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What is an insight?
I’m Umar, a Strategist from Toronto.

I always wanted to know how the planning and creative community defines an insight.


The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something:
The dictionary definition
Nothing is so powerful as an insight into human nature…what compulsions drive a man,
what instincts dominate his action…if...
Why is a good insight like a refrigerator? "
Because the moment you look into it, a light comes on.	

Jeremy Bullmo...
An insight is an astonishing disclosure about people, the category or the wider world.

Richard Huntigton
Director of Plan...
For me an insight is simply defined as understanding ‘why’ rather than the what. Why do
people think the way they think or ...
The best way I can describe "insight" is to give you an example of the difference between
a fact, an observation and an in...
There are many kinds of insights in our business but the kind that gets me most
excited is those that inform creative idea...
For context, my advertising philosophy is “Simply, tell the truth”. Therefore, an insight, is
a truth. Perhaps unknown. Un...
I hate that word [insight], actually. It should be a good word, but it has been bastardised
and rendered impotent (some wi...
If insight refers to a moment of illumination, it is a transitory experience. A new way of
thinking about a problem is onl...
Other than ‘strategy’, ‘insight’ is one of the most over and mis-used words in agency
world. There’s a difference between ...
An insight is less to do with revelation more to do with realization. Insight happens at a
slower speed, it’s like thinkin...
An insight on its own is merely a human truth that someone internally identifies with and
connects to. An actionable insigh...
It’s thinking in slow motion.

Ed Morris
Ratling Stick London
Slow motion
When it comes to how I think about insight, I love the Arthur Schopenhauer quote: "
"The task is not so much to see what n...
Insight is the advice of an expert fisherman: instead of trolling the bottom of the river and
dredging up garbage, insight ...
Insight is a quality possessed by people. You want to hire planners who are insightful.  But
they will not ‘uncover’ or ‘l...
As Farrah has pointed out, there's no such thing as AN INSIGHT - a reified object of
insightfulness: [Remember - there's no...
A key discovery that could yield tangible, marketable and meaningful opportunity if

Laurie Dillon Schalk
To me an insight reveals or uncovers itself when we seek to understand the true nature of something.
It could be a situati...
Forget Insights, figure out the needs.	

Nick Hurst
Planning Partner
adam&eve DDB London
I think of an "insight" as a truth that hasn't really been told before. Louis CK is good at stripping away
the BS and tell...
A big discovery that changes market conversation.

3 types of insight:
New News – something you had never seen before.
A fresh observation that unlocks creativity.
An insight is not obvious, fiction, ad copy, a strategy statement, occupied te...
I’m sort of obsessed by the everyday, everything has to be grounded in the everyday, and
finding the truth in any mission, ...
To me an insight is any piece of information or knowledge that reshapes how we see a
situation. To be useful, it has to re...
When you don't have to sell it, because they want it.  
Sounds generic?  
It isn't.  It's insight.  	

Kathy Kohn
Insight excites. 
It ignites intuition. 
It is relevant, distinctive and immersive.
Duncan Bruce
President & Chief Cr...
An insight is something that you didn’t know before."
Something that may change the way you think about the problem."

Truth that hasn’t been revealed in a way you want it.	

Brett Channer
Chief Creative Officer
Red Lion Publicis
An Insight is a penetrating vision into the heart of things. It reaches beneath the surface
and outside of conventional bo...
Insight is a feeling, you kinda know it when you feel it. 

It’s a disturbance in discourse – An insight creates a new way...
A revelation. Something that makes you go, 'fuck me, I never thought of it that way’ -
That's interesting.	

Lucy Goode...
A good insight is like a cocoon, lots of butterflies can come out of it.
Caitlin Ryan
Executive Creative Director
Let’s reclaim insight as a way of looking and thinking, and take it off its pedestal of
unhealthy attention and worship. I...
The thing that tells us why we’re doing what we’re doing or did what we did.

David Wielding
Head of Planning
Insights are illuminating; they exist in a prenatural state waiting for the right context to
reveal their preternatural va...
An insight is not simply an obvious piece of information. "
It needs to feel like a revelation, something that genuinely s...
Long Live insightfulness.
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Long Live insightfulness. @UmarGhumman umarg.com What is an insight?

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Long Live insightfulness.

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