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User generated content

  1. Tapping User Generated Messages Prepared By: Urvi Chhokra (042) Aishna Kejriwal (061)
  2. OVERVIEW OF THE PRESENTATION Meaning of the topic Case Study Significance of the case Importance of User Generated Content Validation through statistics Relevance in the Marketing world Consumer Generated Marketing Conclusion
  3. MEANING OF USER GENERATED MESSAGES • Origin: 2005 • Digital data created by a user • User: Brand’s customer, site visitor, social follower • Videos, blogs, audio files, infographics, images, product reviews • Available to all who have access to World Wide Web • Peer Production, User generated content, Conversational Media • Examples: Wiki, Web Forum, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest
  5. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CASE Focus is Student Audience and Bar Use of Social Media and Technology Reflects the philosophy of the Students Demonstrates the values of the Modern generation Belief set up through User Generated Content
  6. IMPORTANCE OF USER GENERATED CONTENT Transparency Economic Value Creation of Dynamic and Interactive Interface Expanded Consumer Intelligence Enhances Loyalty Creates Authentic Advertisement or Promotion
  7. VALIDATION THROUGH STATISTICS Social Media has overtaken Pornography as the #1 Activity on the web. If FB would be a country, it would be world’s 3rd Largest country after China & India and accounts for 60Mn status updates daily. YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the world. Wikipedia has over 15 Mn Articles. If you were paid $1 for every article posted on Wikipedia, you would earn $1712.32 per hour. 25% of the search results for world’s top 20 brands are links to User Generated Content. 78% of the consumers trust peer recommendations. We no longer search for a product or a service but they find us through Social Media.
  8. WHY SHOULD MARKETERS CARE ABOUT ‘CONSUMER - GENERATED MESSAGES’? 92% consumers believe in recommendations!! Consumers trust what friends and family say much more than ads.!! Marketers try to trigger by giving something to talk about!! From 4Ps : Product, Place, Price, Promotion – to 3Es : Engage, Equip, Empower
  9. CONSUMER GENERATED MARKETING Getting consumers to create : ad -content Responding to what consumers have to say
  10. WHY SHOULD COMAPNIES INVEST IN ‘CGM’ ? Increase in exposure and sales. Attention to opinions of customer base. Integrating the product with consumer’s life. Increase in buyer’s emphasis on product reviews . Inexpensive , as compared to other strategies.
  11. USING CONSUMER GENERATED MARKETING Companies cultivate long term customer relationships Connecting with past customers and increasing customer base Gain visibility as ‘Trustworthy Companies’ Increase of profits / Raise more funds
  12. DEVELOPING A ‘CGM’ PLAN Tracking their online reputation Design and implement for customers to respond
  13. CAREERS IN ‘CGM’ Market research analyst Public relations specialists Advertising , promotions and marketing managers
  14. CONCLUSION Evident change in the consumer’s decision making behaviour Implied changes for the marketing strategies