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TriumphCRM - A Quick Intro

TriumphCRM is an easy to use Sales CRM handcrafted for small business and startups wanting to graduate from spreadsheet / contact management system to a real CRM.

An ideal first step in your CRM journey.

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TriumphCRM - A Quick Intro

  2. 2. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Are you ● A Small business? ● A Startup? ● A Solopreneur / Individual business owner?
  3. 3. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Are you managing sales using ● Spreadsheets? ● A simple contact management tool? ● A sophisticated CRM, failed, & hence still looking? ● No system..I still use rolodex and a diary..
  4. 4. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Do you face these challenges? ● Painful Email Overload, results in ○ Lack of focus, ○ More untouched leads, ○ Less time closing deals. ● Inhouse tools killing sales productivity
  5. 5. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Do you face these challenges? ● Advanced tools are an overkill for your sales process ○ Complex to setup and manage, ○ Huge learning curve, ○ Issues in adoption, ○ Cost a pretty penny. ● Less or No insights with simple contact management ○ No alerts, prospect / account metrics ○ No view of pipeline, sales stats, trends (seasonal, demographic) ○ No predictive analytics and system suggestions
  6. 6. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Presenting... An easy to use Sales CRM that helps you stay on top of Who (contact), What (deals), How (actions) & When (time) of Sales resulting in more closed deals. An ideal first step in your CRM journey Triumph CRM
  7. 7. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Why Triumph CRM? ● 360 degree overview of customer interaction. ● Contacts, Leads, Deals and Actions for deal closure, "all in one place". ● Provides timely insights, enabling actions for deal closure. ● Helps you stay in control of the entire sales process. ● Sales pipeline enabling better forecasting and planning.
  8. 8. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Astute Focus > amazing results ● “Action Center” keeps you focused on actions to close more deals.
  9. 9. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com All in one place ● Contacts, Leads, Prospects, Accounts. Manage and track their entire journey.
  10. 10. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Deal closure made easy ● Make most of each deal with tailored deal workflow.
  11. 11. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Insights to help you forecast & plan for success. ● More accurate forecasting with sales pipeline. ● Analysis for effective sales planning. ● Sales tracking by sales rep, time frame. ● Enables informed decisions.
  12. 12. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Recipe for your sales success. Super easy to use Sales automation Contact management Sales tracking Sales Analytics Anytime, Anywhere accessSecure & reliable Easy import from spreadsheet
  13. 13. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com Next step towards business growth YOUR BUSINESS Start Your Free Trial 14 days, No credit card required @triumphcrm sales@triumphcrm.com Need help with your sales process?
  14. 14. © TriumphCRM www.triumphcrm.com | Thank you!