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Exploring the great lakes region

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A simple guide of what not to miss during a road trip around the Great Lakes Region.

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Exploring the great lakes region

  1. 1. Exploring The Great Lakes Region Some of North America’s most stunning natural land marks, the Great Lakes are truly a sight to behold. Not only are these massive bodies of water impressive in their own right, but so too are the many cities that reside near their shores. Before you set off, remember to pack some car snacks, make a groovy road trip playlist, and give your car a routine maintenance check (check for chips in the car glass, check the oil level, fill up the tires, etc.). And don’t forget a map!Minneapolis Canada’s largest city is also- Saint Paul home to one of the largestThe Twin cities are a zoos in the world.major arts/culture hub. Over 491 species reside within itsDuring your pit-stop, gates, including a rare breed ofsee some sketch white lions!comedy at Brave NewWorkshop . Or, treat Torontoyourself to a concert by Detroit may be affectionatelythe Minnesota nicknamed ‘Rock City’, but jazz isOrchestra. really the city’s finest music Cleveland is a genre. Make sure to visit Cliff big sports city, Bell’s jazz club while you’re and there’sOn your visit to the there. nothing quite like watching thewindy city, consider ataste of some authentic Detroit Indians play atdeep-dish pizza just as Chicago Progressive Fieldimportant as visiting the Museum of on a sunny day!Science and Industry and riding to thetop of the Willis Tower. Cleveland