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How to leverage the Startup Ecosystem?

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Headstart Workshop on Startup Ecosystem - How you can leverage it. Delivered at IIM Bangalore during Eximius 2016 by Ujjwal Trivedi. Guest Entrepreneurs Subrat Kar (CEO - Vidooly), Bhupinder Khanal (CEO - Dogsee Chew), Navaneet Sharma (CEO - Artifacia) shared their startup journeys and interacted with the audience to answer their questions during the session.

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How to leverage the Startup Ecosystem?

  1. 1. Startup Ecosystem How YOU can leverage it?
  2. 2. Story Begin Thinking! Why Startup? Why Startups fail? What is Startup Ecosystem? How can you leverage it? True Parables
  3. 3. Bite your nails, shake your legs - Think! Rules of the game! - Don’t hold back - Don’t judge, focus on learning - Stay hungry, stay foolish
  4. 4. Why Startup? What is a Startup? Why should you Startup? - Create value - Explore yourself - Better control on life (= less risk)
  5. 5. Why Startups Fail? 21% fail due to Team, Personal withdrawals 18% fail due to Funds/Money 61% due to lack of leverage - Created something no one wants - Out competed/Poor strategy/marketing - Did not Pivot - Constraints: Location/Legal
  6. 6. How to avoid failure? Right approach - answer your WHYs Leverage the Startup Ecosystem
  7. 7. What is Startup Ecosystem? People Support Mechanisms Funding & Finance Education & Training Government Culture Markets You
  8. 8. Support Mechanisms Incubators & Accelerators Communities - Headstart, TIE, NEN, iSpirit, Startup Clubs Co-working places/communities Online Communities - Headstart, Bangalore Startups
  9. 9. Education & Training The Sam Altman class Startup with UpGrad SLP Winner’s Circle by Career Confidence NSRCEL, BHive
  10. 10. Government Startup India Initiative Karnataka’s Startup Booster Kit Subsidised Internet Free credits from Cloud companies, Software tools Investment up to 50L
  11. 11. Culture & You Being Fearless - share your ideas Being Shameless - sell Being Action Oriented - Do versus wish Being Symbiotic Don’t set out to change the world or boil the ocean or make a dent in the universe - make the first sale, create the basic version of the product. The most important rule of thriving ecosystem is - If you can give, you can take. Think from that perspective, whenever you need something. First think what can I offer. Maximise that, and you’d see that people in the ecosystem will go out of their way to help you achieve your goals. More - http://uvtimes.blogspot.in/2016/08/how-to-leverage-startup-ecosystem.html
  12. 12. Thanks Contact: Ujjwal Trivedi City Lead - Bangalore Chapter Headstart Network Foundation ujjwal.trivedi@headstart.in bangalore@headstart.in