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Get Best Knowledge about Ulcerative Colitis and Treatment

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Today Sushruta Ayurvedic Therapy Center share with you best knowledge about Ulcerative colitis through this presentation, like what is Ulcerative colitis disease and its treatment. Watch our full presentation then know best info about Ulcerative colitis and our online ayurveda based treatment.

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Get Best Knowledge about Ulcerative Colitis and Treatment

  1. 1. http://ulcerativecolitiscure.com Find Out What Is Ulcerative Colitis & What its Treatment
  2. 2. If you suffer from ulcerative colitis or any of your loved one is being diagnosed with this issue, then the knowledge of what is ulcerative colitis and right colitis treatment may benefit you at a great extent. Only with right knowledge you can settle down the discomfort and issues caused by this disorder. So, to have a better learning of this health issue, here we have brought some effective treatment and exact overview of what is ulcerative colitis. This information will help you getting rid of this problem adequately. Knowledge About Ulcerative Colitis
  3. 3. What Is Ulcerative Colitis Ulcerative colitis is basically a chronic disease that affect large intestine of the patient. It is also termed as colon as in this disease the colon lining starts getting inflamed and small open sores which are also called ulcers develop. These ulcers are filled with mucous and pus. When the ulceration and inflammation combines to intestine, it leads to severe abdominal pain and quick discharging of the colon.
  4. 4. Find Out the Right Colitis Treatment The Colitis treatment majorly depends on the disease condition or how bad the condition is. The general medication for ulcerative colitis includes diet change and medicines. However, if the condition is too severe and chronic, you may require surgery or critical medical attention. So, based on the severity of symptoms, the patients are suggested with the right colitis treatment to deal with this disease.
  5. 5. Colitis Treatment for Mild Symptoms • Medicines containing suppositories or enemas • Antidiarrheal medicines • Steroid medicines which are prescribed for a short period of time for managing active disease. • Diet change • Aminosalicylates to reduce intestinal inflammation.
  6. 6. Colitis Treatment for Moderate/Severe Symptoms When a patient suffers from moderate to severe symptoms of ulcerative colitis, the colitis treatment becomes complicated and more medically attentive. In the beginning, the patients are given steroid medicines that help controlling intestinal inflammation. In severe condition, the doctor may advice you to take higher dose as compared to that of mild symptoms. Once you get relief from the inflammation, the doctor may ask you to switch to aminosalicylates that helps keeping this condition under remission.
  7. 7. The colitis treatment for moderate to severe symptoms include  Cyclosporine or immunomodulator medicines  Biologics to slab the inflammatory body response and minimising inflammation occurring in the colon.  Surgery in which large intestine is removed and ulcerative colitis is cured.
  8. 8. Our Ayurveda Based Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis Do you want quickly and effective online treatment for Ulcerative Colitis, so today call us at:9910672020 or visit our website: http://ulcerativecolitiscure.com/ If you are living in Delhi and nearest area, so immediately visit at our clinic - Sushruta Ayurvedic Therapy Center. Address: A-138 (Ground Floor) Madhuban, (Behind Nirman Vihar), New-Delhi-110092 Email: drharishverma@gmail.com Phone: 011-22050127
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