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Snowbizz story - how we transformed this business with their marketing strategy

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Read the story of the work we did with Wendy and Elodie from Snowbizz, the Family Ski Specialist, empowering them to be as proud of their website and marketing ability as they are of their wonderful business.

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Snowbizz story - how we transformed this business with their marketing strategy

  1. 1. ”Wendy and her daughter Elodie ran a family skiing company Snowbizz came without much knowledge but they knew they had more to offer.
  2. 2. ”They had a wonderful family skiing business, but they weren’t getting as many bookings as they had in the previous years.
  3. 3. ”They didn’t like their website, it had no personality, it was slow, inconsistent and clunky. Sadly, their budget limitations meant they couldn’t get a new one at the time.
  4. 4. ”They knew the bigger ski companies had huge marketing budgets and felt they just couldn't compete.
  5. 5. Excellent business Lacked marketing confidence Lacked marketing strategy Lacked budget
  6. 6. ”I ran 5 social media training sessions: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogging, and Strategy. In reality, strategy comes into each session!
  7. 7. ”In one of our sessions, we identified their “key messages” – the things that are true about them, that people should know.
  8. 8. ”After we went through 8 different types of headlines, we brainstormed and refined a set of headlines for each of the key message. The following slide shows the headlines for the key message “Each child is an individual”
  9. 9. ”They didn’t have the budget at the time to replace their out of date site, but we asked their existing website people to make a blog that fitted with their website.
  10. 10. ”They started writing and publishing their blog posts based on the headline, with the first drafts begun in our session. Soon, they were off, blogging and posting on Facebook regularly. ”
  11. 11. ”Wendy offered to send me and some of my husband (and his sister, her husband and their kids) on a family ski trip, and I accepted gratefully. It was a great trip, Wendy organised everything and took such good care of things. I wrote a guest blog for them about it.
  12. 12. ”They were being active on Facebook too. Posting regularly they had developed the instinct for sharing on Facebook to make their audience remember them and get people excited about the upcoming trip.
  13. 13. ”Then, last summer, Wendy asked if we could do a “proper website” for them. She said “It's not urgent but when you have time please could you explain how we can move across to working with you.”
  14. 14. ”Fast forward a few weeks and we launched their amazing new website. The following slides show screenshots
  15. 15. ”Wendy said: “The designs look amazing - just what we have been dreaming of and the captions are perfect. We're all so happy. Thank you so much”
  16. 16. ”As usual, we built the site to be responsive, so it works on all devices, not just the web browsers.
  17. 17. ”The site launched in November – you can see it here: www.snowbizz.co.uk Without us even asking, they posted the site launch announcement on Facebook.
  18. 18. ”Then, in December, they wrote and said that the success from the combination of the marketing and new website had resulted not only in increased confidence, but also 15% increase in their business, they offered the whole TLD team a week skiing.
  19. 19. ”While we were having our amazing week skiing, we posted pictures with the hashtag #TLDSkiTrip on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tamlyn wrote a blog post about it – and naturally, we shared that on Facebook. Here are some of our pictures!
  20. 20. ”Tamlyn wrote a blog post about it – and naturally, we shared that on Facebook.
  21. 21. How has your mindset changed? You’ve given me the confidence to write! I could talk on the phone forever to a guest, and I loved becoming a bit of a skiing agony aunt. You have no idea how mums think they are the only ones who are nervous. So much so, we even started a special ski group for them, because they kept hiding themselves away, back in the beginner group again! But I couldn’t find ‘my voice’ – before I was trying to write like I was someone else.
  22. 22. What are the long term results? We can sleep at night again. Knowing the magic was always there, just we’d forgotten how to portray it! This is a total hand- on-heart appraisal of what the lovely Keren has done for Snowbizz.We were quietly successful, then, out of the blue, we got a bit lost. Keren got us back on track and made us believe in ourselves again.
  23. 23. What’s happened as a result? We were always a fantastic team – but you’ve made us stronger. Our booking levels are back to usual and we’re amazed at where some of the new bookings are coming from. It still comes down to word of mouth. How is it you put it? ‘We’ve rediscovered our magic!’ – and you’ve taught us how to share it?’
  24. 24. ”Working with Snowbizz has always been a pleasure. It’s more than the ski trips – they have taken on board our advice, put it into practice and have appreciated the results. It’s the “TLD effect” combined with Snowbizz being a great business, with passionate people, ready to make a change with their online presence and their marketing.
  25. 25. ”Hope you enjoyed our Snowbizz story. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Email: keren@topleftdesign.com Visit: www.topleftdesign.com Call: 020 7036 0561 We can send you our free guides on headline writing and content calendars. Just ask!