbed back out of the box and had a huge chunk of. It’s creamy, and incredibly nutty. The toasted hazelnuts for me are the absolute star of the Bûche, in fact they are the star of the show as it’s them that made it moorish so I couldn’t put it down. I can only imagine that the Kirsch Cherry and Hazelnut produces the very same response to my craving. Finally the Christmas Eton Mess Chocolates. These are spectacular. White chocolate coated cranberry mousse with freeze dried cranberry and meringue on the top. One word: dazzling. These are the talk about item in the box. The white chocolate sets off the cranberry mousse delightfully. The mousse is fluffy but super rich, a couple of these chocolates are all you need after your Christmas Dinner to bring it to a spectacular climax. Overall this as a gift would be very welcomed, but if you want to treat yourself to a quality package especially for Christmas then you would be making a very good choice purchasing this. Jacqui You might also like Last Minute Gift Ideas Remove the Unwanted Guest – Rid Yourself of Black Mould Degustabox October Review Blog Comps Ending in December 2014 Top 100% Wool Tartan Review – Picnics, Throws or to cuddle up with at night. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  17. 17. Remove the Unwanted Guest – Rid Yourself of Black Mould Degustabox October Review Blog Comps Ending in December 2014 Top 100% Wool Tartan Review – Picnics, Throws or to cuddle up with at night. Recommended by
  18. 18. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/minute-gift-ideas Last Minute Gift Ideas It’s always hectic at Christmas, but if you don’t mind battling the crowds today and tomorrow you can pick up some fabulous stuff to make the recipient beam with delight. Remington have an awesome range of items available at Boots and Argos at the moment, ideal to pick up for the lady in your life if you’re still adding to her stocking… Take the Remington S9600 Silk Hair Straightener. It’s reduced in Boots from £89 so you’ll get an amazing deal as it’s down to £44.99. The Remington Silk Curling Wand is just £20.99 The Big Style Air Rollers are £44.99. Big Style is truly versatile, so whether she’s after subtle waves or a quick pick me up, this gift keeps on giving. The innovative styler comes with a selection of 15 detachable, self-grip rollers in three sizes to suit any style, along with a thermal brush for adding extra height at the roots and a concentrator to help achieve the perfect blow dry. All rollers and attachments can be safely stored in the gorgeous, on-trend purple Big Style bag – two gifts in one! For the man in your life there’s the amazing Vacuum Personal Advanced 5 in 1 Grooming Kit which is exclusive to Boots originally £69.99 but now £44.99. This revolutionary grooming product is a gift for you as much as for him – it promises to transform the way he trims, meaning you can wave goodbye to those rogue hairs left on the sink.
  19. 19. Contains: • 2 Vacuum attachment heads • Detail trimmer for a closer trim (0.4mm) • Wide trimmer for sharp lines (32mm width) • NE trimmer • 2 Regular attachment heads: Foil Shaver • Vertical body groomer • Advanced Titanium Blades • Lithium Powered – up to 60mins usage • Self-Sharpening blades • 1 Adjustable comb (2-16mm) • 4 Fixed combs (3,6,9,12mm) • 60 mins. runtime • 4 hours charge time • Cordless usage • Charging indicator light • Storage case • Washable heads for easy cleaning • 3 year guarantee So if you’ve not finished your shopping yet, pop down to Boots or even check online and reserve at Argos and get those last minute gifts in!
  20. 20. You might also like Degustabox October Review A Kik Start for your New Year Resolution The Ears Have It! Which Headphones? Nib Nibs – The Pride of Yorkshire Gifts For Geezers – The Burton Pin 2 Win Challenge Degustabox October Review A Kik Start for your New Year Resolution The Ears Have It! Which Headphones? Nib Nibs – The Pride of Yorkshire Gifts For Geezers – The Burton Pin 2 Win Challenge Recommended by
  21. 21. ustwofriends.com http://ustwofriends.com/mrclaireabella-personalised-cover-review MrClaireaBella Personalised Cover Review Protecting your tablet is important as they are such an integral part of our daily routine. There are masses of covers on the market but not as many personalised ones where you can choose exactly what you want and have it in the exact design you want. Claireabella at Toxic Fox are well known for their amazing personalised jute bags, one of which I got for my sister last year. But they create a wide selection of personalised items for women, but they’ve started to create an awesome range personalised stuff for the man in your life. iPad cases, mugs, notebooks, phone cases and such like. Simply create your very own design using the BuildaFella app below (which is the same as the way you create the design for the bags). Each case features a multi-twist stand to comfortably hold your iPad. And just as the jute bag once it’s designed in the style that you want the person that receives it will have the biggest grin on their face when they open it. As Andy is forever dropping his iPad, I thought it would be a fab idea to get him a new cover but personalise it in his DJ name with the blonde hair he used to have when we met. So I gave all the details, chose the black iPad 2 case and waited. Delivery is always pretty quick with Toxic Fox so I knew it wouldn’t take too long to receive and a week later it arrived. Packed in a brown cardboard envelope box, it turned up and I couldn’t wait to open it. They didn’t disappoint last time and yet again they’ve made something so mundane look simply amazing. The cover is black faux leather, so no animals were harmed in making the case, with the background image of a nightclub and since it’s one of the places where Andy used to DJ then I thought it was perfect. The attention to detail is beautiful too. The image looks awesome on the case, so vibrant and clear. Same as the bag, the case is well made, stitching is perfect and it holds the iPad immaculately. The case can be folded in a number of ways, allowing you to use it hands free by folding the cover into a stand, or just as a comfortable way to carry or use your iPad.
  22. 22. £39.99 and perfect for the guy in your life and if you’re still looking for Christmas, you buy one right now it will be dispatched on the 19th, still giving you time to get your man another fabulous gift especially for him. Jacqui You might also like Lakeland Rydal Hamper Review Cafe Pod – Big Cup, Little Cup Festive Edition Willow and Warson – Hand Carved For Him Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe A Ride To Wooden Toy Town Lakeland Rydal Hamper Review Cafe Pod – Big Cup, Little Cup Festive Edition Willow and Warson – Hand Carved For Him Gift for Him Hamper from Spicers of Hythe A Ride To Wooden Toy Town Recommended by