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Recruiting five star talent

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Recruiting, for any program, is the life blood to its success. For big time college athletics, the success of the head coach and their program often lives and dies with the effectiveness of their recruiting. Robb Jenson has been an avid recruitnik of college athletic recruiting for over 13 years. He has learned a great deal about their strategies and the mentality utilized by college coaches to recruit “blue chip” athletes. In this presentation, you will learn how you can implement similar strategies into your program to recruit your own “blue chip” students.

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Recruiting five star talent

  1. 1. Robb Jenson – Graduate Program Coordinator Texas A&M University – Nuclear Engineering *
  2. 2. * *Recruiting Process *Strategies for Recruitment
  3. 3. * *B.S. Kinesiology – TAMU *M.S. Higher Education Administration – TAMU *Recruited * National Merits * Under-represented students * Graduate Students *College Football Recruitnik for 13 years
  4. 4. * Prospects Targets - Applicants Offer - Admitted • “Soft Verbal” Committed - Accepts Signed LOI - Enrollees
  5. 5. *
  6. 6. * *Attention *Recognized *Goals/Desires *Academic *Professional
  7. 7. * *Evaluation Camps - Student Conferences *Student presentations and poster sessions *Awards and Accomplishments *Career Fairs
  8. 8. * *Recruiting Network *High School Coaches - Faculty *Alma maters *Pipeline schools *Develop contacts *Program Materials *Visit *Rankings/Databases – GRE Scores *Scour the landscape *Ideal Qualities and Characteristics
  9. 9. * *Written Correspondences *Social Media *Head Coaches *Department Head *Phone Calls *Timely Responses
  10. 10. * *Type of Visit *Unofficial *Official *Invite *Individual or Group
  11. 11. * *Current Students *Faculty/Department Head *Facilities *Labs *Red Carpet Treatment *Free Parking *Lunch *Travel Reimbursement or Stipend *Promotional Items/Giveaways *Follow-up
  12. 12. * *Delivery *Timing *Position *Financial Benefits
  13. 13. * *Hat Ceremonies *Network Coverage