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Trivadis - Microsoft Swiss Cloud Services

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Next Generation Databases Event by Trivadis

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Trivadis - Microsoft Swiss Cloud Services

  1. 1. Microsoft Swiss Cloud Services Beat Schuppli Partner Technical Strategist Microsoft Schweiz
  2. 2. https://news.microsoft.com/bythenumbers/en/homepage
  3. 3. Security management Data protection Network security Threat protection Identity & access management Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication Role Based Access Control Encryption (Disks, Storage, SQL) Azure Key Vault VNET, VPN, NSG Application Gateway (WAF), Azure Firewall DDoS Protection Standard ExpressRoute Azure Security Center Azure Log Analytics + Partner Solutions Azure Active Directory (Identity Protection) Confidential Computing Microsoft Antimalware for Azure
  4. 4. Landscape Classification Private Cloud Local Regions aka Swiss DC Global DC
  5. 5. Managed by vendorYou manage Traditional on-premises Networking Storage Servers O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime Youmanage Managedbyvendor Software (as a Service) Storage Servers O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Runtime Applications NetworkingYoumanageManagedbyvendor Platform (as a Service) Data Applications Networking Storage Servers Virtualization O/S Middleware Runtime YoumanageManagedbyvendor Infrastructure (as a Service) Networking Storage Servers Virtualization O/S Middleware Data Applications Runtime
  6. 6. Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland
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