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Meet Dorothy Adams

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Presentation from "Civics 101" class for Cycle 45 at i c stars from the Fall of 2019. The class is taught by Tom Tresser, www.tresser.com, tom@tresser.com.

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Meet Dorothy Adams

  1. 1. Meet Dorothy Hinton- Adams By: Britne Nelson – Cycle 45
  2. 2. Flawed System ◦ At any one time 450,000 in jail. ◦ Solely because they cannot afford to get out ◦ Bailbonds system initially intended for deposits. ◦ Recently judges have been increasing bonds higher and higher
  3. 3. 1992 2009 75LargestcountiesinU.S. 43% increase
  4. 4. ◦ When bail is paid it removes the threat of jail and the pressure to plead guilty the results are revealing
  5. 5. Black Mamas Bailt-out ◦ Grassroots groups, Southerners on New Ground. ◦ Bronx Freedom Fund ◦ Hinton-Adams was part of a 1-month bail-out. ◦ Highlights injustice of cash bail system. ◦ Community bail funds give people a better chance for a fair trial. ◦ Studies show people who are jailed before trial are more likely to receive a jail or prison sentence and for longer time
  6. 6. Collateral Consequences Loss of income Job Housing Stress on families
  7. 7. These grassroot groups help to... ◦ Help to provide bail money. ◦ Restore morale of the accused ◦ Help so the accused doesn't lose job or housing. ◦ Better chance at lower sentence or dismissal.
  8. 8. As for Dorothy Hinton-Adams ◦ 5 days after being bailed out she found out she didn’t have a court date. ◦ She went down to the courthouse and found out her charges were dropped, and her case dismissed.
  9. 9. What can we do? Go Go to the county jails and just bail people out. Talk Talk to our local council about 'Cash Bail Reform' Donate Donate to local grassroots that assist in bailouts