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  1. 1. TSHEPO PHILLIP MSIBI 844 Ekangala, section A, 1021 Cell: 0718211617 msibi.tshepo94@gmail.com PERSONAL DETAILS SURNAME : Msibi FIRST NAMES : Tshepo Phillip DATE OF BIRTH : 1991-10-04 ID NO. : 9110045656087 GENDER : Male NATIONALITY : South African LANGUAGE : IsiZulu OTHER LANGUAGES : English MARITAL STATUS : Single CRIMINAL OFENCE : None HEALTH : Excellent CONTACT DETAILS : 0718211617 RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS : 844 Ekangala Sec. A 1021 POSTAL ADDRESS : 844 Ekangala Sec. A 1021 PERSONAL PROFILE I am an experienced machine and a process operator with 4 years of experience in a manufacturing sector manufacturing mining explosive and well informed in safety, health and environmental awareness and I’m very good in housekeeping and adhering to all safety procedures in a work place. I am qualified semi-skilled boilermaker and I have passed and completed all necessary tasks such as hand tools, power tools and safety procedures to better understands the roles of a boilermaker and to excellently execute the tasks in my field of work. SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES  Paying attention to detail  Good housekeeping habits/ shift housing keeping rep.  Team player/leader  Effective communicator  Computer literate
  2. 2. FORMAL QUAIFICATONS Secondary education LAST SCHOOL ATTENDENT : Buhlebesizwe S. S. School GRADE PASSED : Grade 12 YEAR : 2008 SUBJECTS : Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography, Life Orientation, IsiNdebele 1st language English 2nd language QUALIFICATION : National Senior Certificate Tertiary education NAME OF INSTITUTION : Denver Technical College COURSE : Sound Engineering YEAR : 2009-2010 QUALIFICATION : Denver Internal Certificate NAME OF INSTITUTION : INTEC College COURSE : Radio Broadcasting YEAR : 2013 QUALIFICATION : INTEC Short Course Certificate In Radio Broadcasting NAME OF INSTITUTION : Ekurhuleni Artisans & Skills Training Center COURSE : Boilermaking YEAR : 2014 QUALIFICATION : Boilermaker Certificate DRIVER’S LICENSE : C1 CODE 10
  3. 3. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Company : SASOL Nitro Ekandastria Position : Machine operator Duties  Plant start up  Doing plant safety checks  Machine operation  Process running  Handling process paperwork(log sheets, safety checklists and calculations)  Plant servicing(cleaning and maintenance)  Plant shut down on last shift Date of employment : 01-04-2011 (contract) 01-04-2012 (permanent) Status : Currently employed Salary Range : +- R10500 PERSONAL ATRIBUTES Ambitions To become a role model, a perfect ambassador and a valuable asset in my field of work. Be a world class servant through the skills I will carry out without compromising quality of necessary control and compliance through commitment, creativity, initiative and tolerance and adapting to changes as challenges to success. Strengths I am a hardworking person, well organized and loyal, disciplined, reliable, trustworthy and fair. I am quick learner with strong ethics and excellent in time management. Dedicated and a committed person who is able to work under pressure. INTEREST AND HOBIES  Listening to music  Reading books (mostly motivational and philosophies)  I’m in to motorsport  I like traveling
  4. 4. REFERENCES 1. SASOL NITRO Ekandastria MR Vusi Zembe (Shift Supervisor) Cell NO. 083 769 8671 2. Ekhuruleni Artisans & Skills Training Center MR Riaan Smith (Trainer) MR Andries Breytenbech (Trainer) Tell: 0113941488 0119703082